1. walter t boned says

    I love that Marines have now been proven to be the stupid muscle head bigots that most have assumed — the best my ass

    and they are all bottoms in the bedroom for SOME reason

  2. jexer says

    @Walter- ain’t that the truth. I see more beefcake tattooed with U.S.M.C at gay clubs than any other branch of the service, despite having a strong navy and air force presence in the city where I live.

  3. Frederick says

    My hat’s off to the last politician ( the Democrat from Colorado ) who asked his colleagues to vote for repeal during the lame duck session of Congress and additionally got the various military chiefs to concur that each one of them is for the repeal DADT once and for all, whether it’s an immediate or gradual implementation. Watching this CSPAN video gives me hope that maybe this homophobic discriminatory policy– DADT– will finally come to an end.

  4. Matt S. says

    What I found striking was that even the chiefs who said, “not right now” said that the policy should be repealed at some time in the near future. I wish someone had asked them to explain why they believed the policy should be repealed. Then we could have a military leader saying the policy is unfair or hurts effectiveness by removing qualified personel and disrupting units.

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