News: William Daley, Turkey, Andromeda, Joe Biden, Halifax

Road First elected transgender trial judge Vicky Kolakowski sworn in.

RoadHeritage Foundation and Media Research Center join boycott of CPAC over GOProud.

Daley RoadIs Obama's new Chief of Staff William Daley bad for gay rights?

RoadGuess who Yoko Ono has given her blessing to play John Lennon and sing his songs?

RoadMinnesota Family Council to hold marriage amendment course for lawmakers: "When state legislators checked their office mailboxes Wednesday, they found an invitation to attend a Minnesota Family and Marriage Summit featuring a group that the Southern Poverty Law Center identifies as a hate group. The summit, to be held next week, is organized by the Minnesota Family Council and the Family Research Council and will teach legislators how to pass a constitutional amendment banning rights for same-sex couples."

RoadThe Social Network getting January 11 re-release.

RoadJoe Biden to little girls: "No dates until you're 30."

RoadIf DJ Pauly D says that Britney Spears' new album is amazing, then it must be, right?

Argentina RoadTrans man rocks Big Brother Argentina with confession.

RoadTurkish court orders LGBT organization to close.

RoadTwo Republicans violated the constitution the day it was read: "The Republicans, incumbent Pete Sessions of Texas and freshman Mike Fitzpatrick, missed the swearing in because they were at a fundraiser in the Capitol Visitors Center. The pair watched the swearing-in on television from the Capitol Visitors Center with their hands raised."

RoadNew Andrew Christian underwear comes with 'penis' included.

RoadRobbers targeting gay men in chat rooms in Halifax, Nova Scotia: "The first case involved a 35-year-old man who picked up another man he met online. Officers say the men drove to Point Pleasant Park on Sunday and were surrounded by two others, who threatened the victim and demanded money. The second robbery occurred Thursday when a 29-year-old man picked up a man on Spring Garden Road whom he had met online and drove to the south end of Halifax."

RoadMen's Health should put shirtless Sean Faris on its cover more often.

Andromeda RoadAmateur astronomer photographs Andromeda Galaxy from his own backyard.

RoadBill O'Reilly lands pre-SuperBowl interview with Obama: "This will mark only the second time that Obama has sat down with Fox News — his first was last year with Bret Baier. But its the first time that Obama will participate with Mr O’Reilly as a sitting president (though O’Reilly did interview Obama in the later stages of his presidential candidacy.)"

RoadFernando Verdasco for Head and Shoulders.

RoadMaryland on the verge of marriage equality: "…the debate at this point boils down to whether lawmakers want gay Maryland residents to spend their wedding budgets at home or in the District."


  1. Eric26 says

    I’ve always thought bulge-enhancing underwear was ridiculous, but this is just crazy. Maybe I mislead boys too though, I have a big package but I’m average sized down there, but it’s not my fault. I don’t think I’m going to start tucking my balls any time soon.

  2. ratbastard says

    William Daley. Change we can believe in.

    We live in a fascist state. The merging of big business/big government is complete. Wall St OWNS us. They OWN the U.S. lock, stock and barrel. They have committed MASSIVE, MIND BOGGLING FRAUD AND THEFT, and have gotten away with it. And thru globalization, big business and multi-national corporations own the world, or at least the parts worth owning. Even China is a primarily fascist totalitarian state, nominally communist, not that there’s much difference between fascist and communist.

    The people of the world need to know they are primarily controlled and manipulated out of corporate offices in NYC, London, Frankfurt, and Shanghai, and these big business and financial interests OWN their nominal governments.

  3. Wes says

    The Social Network has to be the most mysteriously overhyped film I have seen in a very long time.

  4. ratbastard says

    Screw CPAC. That’s all BS. What isn’t BS is our government and society is now OWNED by corrupt, criminal big multinational business and big Wall St financial interests. TRILLIONS of dollars and Euros have been ‘Lost’ and outright stolen. Countries, states and individuals bankrupted. Millions of people’s retirement accounts raped and gutted. Massive long term unemployment and jobs that are never coming back. An increasingly intrusive police state, with ironically violent crime that never really decreases appreciatively. And President Yes We Can is in on it.

  5. RONTEX says

    The Big Brother Transgender story was so great, glad they are being respectful with it and the astronomy pictures are amazing, thanks for always thinking about us Science Geeks Andy!

