1. piernudo says

    Wow! He looks great in the bottom photo. Too bad he isn’t only in his underwear in that pose and showing off his yummy ass.
    The top photo doesn’t even look like him. Very nice body, though.

  2. Paul R says

    Maybe Armani can have a pay per view oiled wrestling match between him and Beckham to show who wears the underwear better?

    After all, that second shot is clearly aimed at a gay audience. Why not go all the way?

  3. arch says

    In Catalan (which is technically his mother tongue since he hails from a Catalan speaking island) his name means “Mr Christmas”
    – please fill in the jokes about packets and presents yourselves…

  4. fullfrontal says

    Though I love the pictures, they have taken all his edge away, they completely Cristiano Ronaldoed him (or is it Ronaldid?)!

    But what would you expect from EA.

  5. Criminy Cricket says

    Wow. That does not look like Rafa at all. It’s weird to select someone to be a “model” and then photoshop them to look completely different than their beautiful selves. Who decides what is beautiful? Clearly someone with low self confidence.

  6. ratbastard says

    Too clean cut. Not sure how else to put it. Looks like a typical male model zombie. Everything is too perfect, which to me is a big turn-off. I like guys with a big nose, ears that stick out, whatever….at least one ‘Imperfection’. And I like to slap beer guts for kicks. Perfect abs are no fun.

  7. HOCKEYJOCK says

    What did they do to his ass??? First of all, it somehow looks SMALLER than it does in any other picture of it I’ve ever seen. Second of all, they DON’T EVEN SHOW HIS ASS IN THE UNDERWEAR. God. People/advertising/photoshop crap is just dumb as hell. Fail.

    Not gonna lie though…I’d still hop right ontop of that backside in the first pic and grab his tits while enjoyin myself…lol.

  8. David Flood says

    I think we have all missed what I think are his best features–his arms! I was never an arm guy but when you watch him play tennis, his arms are amazing. His shoulders…to die for. This guy gave me a whole new ‘fetish’ if that what you would call it.

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