1. Nun says

    EXCUSE ME. This is not a GOP issue. The Democrats in the Senate and House aren’t giving up their lucrative health care plan either.

    Last year a bill was introduced to make them all use whatever “Obama care” came up with up. It was quickly shot down.

  2. Andrew says

    @Nun Yes of course all the Democrats would not want to give up their lucrative healthcare plan. The only difference is Republican option of healthcare is private for profit model yet they wont choose that for themselves. Why? Well perhaps because the government is far better at health insurance then private companies. The reason all of them using “Obamacare” was quickly shot down is because its not a government option universal healthcare, its shitty private insurance that is the problem.

  3. anon says

    Of course they are not going to give it up, it’s way better than what the healthcare/insurance company guaranteed profits bill provides.

  4. JOE 2 says

    Nun, it’s a GOP issue in that, while you’re correct that Democratic Congresspeople are not giving up their government-sponsored health care, neither are they doing all they can to prevent Americans from enjoying the same benefits. The GOP, on the other hand, is.

  5. cb72 says

    There is also a Republican-sponsored bill to make it illegal to carry a gun within 1000 feet of a member of Congress. I’m hoping the connection here is obvious.

  6. says

    I wouldn’t expect a known, repeat offender drunk driver to obtain car insurance at any price. The big difference for me is that I don’t regard driving or owning non-burned-out buildings as a human right; I do regard receiving adequate health care as such. Furthermore, I don’t think there’s much empirical support for the idea that imposing financial penalties on poor personal health decisions does a lot to improve people’s behavior, to the extent the people’s behavior results in high health care costs.

  7. Bart says

    For any Congress person to compare the health care plan they get to the plan Home Depot offers should be subject to 25 lashes with a cane and two years in a remote Saudi prison.

    These guys can’t be that repulsively blind.

  8. mad1026 says

    With Medicare I have to pay a copay every time I get a prescription filled or visit a doctor or have a medical test performed. The same is true for individuals with health insurance. Do members of Congress have copays…or are their services included in their subsidized? Are they paying the same copays regular citizens pay?

  9. Chris says

    I’m for the new health care law, but isn’t congresspeople’s health insurance program the same concept as any health insurance program that one gets through an employer, just that their employer happens to be the federal government?

  10. says

    I am all for trying to get a referendum on next year’s ballot demoting congress back down to civil servants and revoke their employee status so they cannot get the health insurance they want, and have to either find their own insurance or opt-in the federal healthcare plan they’re saying is too good for us.

    And while we’re at it, let’s reduce their pay to be the equivalent to working for minimum wage. Not only would they get a rough sense what it’s like to work for minimum wage and might actually keep minimum wage increased with inflation, and it would reduce national spending about $86 million a year. That’s not a whole lot, but we don’t have to give up give up anything of value to cut that much in spending.

  11. says

    No, their insurance is much better than most people can get. Sure, congressmen have to pay $400-600, but it does cover spouses and children. The insurance that they can get cannot be denied and they cannot be dropped from coverage. If that doesn’t sound sweet enough deal, the plan covers everything. I’d like you to find a plan like that. Even if you do, you won’t even be able to afford it. The plans congressmen can get through the government cost over $1,000, and your boss isn’t going to pay for over half of it.

  12. Dback says

    I think several of these guys could be in trouble if this footage is used in political commercials next year–the fact that they are willing to vote against “government” healthcare (or “Obamacare”) while receiving it is pretty damn hypocritical. Notice also how none of these men are willing to stand still and talk to the interviewer face-to-face, he has to chase all of them down? (Maybe they’d be more accommodating if he had a Fox News hat or logo on his mike.)

  13. says

    The white-haired member is Dave Reichert and he’s been vulnerable since his second race. This could sink him if his next rival does it right. He’s in a very purple district just outside Seattle. the north end of his district is fairly wealthy and reasonably liberal but the south end is working class and conservative.

  14. noteasilyoffended says

    Hypocrites at their best! I demand that the free-loaders give up their health insurance for one year. Let’s see how they manage. Let’s see if they can be humbled and made to be a bit more empathetic for those with less. Of course that will never happen. It’s that same lame “do as I say, not as I do” mentality that was stupid in the past and just plain moronic now.

  15. Josh says

    This post is ridiculous. For members of congress, the government is their EMPLOYER. Therefore, the government, again as their employer, provides their health care. That is a lot different than a government plan being set up for citizens who aren’t employees of the federal government. Some people are so determined to make this a right vs. left issue that they completely ignore the facts and context of the debate…

  16. Josh says

    and @gorst- how about this- instead of bitching about how much congressmen make, or the perks they have and wishing you had similar benefits, run for congress and get them for yourself. That’s the problem with America today, and particularly the left. The focus seems to be on tearing down those that have done well for themselves instead of emulating their success and achieving it by your own merit…

  17. BC says

    @ Josh – you are 100% right. They have a government job so they get insurance through their job. Just like working people get insurance through their employer. Just like the majority of working Americans.

    Again, as someone else mentioned, the DEMOCRATIC controlled congress last year shot down a bill that would make them drop their great insurance and go on the government plan.

  18. Glen says

    First a few facts about congresspersons regardless of party – they make 174K a year. 3600 of that is thier premiums, so 2% of their salary is for health insurance, which they cannot be turned down or have to pre-qualify for and as far as I can tell has no lifetime maximum.

    While they might say it is the same as offered to every federal employee, it’s not. Most Gov employees have to get Medicare at 65.

    Also keep in mind each member of congress gets an office and a staff – a total of which costs the taxpayers about 2 million (since they all get federal health care too).

    Personally if the right wants to get rid of health care – lets get rid if theirs too. You make 175K a year – you can afford to go out in the free market and purchase your own health insurance..but then I am sure most health insurance companies would give it away to them in exchange for them removing national health insurance.

  19. says

    Because that doesn’t solve any problems. Call me naive, but serving in government is suppose to be about serving the people, not the perks you can get off the backs of the people. Do you honestly believe that congressmen should make $167,300 per year of tax payer money, yet keep the federal minimum wage at $7.25 per hour (roughly $15,080 per year if you only work 40 hours per week)? People have to work 240 days to make less than a tenth of what congressmen make in only 143 days! Sure, I could try to get elected, but I don’t want to have the hypocritical job title of “public servant” that would go along with it. I would rather find actual solutions to problems than try to mask them. And I probably would have an easier time solving them staying a private citizen than becoming an elected official.