1. Chris says

    I wish it was German so I could understand xD Is it Swedish or something else?

    And the guy I would probably run from if I met him in a dark subway station…

  2. says

    “On December 8th, Ralph Simon confirmed in an interview with RIA-Novosti news agency, that the album will have songs featuring lyrics in six different languages, all of which are English, Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, Portuguese, Hindi, and Russian”

  3. The Iron Orchid says

    I see I am in the minority, but that’s how it usually goes in my life so here goes,
    tattoo boy most likely has some psychological issues, but the “artist” who agreed to do that should be in prison!!!

  4. SKOC211 says

    For the record, this is a remix of the new track, not the track itself. It sounds to me like there’s about 30 seconds of the actual new song in there.

  5. johnny says

    It’s officially an upside-down world when hideous and creepy are considered something of beauty and the word “sick” means something good.

    OK, great, you’ve shocked us, Mugler… and your point…? Sorry, this is early 90s in my book and other than ugly, it’s kind of boring.

  6. Patrick M says

    It’s German week at Towleroad.

    The song does have German lyrics but she has a weird accent, and the remix cuts the words up too. The hint in the song is when she says “I don’t speak German but I can if you like.”

    The lyrics are:
    Ich bin mir absolut klar,
    Ich trag den Namen Monster.
    I wish we all could be blind,
    It become easy out there.

    The two lines in German mean:
    “I’m absolutely clear
    I bear the name monster”

  7. Tonic says

    Damn. I agree with some posters here. I wish he had used someone in Khaki’s and a crisp, white dress-shirt, penny loafers and a pretty face that we can all forget.

    Note: Your version of hideous is not everyone’s version of hideous.

  8. Toto says


    “It’s officially an upside-down world when hideous and creepy are considered something of beauty and the word “sick” means something good.”

    Hmmm yeah cause the idea of the macabre as beautiful art is a TOTALLY new concept. Cultures have used subject matter commonly thought to be morbid and creepy to make beautiful pieces of art since mankind could MAKE art. So I guess the world has been “upside-down” for a while now.

  9. Joe says

    dope: i love the german…it’s time language got some cred for being a super gorgeous language. too bed she’s speaking it with the a french accent. whatever. she’s rad.

  10. andrew says

    for someone who prides herself on being original, it sure sounds like she’s jacking m.i.a.’s style in her vocals.. it sounds like m.i.a. with a german accent.

  11. GPDRO says

    so Gaga isn’t allowed to reinvent 90’s house because its kind of sorta maybe similar to some songs that Madonna released 20 years ago? That’s absurd. To place a ban on any broad concept or style because Madonna did it? Let’s just put a ban on any new pop music altogether.

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