1. Tank says

    Obama, Reid and Pelosi are as useless as a pair of wet tampons. Frankly I am glad that the Democrats had their asses handed to them this year. I don’t think we can do much worse with the Republicans and if they throw us a few bones I may even give them some money.

  2. Brian in Texas says

    Pelosi got DADT repeal passed in the house. She had a huge majority and there is no filibuster. The democrats just need to insure that DADT repeal is never stricken from the Defense Authorization bill. That bill has to be taken up at some point in the next few weeks even if that spills over into the new congress. So we will see who is really on board and who isn’t.
    The republicans are blocking this. It’s not Obama’s fault if the Senate can’t find 60 votes right now. He did his part by instructing the military and defense department to undergo a review of DADT repeal (which they completed); and has vowed to sign the bill when it gets to his desk. What else could he do except hold public speeches on the matter? That’s just talk in the end.

  3. Mike says

    You know, I wouldn’t have a problem with this “IF” the democrats stood their ground on the tax cuts for the wealthy. The problem is that the Republicans have for 2 years now refused to compromise on ANYTHING and the Democrats just give up and let them have their way. If the Democrats just stood their ground (especially on the TAX issue) the Republicans would have to blink. Instead, they just continuously let them have their way. You can’t blame the republicans, if I got my way every time I threw a tantrum I’ve be doing the same thing. The Democrats are rewarding bad behaviour. As I’ve stated before, until the Democrats finally wake up and realize you can’t deal with Sociopaths we’re in for more of the same. Why they don’t wake up, I don’t have a clue… it is both puzzling and irritating.

  4. walter says

    the democrat majority totally caved into the repuks. the repuks got everything. dems nothing. reid is castrated. hot air winds out.
    the repuks now run the country because the democrats from the president on down don,t have the balls to stand up to them. i wonder what party general clark is? he could run and have my vote.

  5. Chuck Mielke says

    This is a political maneuver, perhaps designed as a “love it or leave it” demand that military funding be passed with the DADT repeal intact or bypass such funding completely.

  6. Andalusian Dog says

    The democrats have “caved” conveniently on the tax cuts because they themselves, and their highest donors, would “suffer” if taxes were raised on the wealthiest. Poor wealthiest.

    But they had to make a show of trying to get the middle-class tax cuts alone passed, in order to appear to “stay true to their core values.” None of them really wanted it. There’s no other explanation.

    If making a show of it and still allowing the tax cuts for all happen meant that DADT repeal falls to the wayside, so be it. Not the first time that gays were thrown under the bus for minor political conveniences. In their eyes, we are expendable, and, I hope erroneously in the next election, dependable.

    Obama has probably sealed his fate as a one-term president. What a disappointment.

  7. Rich says

    You’re wrong about Nancy Pelosi, TANK. She’s one of the most effective Speakers of the House in recent memory: that’s why Republicans have been targeting her so forcefully. She’s consistently managed to whip her caucus into line for the past four years, and the sheer number of important bills she’s passed (and damaging bills she’s killed) has been staggering.

    Everything that has gone wrong in the legislature in the past 2+ years can be laid at the feet to Harry Reid. He is, quite possibly, one of the most incompetent Senate majority leaders I have ever seen. If he had any legislative or leadership ability AT ALL, he would have called the Republicans’ bluff as soon as they started filibustering EVERYTHING, whether by threatening to implement the Republicans’ own “nuclear option” against them or by simply forcing the filibustering Senators to ACTUALLY FILIBUSTER (i.e., stand on the floor of the Senate and talk 24/7). If the Democratic Senatorial caucus had any sense, they would have stripped Reid of his position last year or, at the very least, after this past election.

    At this point, the only hope we have is for Jeff Merkley’s filibuster reform bill to pass. For more information, see:

  8. gary says

    Ugg. What a disappointment. The Democrats are spineless and full of empty promises. They deserve to be voted out of office. With the Repulsivcans, we know exactly what we are dealing with.

  9. JusticeontheRocks says

    @ Brian in Texas – Let me help you with your third grade understanding of politics. What more could Obama do? He could engage in old-fashioned horse trading to get DADT repeal passed, he could get the Joint Cheifs in line, he could stop feeding the opposition by tolerating a Justice department that files homophobic briefs in DADT and DOMA cases, and he could have insisted on a much better deal when the DOD insisted on doing a “study” on something that has been studied to death. he could do all those things, for starters.

    The people who argue that Obama in the WH is better that Mccain in the WH are absolutely right. No question about that. But to argue that obama has “done all he could” is cynical and stupid beyond comprehension.

  10. kthxbai says

    Man is your country embarrassing. Like, this has been going on for HOW LONG? No marriage equality, no open military service, no anti discrimination laws- not really anyway… You know, for a country that has the word “United” in the effing name, you have to be about the most divided nation on the planet.

