1. Derek M says

    I love this blog, but can you refrain from posting Sarah Palin news (especially of the frivolous sort such as this)? Enough media are giving her too much attention already. Maybe if one blog stops posting Palin news others will follow and slowly she’ll fall out of the spotlight.

  2. Jesus says

    @Derek and Chitown Kev

    I respectfully disagree. The more coverage she gets, the more opportunities for her to stick her foot in her mouth she is given. She’s shown us once before she can do it well without much prompting, so here’s hoping she’ll do it a second time. And now if people have questions on policy in the future when she is interviewed, or if we just want to see how privileged and financially separate she is from her target demo then hey, we can simply refer to these tapes.

  3. John says

    Interesting. No matter how much she sticks her foot in her mouth, she will still be worshipped by those people so inclined. I think we have all seen that no amount of attention will hurt her. She can spin anything (resigning from the Governorship? notes on her hand, verbal mishaps? killing as a photo op? – somehow it all works out in her favor and the more she is criticized by some the more she is viewed as a hero by others); and that is her greatest strength. That said, I am always weary of those who tell Andy what he should or should not be posting. His blog is so awesome because it is so eclectic. I don’t agree with everything he chooses to post, but I would hate to see him start editing himself on the basis of what anybody else thinks is frivolous or unworthy of a post. If I’m not interested in a particular post, I just move on to the next one.

  4. Randy says

    I have to agree with Chitown Kev and Derek. This isn’t news and it’s not even vaguely connected to gay issues or personalities. Not that everything on this site is or should be, but promoting this anti-gay, anti-choice, anti-intellectual, snarky media whore on this site is not what I expect to see here. Yes, I can skip over this, but I’m surprised it’s even here in the first place.

  5. FizziekruntNT says

    As much as I can’t stand this brainless media whore, the title is misleading. If she had been shooting a live bear in such controlled circumstances (with non other than Kate “Woodenface Famewhore” Gosselin!), I can imagine the backlash and how quickly TLC would lose its programming funding. This is really just about the equivalent of playing Deer Drop with real guns. Either way, she still sucks. We could only HOPE that some day she’d be gutted by an actual grizzly, but that’s asking a lot, considering they’ve got far more important things to do.

  6. gwyneth cornrow says

    I would feel safe with Sarah Palin in the white house. When the martians invade, she can use her shotgun to kill them and save us. We’ll have a blast.

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