1. Catalystic says

    One problem with the medias is the importance they give to this outfit, the so called Center for Military Readiness. This is One hare brained One people One trick pony. This Gal has no experience nor any competency in military questions. If one goes on the website one sees there is nobody but her and maybe a secretary behind this. And it deals ONLY with questions of private life. Not one bit of real military readiness. So why give her air-time? As for O’Connel I can’t help but feel how much he’s got the most caricatural hypocritical face ever, like an exagerated cartoon….

  2. TANK says

    This degenerate bigot pork king is the senate minority leader. MINORITY. And yet he publicly states that undermining obama is the biggest priority of the party. The dems need to destroy him, and that includes heightening in party hostilities that he’s recently experienced as a result of his penchant for earmarks and naked hypocrisy on that issue. That this man pretends to be calling the shots is sickening given the power imbalance–and if he succeeds, the dems deserve to lose their base. If DADT repeal doesn’t make it through the lame duck, and the tax cuts do is the final nail in obama’s coffin.

  3. jerome says

    I recently read Elaine Donnelly’s article “Gays In The Military:A Losing Cause”. She really enjoys the sound of her own voice and thoughts! “Pay Per Spew”, is how I would describe this woman’s work ethics. It’s all propaganda for the masses.

  4. says

    I trust well all know that Mitch McTurtle is a BIG OLD GAY HOMOSEXUAL who was shitcanned from the Army when he was discovered giving a fellow soldier a blow-job in the barracks. Luckily Mitch had “friends in high places” and thus was able to remove the gory details from the official record.

  5. VonLmo says

    The fact that Scott Brown is supporting the repeal tells me that DADT repeal is D.O.A.

    I’m hopeing that Larry Flint’s frequent threats to open some Republican closets isn’t just his wheel-chair babbling. Larry, you’re long overdue to “show yer cards”

  6. DougChgo says

    I think it is about time for the 6 (8?) closeted Republican senators (including my own GayMark Kirk) to be outed. Is the soldier to whom Mitchy gave the blow job still around? If there’s one, there are probably more. Come out, come out wherever you are!

  7. Jerry6 says

    It never stops to amaze me about the continued nonsense about “Unit cohesion” if gays are allowed to serve “openly”. We served “openly” during WW2 and it did not prevent us from winning the war. How do I know? Easy! I served in WW@ in the Navy and we gays did not receive any flack from the straits. In those days, the religious Christians were more concerned with being anti Jews than anti Gays.

    Question: “What and who will the Christian Right “Hate” after we Gays get our right to exist?

  8. says

    Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell appeared on Meet the Press and said that he doubted repeal of “don’t ask, don’t tell” could happen before the end of this year.

    “Once you get on a defense bill it typically takes two weeks,” said the Republican from Kentucky, who cited other hot-button items in the National Defense Authorization Act including abortions at military hospitals. “I don’t see how we can possibly finish the defense authorization bill, a two-week bill — wholly aside from these controversial items that are in it, there are a whole lot of other things in it — before the end of the year.”

    Asked whether he thinks that support exists for repealing the ban in Congress, Sen. McConnell replied that he plans to follow the lead of Sen. John McCain, the outspoken opponent of repeal, and reiterated that he did not see how debate could be completed on the bill before the end of the year.

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