    As a Canadian, I feel like we’re the Conner family living next to Kathy Bowman on Roseanne, having to explain for our closed-minded, needle-butt neighbour to minimize embarrassment.

    Is there ONE DAY the US can go without being irritating?! Stop it!

  11. Joe says

    Not sure why Reid thinks he is entitled to an extra long holiday. As someone who foots his salary, I think that bozo and the rest of the Senate better get back to work and stay at work until this stuff is done.

    This is shit, plain and simple. No matter who is in power, no matter how large a majority of people support something, and no matter how much a policy flies in the face of our values, social conservatives always win and effectively hold our country back.

  12. TANK says

    You didn’t really expect this to be repealed this year, did you? And it won’t be in the next two…unless the courts do it. And when they do, you have a credible reason to not vote for obama: his justice dept’s opposition to it.

  13. says


    agreed on obama and reid

    Pelosi got dadt repeal through the house + over 400 other pieces of legislation….. still waiting on the senate

  14. says

    @ Justice: BRAVO! Even tho it’s a waste of time to try to get “Brian In Obama’s Ass” to FINALLY pull his head out, for anyone misled, let’s examine the NONDEBATABLE part of his idiocy. He blithely bleats:

    “[DEFAUTH] has to be taken up at some point in the next few weeks even if that spills over into the new congress.”

    FACT: ALL unpassed bills DIE at the end of a given session of Congress. Of course, DEFAUTH will be reintroduced in some form, BUT

    FACT: Because of the Dem losses in the midterms, a reintroduced “option to repeal” amendment would not pass again in the House, let alone the Senate where, while they barely kept their majority with 53 actual Dems and, in terms of this issue, a functional Dem in Independent Lieberman, that isn’t enough to force cloture on a filibuster.

    As of the final day of this session [officially they could run through January 4th], not only will the ban repeal option amendment be dead for AT LEAST two years, but also ENDA and UAFA. [No one realistic believes a DOMA repeal bill would have stood a chance anyway.]

    FACT: When one of Obama’s bigggest fans like “The Advocate’s” Kerry Eleveld writes the following, there is no doubt where the blame originates:

    “But here’s the truth: it will be a fundamental failure of leadership from the top down, starting with President Obama.

    The White House chose not to address “don’t ask, don’t tell” until 2010; then they let the Pentagon set the release date of the working group study for December and make the Senate vote contingent on its review.

    In fact, no one seemed more frustrated with this timeline than Sen. Levin at the end of Friday’s hearing on the Pentagon report.

    During an exchange with one of the witnesses, Levin noted that pushing the bill through during the lame-duck session “wasn’t our timing,” referring to Democrats on his committee.

    “We’re trying to get this bill to the floor, we’ve been trying for a long time. We didn’t pick the lame duck to take this up,” Levin said. “We didn’t set the time for the report.” …

    If tax cuts had been pushed through before the midterms, there might be “ample time” now to debate the Defense authorization bill too, but neither the White House nor the Democratic leadership fought to make that happen.

    Meanwhile, the White House has opted to put START in the pipeline after the tax cuts for no apparent reason. By most people’s estimations, START could absolutely be passed next year despite increased Republican control of Congress.

    As Sen. Joe Lieberman told me after the hearings on Friday: “In my opinion, there’s more urgency to the Defense authorization bill than START. I’m going to be for START, but ya know, we could do that in January or February.” …

    Bottom line, if “don’t ask, don’t tell” repeal dies on the vine, the White House earned this epic failure and they own it.” END QUOTE.

  15. Fenrox says

    Woah! More intelligent commentary from Tank, Always nice to see. I also like seeing some Dem hate. If you want to be disappointed in Obama, you need to shut your damn mouth, turn slightly, and just UNLOAD on the dems.

    Obama is doing a good to OK job as president, he could be better sure, but he is what he is. The Dems in congress and (kinda) all over, they have been failing like they are paid to fail.

  16. TANK says

    No, he’s really not doing an ok job as president, fenrox. The bully pulpit is collecting cobbwebs…because he still thinks he’s in the senate…and only briefly…still thinks he’s a community organizer. The bush tax cuts for the wealthiest threaten to become permanent, and the commander asleep is still relying on bipartisan solutions with scorched earth republicans. You are an obot. IGNORED.

  17. TANK says

    And yes, the next three weeks (the lame duck congress, basically) are the most important of obama’s presidency. They will make or break him as a credible president. This is his moment, and it’s ending fast.

  18. justiceontherocks says

    The next three weeks may make or break Obama as a credible president, but they will not determine whether he is re-elected. The state of the economy and the quality of his opposition will determine that.

