1. alexInBoston says

    Please! Just the facts for Faux, Egypt is in the middle east, does it really natter where, as long as it’s in the MIDDLE EAST on the Map!! LOL

  2. psgoodguy says

    you can tell from the crawl that this was from a couple of years ago, if indeed it is an actual screen shot at all. i am dubious, as much as i would like to think faux news could actually do something like this.

  3. ColinATL says

    It is an actual screenshot, but it’s also from July of 2009. You can Google it. Not sure why this is getting recycled now… I mean, I know why, but it’s not news.

  4. patrick nyc says

    Bachmann thought Egypt was the Capitol of Kenya, and Palin says she can see it from her backyard.

  5. Dan says

    Fake. People always believe whatever confirms their prejudices.

    PS Shouldn’t we be above this bullshit? Or are you going to try arguing that MSNBC or whatever favored outlet doesn’t make mistakes?

  6. Rad says

    It is not a surprise considering the ignorance and mental capacity (or lack there of) of their viewership.

  7. John says

    If Augustus used this map in his campaign against Anthony and Cleopatra, the war would’ve gone very poorly for Rome. Jesus might have born into a very different world. But it looks like the producers at FOX News haven’t gotten around to reading the New Testament yet.

  8. Keeping Honest says

    Granted, the US had only been at war with Iraq for EIGHT years when the pinheads at Fox posted this map.

    Just wondering why Towleroad is picking up on this at this late date.

  9. Dave says

    That’s just sad… They propagandized a war in Iraq for nearly ten years now and they don’t even know where it is.

  10. Roman Bolliger says

    A lot of US-Americans are unbelievably stupid and ignorant. And they are not going to change. They make do with Fox.

  11. Runt says

    @Ted B.: The State Department knows where Iraq and Egypt are (even if you and the Foxwatchers can’t figure out which state). I read about it, in WikiLeaks.

  12. JCMS says

    This is a really old Fox screen shot. It shouldn’t be posted now as if it is being used in connection with the current crisis in Egypt. It is from a couple of years ago and was used in connection with a story on Iran.

  13. Andrew says

    @ JCMS : Ditto. I’m no fan of Fox, and they’re obviously idiotic, but it’s cheap and tasteless to use the old screenshot to intimate a connection with the current state of affairs.

  14. Paul R says

    In similar news, Saturday Night Live has Virginia’s shape wrong on one of its US maps during the news segment. It’s been bugging me for a while. NBC can’t even get this country right?

  15. Marc says

    This is a FAKE, and keeping it up is really hurting this site’s credibility.

    I can’t believe I was dumb enough to post it on my facebook.

  16. Batman says

    If this is for real I am amazed. Even if they got it from the state dept as someone said, nobody checked it out. Basic geography. Egypt is on the African continent. Can’t wait to point it out to my buddy who is a rabid repugnant.

  17. Jim says

    OH, OH, OH, OH, OH!!! This is too good to be true! But… you know… wherever Egypt is… I’m sure Sarah Palin can see Cairo from her house!

  18. says

    Now that the protests are hitting there peak I think things are sure to move quickly. Soon this scenario will play out here on the streets of America. There are forces at work trying to usher in the last days, Revelations, the Apocalypse… call it the Illuminati, the New World Order, or whatever you want… it is coming… hell it is already here! Step by step we will all watch as the reality around us unravels, that is unless we are lucky enough to be awake. Those of us who have our eyes open can avoid the initial blows but it will take a strong Army to fight the wars that are ahead. Be prepared, be safe, and awaken those around you, they will be next to you in the battle.

    Prediction: GAS $18.00 a gallon by year’s end

    Egyptian Unrest – Connecting the Dots

  19. shannon says


  20. BC says

    Andy, are you going to do a post on how a very opinionated NY Senator doesn’t know what the three branches of government are? If we want equality everywhere, shouldn’t everyone be called out on their mistakes??

  21. Kara says

    OMG now we have to rethink the entire Middle East Policy ! LMAO

    -or- Boy are those Iranians going to be PISSED.