1. TitleIX says

    If they did indeed fire her, she should sue them under Title IX for sex discrimination. If she were a male teacher who announced his wife was pregnant, do you think he would have been fired? The US Dept. of Education Office for Civil Rights clearly indicates that discrimination or harassment based on sexual orientation can violate Title IX.

    And I believe Belmont has a lay board and is no longer under the control of the Methodist Church, which means it doesn’t get a religious exception.

    sue. sue. sue.

  2. says

    TEN MILLION DOLLAR MAN: “It’s time for Belmont to change and to recognize that we have gay students, faculty and staff,” said Mike Curb, a trustee emeritus at Belmont and President of Curb Records. “I want to see this board and the school leadership act like Christians.” He is asking Belmont to rehire former women’s soccer coach Lisa Howe, who he said was fired for being a lesbian.

  3. Secret Identity says

    Wow, that quote from Mike Curb is surprising. I remember him as Lt. Governor of California during Jerry Brown’s first tenure as Governor. He was pretty far right and made a point of wreaking havoc with the state by vetoing or issuing exectuive orders as acting governor whenever Governor Brown left the state…I think at that time even some republicans thought he was a bit over the top. Maybe he’s come around.

  4. kodiak says

    If I was Christ, and it was time for the 2nd coming, how do you think I’d feel seeing all those crucifixes all over the place? I’d hightail it back to heaven cuz this joint would be hell for me.

    My point is that we don’t know that Christ would want the woman kicked out. In fact, if Christ’s girl was a whore, he probably knew some cocksuckers too, and was cool with that. Everyone gets all up in some shit and starts yelling. Relax, she’s having a baby, it’s the most natural thing in the world. “Cept someone always wants to tell you how it’s SPOSED to be done, so they figure they got to get the bible to back them up. Is that Christian or lust for power?

  5. pete N sfo says

    can we expect Pink Slips for all the divorcees & adulterers as well?

    yeah, thought not. Discrimination masques itself as religious fervor once again.

    This just NEVER gets old, boys. Never. :)

    And another thing, the magic sky man is a myth… BOO! lol

  6. Fenrox says

    Uhhh, is it just me or is something embarrassing going on here? What does the coach say? Since the principal refuses to say why she “resigned” I guess it’s possible that she did resign.

    Are the kids the only ones saying that she was fired? Because kids can be really stupid and childish! Just look at the average Towleroad comment trolls.

  7. BGKev says

    I’m sure she resigned, but was basically told that or be fired. Which is a distinction without a difference except in terms of the victim’s job prospects elsewhere after. If you don’t have the means to sue, or just barely do, but you’ve got a kid on the way and don’t feel most local juries are going to be terribly sympathetic(jury nullifciation works both ways, kids) you’re probably going to pick the option that lets you tell your next interviewer that you quit. So it’s good that people are calling the college out on their bullshit.

  8. wimsy says

    If Dickens adheres to his “values as Christ-centered,” he ought to reread the Sermon on the Mount — which did NOT include “blessed are the sanctimonious bigots.”

    Judge not, Dickens, lest you be judged.