Photo: Paul Walker Shoots Ad For Davidoff Cool Water

Davidoff Cool Water has good taste. A few years ago, they chose Josh Holloway to represent their fragrance but they've just announced that they'll use Paul Walker face and body to sell their cologne. DCW explains their choice: “(Walker) truly embodies the values of this legendary fragrance. Not only thanks to his personal commitment around oceans, but also for his intense energy, powerful masculinity and cool attitude that characterise him.”

Walker showed off some of that intensity, masculinity and coolness while filming a DCW ad in Hawaii.


  1. rebar says

    I recently saw Paul Walker on the street and was struck not only by his good looks, but his incredible sexual appeal. The man didn’t just walk down the street, he owned it. He was wearing a bulky ski jacket and loose fitting jeans for fucks sake! Incredibly sexy! It’s easy to see why they chose him.

  2. Matt26 says

    Paul Walker surely has sex appeal and I’ve always found him very handsome with great body. I haven’t watched many of his movies but the ones I have, he always looks hot.
    @Rebar, I wish I could see him, too.

  3. Come On says

    Not to rain on this parade, but I’ve been weirded out by him ever since I found out he was engaged to a 16 year old when he was like 35. Values? Hmm.

    Okay, so he’s evil. But he’s still cute.

  4. Bob R says

    The incredible thing about Paul Walker is he seems to get better looking with age. I mean he was never not handsome, but some guys don’t age well. Walker is aging quite well. Extremely sexy man. Now this might weird somebody out, but I’m in my 60’s and I’d do Paul Walker any day of the week without any guilt about age difference at all. And twice on a Sundays.

  5. TyInTenn says

    Think how fun it would be to blow kisses all over that nice wet ass to make it dry – just so it could be licked wet again. Damn, it’s hot in here.

  6. Brion says

    I have a hard spot for him. I love him. Especially in the mildly porny “Into the Blue” with Scotty Caan who also gets me going for some reason.

    And Eight Below and Disney (?) film loosely based on a true story of dogs left in Antarctica.

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