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Watch: Senator Kirsten Gillibrand Commits Herself to Nationwide Marriage Equality on 'The View'


Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) appeared on The View today and reiterated her commitment to passing marriage equality in New York and across the country.

Said Gillibrand: "I also want to work on marriage equality. I want to make sure that everyone in this country can be married to the people they love."


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  1. This woman gets my vote. Brains, spirit and class. Hard to believe she's in politics.

    Posted by: yonkersconquers | Jan 17, 2011 12:17:54 PM

  2. That’s my senator! Go Team Gillibrand!

    Posted by: ichabod | Jan 17, 2011 12:39:48 PM

  3. Yeah... she's a rockstar.. her star keeps rising. President someday?

    Posted by: Anonymous | Jan 17, 2011 12:58:02 PM

  4. Heart her.

    Posted by: rob | Jan 17, 2011 1:02:54 PM

  5. She's a prime example of how, despite what politicians complain about when excusing themselves from supporting progressive change, how much can be achieved in a short time when the politician in question is fiercely intelligent, committed and passionate about giving equality. Bravo Sen. Gillibrand!

    Posted by: Lewis Payton | Jan 17, 2011 1:04:03 PM

  6. Love her!

    Posted by: Josh | Jan 17, 2011 1:16:30 PM

  7. She will be the President someday.

    Posted by: Andalusian Dog | Jan 17, 2011 1:28:28 PM

  8. It would be very difficult for her to become President: her husband is a British subject.

    Posted by: BABH | Jan 17, 2011 1:48:28 PM

  9. I love her too (but, you know, not in a stalkerish way). She is off-the-charts smart, poised, eloquent and I agree that she will be president someday. She is the future of the democratic party.

    Posted by: No town for Hate | Jan 17, 2011 1:48:39 PM

  10. I need a T shirt with her face.

    Posted by: Magpie | Jan 17, 2011 2:40:30 PM

  11. I remember when Patterson appointed her. We were all very underwhelmed. "She's an NRA member . . . she's in D'Amato's pocket . . ."

    My, my we were wrong. She's a hell of great senator.

    Posted by: justiceontherocks | Jan 17, 2011 2:48:28 PM

  12. Love her spirit and determination.

    She might want to start with her home state first.

    Posted by: TampaZeke | Jan 17, 2011 3:54:54 PM

  13. I can't really bear to watch a clip w/ Elizabeth in it... so, tell me what happen'd? Did she mouth-off or stay silent?

    Posted by: pete N sfo | Jan 17, 2011 5:03:16 PM

  14. Little known fact: Senator Gillibrand, before being appointed to the seat vacated by Hillary Clinton, actually opposed marriage equality. She only started supporting it once it became politically advantageous to do so. And to anyone who doesn't know, it's politically advantageous to support marriage equality as a Democratic Senator of New York.

    Posted by: KD | Jan 17, 2011 6:14:20 PM

  15. I have no problem with someone evolving on marriage equality, as long as she's evolved in our favor, which clearly she has. If she perceives it as being politically advantageous for her, so what? Support is support. And, since she became a Senator, she has become more and more direct and outspoken in favor of our civil rights--can't say that about too many Senators. She's gone the extra mile. If that benefits her and us politically, perfect.

    Posted by: Ernie | Jan 17, 2011 7:39:04 PM

  16. She's cool, she's hot, she's brilliant, and she's doing her best to represent the people who elected her. In her earlier incarnation as a State Rep, she echoed the much more conservative views of her up-state constituents, and now that she's representing New York's more liberal general population, she's talking that talk. I have no problem witnessing that shift; in fact, I respect her for representing her constituents rather than stumping for her own personal agenda.

    Plus, she has a shwingalicious voice. Shoot me for noticing.

    Posted by: TheCunningRunt | Jan 17, 2011 8:42:49 PM

  17. I hear the cha-ching of donations coming into Gillibrand's coffers...

    Does this mean she's going to take on her OWN party or will she blame the Republicans like every good Democrat?

    Will we fall for this crap again? Bel Biv Devoe said "Never trust a big butt and a smile." I say "Never trust a smiling Democrat who says they support equality."

    Posted by: Lonnie | Jan 18, 2011 10:31:11 PM

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