1. HayesValley says

    Am I a prude or is it kind of inappropriate/bad-PR-for-gays for someone to wear S&M gear to what is otherwise a pretty innocent display of cheekiness. I can see my aunt in Wellesly watching the local news on her sofa and having all her ugly ideas reinforced…

    Just a thought, I am sure the usual Towleroad trolls will lash out…

  2. Jonathan says

    @Hayes valley – You’re beyond a prude. You’re commenting on something that IS NOT A GAY EVENT.

    Get over yourself and your presumptions.

  3. dgchgo says

    re: wearing harness to the Speedo Run — they’re reindeer, right? Aren’t reindeer attached to Santa’s sleigh by a harness? Duh.

  4. Henry says

    Boston’s a majority minority city. You should visit instead of just watching Dennis Lehane movies.

  5. says

    Many races and ethnicities can be found in the race. @Osman is correct that Boston is a majority minority city, but I will admit the runners in this are mostly white. However, does that detract from the event or mean the event shouldn’t happen?

    The photos provided only offer a brief glimpse of the 500 runners who participated. All that is required is that you pay the registration fee, agree to raise at least $300 for the charity that is sponsored that year and a willingness to run in the frigid cold.

    This year’s charity recipients were: Starlight Children’s Foundation, Play Ball Foundation, and Hospitality Homes (all charities that help underpriviledged youth in MA).

  6. William says

    There’s nothing wrong with white guys. I don’t see the point of Osman’s comment. It’s not even true.

  7. ratbastard says

    Boston and metro Boston are very diverse. It’s back population is around 25%, roughly the same as NYC, greater proportion-wise than L.A. or S.F. The city itself is about 50/50 ‘minority’+white. Is it a majority black city like Atlanta, DC, Baltimore, ETC.,? No, but on the other hand it is more truly diverse than those cities.

  8. realitythink says

    Regrettably, many men of color in Boston are on the down low, especially men of African decent. Running around in nothing but a Speedo in Back Bay would probably blow their cover. The boys in this particular video are part of the current “it” gay boys in Boston. Same group you see in the flag football videos. They are all, mostly, very sexy and can be seen all over town.

  9. gagaforgaga says

    @Realitythink: I’m a man of African descent in Boston and I have no idea which on-the-down-low men-of-African-descent community you are speaking of. Where are you getting this information? Or is your description based only on your limited personal experience?

  10. Tell It Like It Is says


    Yeah. So what? I didn’t know that you had to measure and evenly distribute the backgrounds of people in a charity.

    There you people go again. A bunch of morons looking to attach the word racist to everything and find racism where it is not. It is like an obsession. Get over yourself and shut up already.

  11. Matt says

    You would think they were raising money for Manhunt, that guy being one of their poster boys / employees and all.

  12. Tony X says

    EO it is highly publicized event in Boston…. first page of every year.

    What else are you missing ?

    As for them being all white — nobody stops blacks or other races from attending — yes we get some Black and Asian elitist attending as well – it is an event for young stupid exhibitionists – started with gays (of course) and then was taken over by exhibitionist straight men and GIRLS (ugh).

  13. says

    I think many people are mistakenly assuming this is a “gay” event. However 90% of the runners are straight. This is not a gay event. I just happened to tape and photograph a few of the gay men in town I know / recognize.

  14. jamal49 says

    @HAYESVALLEY Um, what S&M gear? I saw maybe one, two guys with what I guess could be considered S&M. I saw more boas than harnesses. Maybe I missed something?

    With love,
    Towleroad Troll #48,566

  15. shannon says

    THIS is why the world hates gay men! I mean these guys will risk sickness just have someone say they are “hot’…come on people! We have got to do better..

  16. Henry Holland says

    “THIS is why the world hates gay men! I mean these guys will risk sickness just have someone say they are “hot’…come on people! We have got to do better..”

    So what’s your excuse for all the breeder dudes and chicks then? What’s in it for them?

  17. Matt R says

    how did a comment about observation how white the run is turn into a series of rants about threats of racist accusations? are we really that insecure and incapable of talking about race?

    the reality is that even though boston is a very diverse city, it’s pretty segregated — and moreover, if we’re talking about the gay community, “gay boston” is among the whitest scenes of all the major cities in the u.s.

    gays, like the rest of our country, need to be more willing to talk about race without reducing talk to anxious spitballing.