1. willie t boned says

    Such a wonderful example of how successful you can be in corporate America is you never talk about being gay.

    Hate him.

  2. tominsf says

    Just an aesthetic note – Cooper may well be an admirable journalist, but he talks like Demosthenes before he took the pebbles out of his mouth. He just seems like the wrong guy to do voice work. I never heard the Cronkite version, but it will be night and day.

  3. The Iron Orchid says

    This Queen is so tired!! But before my nap just wanted to say…AC is so full of himself it’s embarrassing…for me, not for him of course…I’m sure he thinks he’s just great!!

  4. markm says

    @willie t boned He’s an example that you can be a very successful public figure in corporate America and scale the ladder of TV news despite never lying about your sexuality or bearding, being very open and obvious on TV about having lots of stereotypically gay interests, dating men in public, having been outed a billion times, and having a google that would notify anyone sane within a few seconds that you are gay.

    That all has been sending for years an encouraging message to other gays in TV news or wanting to go into TV news that the information a national US anchor is gay becoming very public one way or another is not a disaster and it’s fine to be yourself on air even if that means flaming out over the Real Housewives. If they or someday he want to formally come out then great, but his situation has already been a good sign for progress.

  5. Boehmography says

    Ugh. Having been in this show in the past, I’m just disappointed that it’s being revived. It’s. Awful. Long, boring…just not worth the price of admission or the time it takes to put on.