  19. TANK says

    Of course, the economy, and specifically, the unemployment rate and job creation are the most important factors determining his reelection. If he’s not present (and that’s all it will take) for an about face on those issues, his chances are seriously threatened. Which explains why he simply doesn’t care about his base. The quality of his opposition is far less a significant factor…as there is no quality in the republican leadership or candidate pool. But they’re winning, so their strategy isn’t really in need of change.

    As for as a president, his track record is looking gloomy. We need a Theodore Rex, not a calvin coolidge. And Obama is no Teddy Roosevelt…not fit to shine his shoes.

  20. ichabod says

    Okay, let the courts force them to do it. Barry and the Senate more than had their chance (and to Ms. Pelosi and the members of the House, thank you for doing your job).

  21. justiceontherocks says

    He’s not fit to shine LBJ’s shoes, let alone Teddy’s.

    The Republicans now “running” are a singularly undistinguished, and unelectable group. I’d expect them to look for someone not now on the radar. Too early to judge the quality of the GOP ticket.

  22. bob newhart says

    The entire DADT repeal saga has been a lesson in how NOT to fight for your rights. You can’t expect to win rights by sitting on your ass and posting comments on blogs. You can’t expect to win rights from the comfort of your own home. You can’t expect to win rights when the DEMOCRAPS are “leading” the fight. If you are not protesting, marching, engaging in civil disobedience, and organizing direct action, the PROVEN methods for winning civil rights in this country as opposed to the RIGHT WING fantasy that lobbying will do it… then you will not get rights. The LGBT community does not want to be equal. We really don’t. If we did, we would act like it and we would do the things it takes to make equality a reality. We refuse to do that. We insist on repeating the same failed strategies over and over and over and over and over again. Go back to sleep everyone. Sorry, gay kids, it doesn’t get better.

  23. TANK says

    With all due rspct, justiceontherocks, it’s two years away. The race for the candidacy has already begun. There won’t be any dark horse candidates from the republicans in the next two years…this is the time to size up the battleground.

  24. Joe says

    Obama is an idiot if he doesn’t sign an executive order when repeal fails.

    Not only is it good for us, good for his liberal base, but it will also be a show of executive power and will set the precedent for the next 2 years – that he won’t be pushed around.

    But of course, he’s probably much too weak to do anything that would make him look strong. Both he and Harry Reid are the spitting image of the weak liberal conservatives paint.

  25. FunMe says

    Surprise, surprise. NOT!

    The real question is WHY the f*** isn’t DADT going to be repealed? Over 70% of the people want it and so do the troops. The COURTS have said it violates our US Constitution.

    Yet, the homophobes want this discriminatory law to continues. ALL of those in DC, including Reid are freaking liars. He should have lost this election. There will be HELL TO PAY.

    Or better yet, there is now a snowball chance in hell that the MAJORITY of Democrats will ever support the freaking weasels in DC who are basically WHORES for the Oligarchy that has taken over our Democracy.

  26. Fenrox says

    @Bob Newhart, God damn it I hate almost all you you spineless commentators. Your stupid fear in other areas of your stupid small life have made you so pathetic. All you can do is post on blogs your stupid hyperbolic rehash of opinions you claim not to have.

    So some mouth breather on Fox says “Scare tactic #235″ and you get freaked out and blog about it, then when thinking about it for 5 seconds, you freak yourself out with some new iteration of scare tactic 235. Add some time and now your “opinion” is a concrete personal fact, one that lets you add a slight tone of credibility the next time you regurgitate some more fear mongering.

    “It doesn’t get better” So lets get this straight:

    In 2010, the world is getting worse because out-of-the-closet gay kids can not enlist in the armed forces as openly gay individuals in America. The debate is just before it’s peak, if the policy isn’t revoked this year, it easily will be within the next 10 years.

    Wow, things must have been just rainbows and kittens for the gays up until this point.

  27. the greasybear says

    There’s only one question left: do we, en masse, move our votes out of the Democrat column, either by voting for other candidates or by sitting home?

    If the answer to that question is no–if we vote our fears, if we convince ourselves this is the best we’ll ever get–then our movement is over. We’ve gone as far as we can with the Democrats, who have enjoyed one-party rule in DC for two years but won’t see that kind of power again for years, if not decades.

    If the answer is yes, however–if we can manage to move a bloc of votes elsewhere to punish the Democrats’ total betrayal of our movement, our dignity, our value as citizens and voters and contributors and activists–if we can move our votes then we might have a chance of forcing equal rights through the two-party roadblock erected by our enemies in DC.

  28. justiceontherocks says

    Tank – back at you on the respect – we can’t really judge candidates like the governors of Louisiana and Minnesota, just to name two. who are still below the radar. To that extent it’s still too early.

    If Obama runs against Gingrich, Palin, Romney, Huckabee, Scott Brown, etc. he wins unless there are soup kitchens on every corner. You are absolutely right that this accounts for his lack of urgency in serving his constituents.

