1. Disgusted American says

    the day some NUT/ or Hero depending on how you view it….takes a machine gun to these assholes…….it will be a day that ALOT of Americans say “FINALLY” !!!

  2. jtramon says

    I’ve never read anything like this. The sad part: there are people who swallow this up.

    But, I’ve learned a new word


    What a bunch of assholes.

  3. walter says

    it is about time for these pieces of shit just go away. people need to start protesting them and their tax exempt organization. i hope if their is a god he has some terrible punishment for fred and his entire inbred family and i hope he does it soon.

  4. customartist says

    Chris in Irvine,


    This has been upheld in the Supreme Court just recently.

    I will say however, that if there were EVER a case when the Constitution should be amended, curtailing “fgree speech” picketing funerals should make the case for it.

  5. TampaZeke says

    Is there ANY greater honor than being picketed by WBC?

    I will consider my life an utter failure if my funeral isn’t picketed by them. You know that you’ve done something right if they do and you simply haven’t done enough if they don’t.

  6. JusticeontheRocks says

    Not that logic and the WBC have anything to do with one another, but what in the blue hell are they upset about? Her son died in a car accident. Her husband couldn’t keep it in his pants. How do they get she’s in hell over those two things.

  7. alexInBoston says

    It is incumbent upon the citizens of NC and specifically Raleigh to step up and counter this horrific act…..May she rest in Peace and may this hate be shielded from her children!!!

  8. Frank says

    So, where is the Christian charity and kindness? This is appalling and so sad for Elizabeth’s family as they try to say good-bye to this dignified and lovely women.

    And, I do thing GODSMACK is a cereal and it is super yummy

  9. HellsKitchen says

    Again, I’m going to say, all you are doing is giving them publicity. This group only continues to exist because we pay attention to them. Can we stop, please?

  10. Barry says

    I’m sorry but, long accustomed to these demented primates, I burst out laughing in more than one place at this new incarnation of their unbelievable garbage. If it weren’t serious it would be comedy from the only hell there is, some human minds and actions. I don’t want these people restrained, I want them tortured.

  11. Joey Y says

    I actually think this is a good thing. You see, a fleeting story about how they picket Matthew Shepard’s funeral outraged us. The soldiers’ funerals outraged more people, but doing something like this would, just maybe, make people think twice about exactly HOW they want to align themselves within the whole “god vs. gay” thing. Seeing them protest Elizabeth’s funeral, and putting that picture next to the young women with signs in front of the Prop8 court with “God’s Law” signs is a very very powerful image showing just how ugly homophobia gets.

  12. Name2 says

    Once WBC started picking on soldiers and war vets, they got a taste of what real blowback feels like.

    Now they’ve just gone back to the sandlot where gays hang out and ladies with cancer lay dying.

    See a pattern? Grab a clue yet?

  13. ravewulf says

    @Madge Weinstein and others with similar views

    “What is the point in your giving publicity to this evil and insane fringe group?”

    So people will protest them (this will probably end up in the national news anyway)

    “Don’t you think the point of their action was to get publicity?”

    Yes, and no. They are looking for more supporters, which they will not get.

    “How are you not helping them to achieve their goal?”

    Making them known only gets more and more of the public to detest them. That is quite the opposite of getting them more supporters.

  14. Fenrox says

    Wow, Is that seriously their reasoning? That women deserve hell if they have a baby after one of their kids dies?

    Wow, I would donate to a fund that will help secretly move the funeral to another location.

  15. mad1026 says

    Elizabeth Edwards LIVED a tumultuous life, backing her husband’s political career, losing a i6-year-old son in a horrific auto accident,facing cancer, and the consequences of her husband’s infidelity. She possessed more grace in her little fingernail than the Phelps’ church. This flyer constitutes HATE speech. It is time for action against these hate mongers.

  16. tinhouston says

    this is SO hideous. what assholes. Christian? you have got to have your head buried somewhere in a sand pit in never-neverland to not realize how hurtful, and hateful these people(?) are.
    makes my blood boil–

  17. Kathy says

    Why have I never heard of this church before? There are no polite words to describe this evil they are spewing.
    Theirs is not the God of my life, that’s for sure.
    If I was there, I wonder if I would gather thousands of my friends and just surround them with songs from the ’60s, you know, and drown them out, making a mockery of them without stooping to their level. It would be SO much fun.

  18. says

    While yes, they are spreading the fact that the wbc is going to mock her funeral, which sadly isn’t a huge shock, it also mean that if you want to go mourn, it will disrupt their protest. I’m not saying people should go taunt them with jeers, just stand across from them in a solemn prayer. Don’t you think they would do more harm to themselves if they had to stand across from people that were silently protesting their protest? So people should line the path to the funeral, dressed in black or whatever, with some discrete moment that signify a cause that Mrs. Edwards supported. No signs, no talking; you’re there mostly out of respect of the life of her. The fact that anyone is there to protest the wbc should be an after thought.

  19. Jeff R. says

    I agree MAD1026, this IS a Hate Speech, and these protests are Hate Crimes. I swear, when Fred Phelps dies (and not soon enough)they better burry him in an undisclosed area because I will find his grave and PISS ON IT!

  20. John says

    Maybe a group of people need to take the time and act as a shield or buffer from these hatefilled so-called christians. As a Christian who has sinned and in constant need of Gods mercy it saddens me to see and hear the language of satan being spewed against His people from Gods children. Lets meet these people at their own game, going to every event these people go.

  21. John says

    To hellskitchen: NO!! I don’t know about you but I WILL NOT nor can I ignore them. I will not hate them, that’s what they thrive on. I will love them till it hurts. Tho i am curious, how many feel we should ignore them? How many feel we should counter this hatefilled mob with a group of concerned loving people? Let me know. Please, no vile, crude language.

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