Birther Theresa Cao, Arrested Yesterday, Participated in Anti-Obama, Anti-Gay Rally


The birther arrested during the reading of the Constitution in the House of Representatives yesterday was identified as Theresa Cao, and she has a past.

Alvin McEwen at Pam's House Blend notes that Cao took part in a religious-right rally called Lifting The Curse That Obama's Election Has Brought Upon America pot on by Christian wingnut Janet Porter, at which "Porno Pete" LaBarbera read an anti-gay prayer.

The following video is an apt demonstration of Cao's nuttiness and ends with her passing out in some sort of Jesus trance dance.  

McEwen adds: "The only thing I can say is that there seems to be a short connection between rabid homophobia, Obama Derangement Syndrome, religious zealotry, and sheer lunacy."