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NYC: Model Mutilated Victim's Genitals with Corkscrew to Try and 'Cure' Him of His Homosexuality

Renata Seabra, the 20-year-old male model who confessed Sunday to killing gay journalist Carlos de Castro in his Times Square hotel room offered police a sick confession. The NY Post reports that Seabra told cops "I'm not gay anymore!" and that he mutilated Castro to "to get rid of demons, to get rid of the virus."

The NYDN reports:

Castro Renato Seabra, 20, told cops he used a corkscrew to sever 65-year-old Carlos Castro's genitals as a way to cure the older man of his homosexuality, the police sources said.

Seabra and Castro came to New York from their native Portugal and by all accounts were a couple - but Seabra appears unable to admit that, police sources said."[Seabra] said he did it to get rid of [Castro's] homosexual demons," one of the police sources said.

Police believe the two men had dated for several months, even though Seabra's family insisted the tanned hunk is straight. "My son was not Carlos Castro's lover," Seabra's mother, Odília Pereirinha, told a Portuguese TV station. "From the beginning, he never hid his sexuality, which is heterosexual."

Castro died of strangulation and blunt force drama to the head, but not before Seabra tortured him and mutilated his body.

According to the NYDN, "Seabra's claim to fame was as a pretty boy contestant on a top model reality show. The duo were staying at the InterContinental Hotel since Dec. 29 and hit the town together often, dining and drinking at fancy restaurants, friends said."

As Steve pointed out, All Voices reveals more about De Castro's life: "Aside from his gay rights advocacy, has worked for several television and radio stations in Portugal during his career, according to a biography page on his website. The site also notes his work for several national modeling competitions."

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  1. This would NEVER happen to a lesbian.

    Posted by: Martina | Jan 10, 2011 3:12:52 PM

  2. That's right, martina. You lesbians are so much more introspective than us men folk. That's why old lesbians and their quaint and thankfully sexless, though partnered, lives should be a model...for other lesbians. I reckon it's something to do with women being more in touch with their feminine side, and other...typical, observation-free gender cliches.

    About ageism.

    Ever notice that people who say things like you're only as young as you feel and age is just a number...are invariably old or really, really young? It sounds like a death rattle at any age, though.

    However, this has very little to do with this man's psychological state. This was about a he-whore's money, and everything else is for trial theater. The mother, taken at face value (which I don't recommend), would rather have a murderer for a son than a homosexual, which is likely going to be used to great advantage at trial, e.g., preyed upon youngin' meme, gay panic with a twist of sanctimonious empty religious morality, etc.

    Separately--this wasn't a "relationship," but a transaction...Sure, it'd be great if people stuck to their own age group (because some power imbalances translate to gross and harmful), though this kinda stuff could and does happen in that context, too. Problem is that most olds (most people in general) aren't sexually attracted to other olds...and there are good reasons for that that aren't just cultural. Exceptions are far and few between.

    Blunt force drama! ha ha...well played...first time I've laughed at any original content on this blog.

    Posted by: TANK | Jan 10, 2011 5:03:28 PM

  3. Very few people deserve to be tortured and killed, I don't think a 65 year old pervert is one of them.

    It's time we stop defending EVERYTHING gay men do. Sometimes it's not ok just because we're gay and oppressed. For example, cruising for sex in a park or public bathroom...not ok...pervert, advertising on craigslist that your door is open and you are a** up on the bed waiting to be bred...not ok, 65 year old men taking advantage of young men...not ok!!

    Posted by: Charlie | Jan 10, 2011 5:20:27 PM

  4. @tank C'mon, Anna Nicole really loved Howard Marshall!

    Posted by: Death | Jan 10, 2011 5:39:16 PM

  5. Why couldn't this happen to Andy Cohen or Carson Kressley

    Posted by: Vida | Jan 10, 2011 5:43:47 PM

  6. Does that corkscrew thing really work? Someone should notify the organizers of those Christian gay deprogramming bootcamps that they've got a fast-track solution to their "problem".

    Posted by: Jose | Jan 10, 2011 5:50:46 PM

  7. Like I predicted the religion self defense excuse- curing him of demons by using a corkscrew- is this some new radical homo-exorcism. The poor old guy should have learned his lesson if you play with dangerous toys you might get hurt.

    Posted by: jaragon | Jan 10, 2011 6:31:22 PM

  8. If this lecherous old queen already had his head bashed in and was suffocated, why why he trying to cure him?

    Was he hoping he'd be straight in the afterlife?

    Posted by: Mark | Jan 10, 2011 7:26:21 PM

  9. Paul R commented that mental illness must have played a role in this. He's right. And that mental illness is called religion.

    Posted by: max | Jan 10, 2011 8:16:38 PM

  10. @MAX Religion my ass. So if he wasn't religious he would have just turned healthy tricks and wouldn't have killed anyone? That's the ticket.

    It's called money and Sex and ain't no Jesus involved. Jesus is just the alibi.

    Posted by: Kyle | Jan 10, 2011 8:26:38 PM

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