1. walter says

    gates and mullen handled themselves beautifully. they let the wind bags shoot off their big mouths and forcefully replied. just wait for the loser from the marine corps get up their tomorrow. he will become the repuks new hero. he should never have been appointed.

  2. Brad says

    These Repubs are absolutely shocked that the survey turned out the way it did. A referendum on policy matter changes is exactly what this survey was Mr. Gates. You’re the one who insisted on it.

  3. Edd says

    Hearing John McCain say that troops are always consulted before decisions are made, was outright laughable. The whole time I was in the Army, I was never asked how I felt about decisions that were made for me. I was never asked “What time would I like to wake up?” or “How far should we run today?”
    Not once.
    Or did I miss those meetings??

  4. walter says

    nobody ever asked me if i wanted to go to vietnam actually nobody asked if i wanted to be in the army. so when did it become so necessary to get opinions from the troops? the military says jump you say how high. now mccain is so worried about opinions. he is a bigot whose time has come and gone he is nothing but a piece of shit and should quietly flush away to the cesspool of eternity.

  5. BartB says

    Never have I been so saddened to be a white man getting older. Please God, never let me become like those pathetic charactures that we see asking the questions, that are even more sadly, our elected officials. They are more ridiculously antiquated than my Grandfather. And he’s dead.

  6. Frederick says

    I was permanently disabled while serving as a seargent in the U.S. Marines, during the Vietnam war. I literally sacraficed “life & limb” (as far as the quality of my life, from that point on) for this country. Not one of these elected officials, who are obviously biased (based on their line of questioning)against repeal of DADT,appears to be permanently disabled from their(possible) tours of duty…I think that alone speaks volumes about their hypocrisy.

  7. Kueerduck says

    What a defective bunch of amoral people sitting around wasting time and money on a non-issue. Gays have always been in the military unlike the blacks which they segregated ’cause that rubbed off too.

  8. ratbastard says

    MOST of the people who post on here are military hating lefties anyway; why do you care? MOST of you would give the evil eye to a guy passing you in the street wearing a military uniform and you know it.

  9. Jay says

    Frederick – while I am deeply disappointed in Sen McCain on this issue, I believe he still has lasting effects, physically, from his having been shot down, received dismal medical care, and tortured while imprisoned in North Vietnam. Ratbastard – change your name to Stupidbastard, many of us are gay, and wear a uniform.

  10. ratbastard says


    I stand by my post. There are A LOT of party-line far lefties who post, and they hate the military and armed forces personnel. I’m amused when I see them post on subjects like this. And I’m a vet.

    And don’t call me stupid,asshole.

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