  29. mikej says

    There you have one of the two reasons DADT will not be repealed and is in danger of being extended and even made more odious: Harry Reid. The other? Nancy Pelosi. If one needs to understand clearly WHY the past two years have been a disaster for the Democrats, Liberals, Progressives and anybody who cares about our country, look no further than the inept leadership of Pelosi in the House and Reid in the Senate. We are f*cked. And, you all might as well get used to nothing getting done for the next two years until the republicons take control of the Senate and the White House. Get your passports. You’re gonna need ’em.

  30. says

    Hey fenrox, don’t the Ziff brothers have better things to spend their money on than you? I mean they contributed over $100,000 to Obama’s campaign, shouldn’t they be saving up for ’12 instead of paying trolls like you to spew your propaganda? Oh, that’s right, my bad, you wall street fuckers are making out like bandits with your bought and paid for presidency. great return on your investment, huh? Still, trolling the gay blogs? I’d think they’d have promoted you to firedoglake by now. Fucking scumbag.

  31. TANK says

    C’mon…bobby jindal? Tim Pawlenty? Total nobodies. We can judge jindal’s prospects: none. Below the radar two years from game day is beneath consideration. At least when mccain mounted his comeback, he wasn’t a nobody like sam brownback.

  32. MaryM says

    I want to see Outserve organising a Coming Out Day, where its entire membership comes out en masse to their leaders. If they are discharged it will be for the best. Working for a disgustingly bigotted organisation like the US Army is unacceptable for ANY LGBT person.

    The courts, civil disobedience, direct action and social unrest are the ONLY ways we will achieve our right.

  33. justiceontherocks says

    Obama was a nobody in 2006. I’ll avoid the question of whether he should still be.

    The usual suspects are lining up behind Romney now. It won’t take them long to figure out that won’t fly. The gOp is scared shitless of the Tea Baggers and all these reality show TV folks. Watch them. They’ll dig up someone.

  34. says

    Before we lay blame for this sorry situation completely on Barack Obama(and he does deserve part of it), don’t forget about how Gay veterans “advocacy” groups like SLDN and SU supported a wholly political strategy and actively opposed lobbying for a Presidential stop/loss order! These arrogant traitors to the Gay Rights movement were perfectly willing to stand by and let dozens of Lesbian and Gay servicemembers continue getting discharged while their little game on Capitol Hill played out. Yes, discharges may have slowed, but you can be sure that they’ll pick up again(especially in the Marine Corps). However few DADT discharges there are, justice hasn’t been served until the firings stop altogether! For God’s sake, don’t let Aubrey Sarvis and his ilk off the hook for their failed strategy. They sold LesBiGay vets out big time!

  35. TANK says

    Obama was a phenomenon, and those are rare. Not typical, as the smart money was on hillary. As it stands, the money’s on romney for the repub ticket. And it absolutely won’t fly. But he may be the best that they have. As far the teaparty is concerned, that’s over as of 2010. The know nothings will shrink back into the periphery where they belong, and be absorbed by the republican party, as they largely already have been. That ship has sailed. I just don’t believe that we’re going to be surprised at this stage in the game by anything the republicans can bring to the table (I reserve to be wrong, of course)…even pawlenty is largely unknown, and what is known isn’t inspiring…no traction, no action.

  36. says

    ding ding ding

    Tank hit the nail on the head

    Obama governs like a senator

    He is the perfect example of why senators rarely get elected POTUS to begin with let alone end up being 2 term president’s

  37. Chitown Kev says

    “Obama governs like a senator.”

    Absolutely agreed on this.

    And as someone who voted for him for Senator, this is EXACTLY what I was afraid of.

    After Scott Brown’s election in Massachusetts, he did use the bully pulpit to make sure health insurance reform got through (or he would have faced an even worse midterm election than he did).

  38. says

    I know we are mostly Democrats, and we put our faith in them, but I have bad news for all of you, they are always supporting our rights, but when push comes to shove,they throw us under the bus too, witness Defense Of Marriage Act, DADT, passed under Clinton, we are second class citizens to both parties, and all the whining will not change that.We will have to demonstrate more, march more, etc,it is that simple!

  39. says

    In one of the several highlights from Michelle Bachmann’s (R) appearances on the Sunday talk show circuit, the Minnesota Congresswoman’s vowed continued support for the now repealed “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy.

    On CNN’s “State of the Union”, host Candy Crowley asked Bachmann about whether she would bring back the controversial policy. The Ames Straw Poll winner was not hesitant to keep her same position on the issue.

    “The ‘Don’t Ask Don’t Tell’ policy has worked very well,” Bachmann said. “It worked very well, and I would be in consultation with our commanders. But I think yes, I probably would.”

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