  6. ravewulf says

    @ratbastard All but for a VERY few actually progressive/liberal Democrats. As for Obama, I have been done with him for a long while now. He used to talk a good game, but he almost never followed through with his actions.

  7. huh? says

    Thanks for pointing out the BB Argentina transgender story. As much as I’ve had a hard time being gay, I find my struggles pale in comparison to my transgendered brothers/sisters. More power to you Alejandro and all the Ts in LGBTQ.

  8. ted says

    Obama adds someone to his staff, no he is THE CHIEF of staff, that has never uttered a word about gay rights? Anyone surprised? The guy at the New Civil Rights Movement said our struggle has turned up a steeper hill… obama is guarding his reelection with the appointment of a centrist – someone to make the centrist public think Obama is not a left wing radical. While he postures, and preens and plays to the center, you can bet that our rights will not be worth expending votes on. After all, we are well behaved, we are complacent, we accept kind words and cocktail parties in lieu of results. We don’t rock the boat, and we trust people who demonstrate the guiding principles of Saul Alinsky every day in every way. Ad the fundamental tenet of that man was to do whatever iot took, say whatever you need to say, to get elected, then do what you want when you get power. In other words, make people act trustworthy, expect it of them, but don’t worry about it yourself. And yet we heard all the great things they said to get elected and we wonder why they are not keeping their promises. This is what it feels like to be used.

  9. Paul R says

    Sorry that it’s hard to accept, but given the radical right-wing agenda and high voting levels of tea party supporters and religious zealots, moving to the center is the only way Obama will be reeelected unless he’s up against Palin (my fantasy, since she’d get trounced). Remember the 2010 elections? Obviously Obama needs to be a pragmatist. He should also ditch Biden and ask Hillary Clinton to replace him—she has enormous support and it would set the stage for her run in 2016. Biden has done nothing.

    Obama is very far from perfect—his performance leading a Congress with Democratic majorities was unforgivably weak—but the GOP’s top priority is blocking his reelection. They will obstruct any initiative he supports; expect Congress to achieve nothing in the next two years. So hiring Daley, a centrist but staunch Democrat from the Chicago political machine, is realistic. The worst that article could say about his LGBT record is, “Not once, from what I can harvest, has Daley mentioned gay rights”—not exactly the most damning information So unless you can read minds, you have no way of knowing what he thinks, it seems unduly pessimistic to expect the worst (and I’m usually unduly pessimistic!). And bear in mind that Chicago and the other Daleys have supported gay rights in many ways, and the chief of staff has to support and advise the president’s policies—not define them. Remember too that Defense Secretary Gates, a Republican, was largely responsible for advancing DADT repeal and gaining support for it among a lot of military leaders. Centrists are what most Americans want, like it or not.

    As for his corporate ties, name one politician—especially a former secretary of commerce—who doesn’t do the same after leaving office. Bill Clinton makes huge piles of money giving speeches to some pretty noxious organizations. People often work in the public sector to boost their profiles, working 20-hour days 7 days a week for relatively low salaries, then move to cushy “jobs” on the boards of all sorts of organizations where they rake in several hundred thousand dollars a year so that the organization can list them on their mastheads. In most cases they show up for an annual meeting and photo ops, but they rarely play any meaningful role in strategy or decionmaking—though they can influence corporate political contributions.

    On a side note, padded underwear is incredibly stupid, on par with posting a 20-year-old photo of yourself on a dating site. Even if you manage a guy with the promise of a big dick, what happens when you get home and he discovers you have a micro penis? Not to mention that some guys have blood cocks (small when flaccid) and some have meat cocks (about the same size as their erect dicks). So looks can be plenty deceiving either way even without that absurd underwear!

  10. Paul R says

    @Ted: You’ve just defined 99 percent of politicians. Most are shallow egomaniacs obsessed with power and will do anything to obtain and maintain it. And few truly decent people are willing or able to accept the scrutiny and demands of being a high-level politician. I can’t imagine a worse job; unless you’re an independent (which makes it hard to raise the money required to win most races), you regularly have to lie and vote against your principles to stay in office. I can’t think of many jobs I’d rather less do.

  11. Hadassah Weinreb says

    Every time I read a line presuming that “The Left” will vote for Obama because there is no option; I remind myself why I need to boycott the 2012 national election.