Suspect in Fatal Stabbing Outside Houston Gay Club Arrested


Earlier this week I posted about Aaron Scheerhorn (right), who was stabbed multiple times in front of Club Blur in Houston's gay Montrose district before being taken to Ben Taub hospital, where he was declared dead. The brutal attack took place in front of numerous bar patrons before the assailant fled.

The Houston Chronicle reports:

"Police released a brief description of the suspect as a black male wearing an orange turtleneck sweater and black pants. Acting on a Crime Stoppers tip, investigators say they determined the identity of the suspect to be Grant. He was arrested without incident during a traffic stop in the 3200 block of the South Loop West about 1am Wednesday."

Few details have been made public about the motivation behind the brutal crime, aside from earlier reports from police that it was not a hate crime or robbery but a "crime of passion."


  1. Gabe R L says

    He probably wanted to get involved with him, and poor Aaron rejected him, and he couldn’t handle it. That beautiful boy dead.

  2. Danny says

    @GABE R L: I think it more likely that they’d already slept together. That’s often the case in such incidents.

  3. Joshua says

    And this is why I never go to Blur, sadly this really doesn’t surprise me. But Houston’s a violent town, this type of thing happens astonishingly often here.