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Watch: Jimmy Carter Says America is Ready for a Gay President


In a new Big Think interview, former President Jimmy Carter says America is ready for a gay Commander in Chief.

Says Carter, in part:

"Step-by-step, we have realized that this issue of homosexuality has the same adverse and progressive elements as when we dealt with the race issue 50 years ago, or 40 years ago. So I would say that the country is getting acclimated to a president who might be female, who might, obviously, now, be Black, and who might be as well a gay person."


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  1. I love Jimmy Carter! I know that he sometimes has controversial views, and can sometimes speak in an awkward manner, but he can also speak very powerfully at times, and with great insight and humanity!

    Posted by: james Brown | Dec 16, 2010 1:25:26 AM

  2. When Carter was running for president, born-again Christians were one of his strongest group of supporters.

    I, too, have read that he was cold and smug. I can't honestly say that those were the exact words used, but what I read certainly left me with that impression.

    My perception is that Carter said the nation may be ready for a gay president one day.

    I did not perceive that he thinks it's a good idea.

    I do think is comment is a sign of progress, and I welcome it. Perhaps, he is mellowing with age.

    Posted by: Art | Dec 16, 2010 9:34:51 AM

  3. Black...female...gay? That's Wanda Sykes! I would take her over Caribou Barbie any day.

    Posted by: gaytheist | Dec 16, 2010 10:49:56 AM

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