If You’re Eating Chick-Fil-A, You’re Eating Anti-Gay


Jeremy Hooper at Good As You points out that teh restaurant chain Chick-fil-A is sponsoring two marriage conferences in the South-Central Pennsylvania region run by the state's most prominent anti-gay, anti-equality group.

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The Pennsylvania Family Institute has been a leading opponent of marriage equality, and has condemned the expansion of civil rights for same-sex couples. Speaking to the Philadelphia Inquirer, the group's president, Michael Geer, said that gay marriage is not moral, and should be put up for a vote rather than decided by courts or legislatures.

"The only way that we can get the people to decide this issue is through the ballot box," Geer said. "Marriage as defined as between a man and a woman has proven to be the best for the health, education and welfare of children."

And that's a mild statement coming from Geer. As more and more states have moved to legalize same-sex marriage, Geer has stated that unless Pennsylvania adopts a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage, it could be forced to accept same-sex couples as equals.