1. says

    Just give the Repugs “10-20 amendments”? That’s like saying, “Just give the still drunk driver who killed someone in September another few swigs of vodka before they get in the car this time.”

    What the Palm Center said in September is still true today:

    “[I]t was Senator McConnell who killed the repeal of ‘don’t ask, don’t tell.’ It was his job on Tuesday to block any chance for passage of repeal repeal, and he was smart, methodical and tricky. Working with Senator McCain and conservative organizations, the GOP shifted the focus of the debate away from the policies in question and onto Senate procedures. Rather than being framed as a vote on the gay ban, the Defense Authorization vote was portrayed as an issue of process, Senate protocol and party loyalty. …

    There were many smokescreens around this vote, but the GOP had only one target – stopping the repeal of ‘don’t ask, don’t tell.’ This was damage done by design.”

    Don’t believe Palm? Just replay the first part of the video clip again and see if McConnell sounds like a man ready to play “fair.” He’s drunk with homohating power, and he’ll do whatever he has to in order to kill the option to repeal again, just like he did in September.

    Running out the clock by endless debate on endless amendments is just another form of filibuster.

  2. mad1026 says

    I just emailed my Senator, Harry Reid, asking him to push on DADT in order to get it through the Senate quickly. We all need to email our Senators to encourage passage NOW!