1. Alex Parrish says

    As a resident of Wisconsin, I’m actually a little hopeful about this. Every time Priebus leaves the state the average IQ goes up significantly. At least we’ll be better-off here in Wisconsin.

  2. mad1026 says

    Mr Priebus, Maggie didn’t think marriage was so important when she had her first child without a husband. So, you want to deny marriage equality to me? Please explain to me the threat to marriage posed by equality. I don’t want to force an unwanted marriage on you, but you’d like to force me to marry a woman because your religious teaching says I should. I am in love with a man and we have been together for 7 years, longer than some heterosexual marriages.

  3. mark says

    Reince Priebus looks as gay as a picnic basket. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s got a bit of history there – all secretive, of course.

  4. Mike says

    I don’t think it’s appropriate for the newly-elected Chair of the RNC to call the Commerce Clause of the United States Constitution the “Comedy Clause”. Can we please have a little maturity in our political discussions?

  5. Wes says

    Great, more to revise in the history books by future GOPers.

    One day they’ll deny this just like they downplay pursuing the ‘southern strategy’ today.

    In other words, more for them to run from later.

  6. Does It Matter? says

    A legal status conferred by gov’t is not a “gift from god.” He seems to be confused about the difference between government and church.

    He was elected to be the head of a (dying) political group, not a Pope (head of a near dead religious group). Maybe there isn’t much difference after all.

  7. HadenoughBS says

    Church-and-state = no separation in the sick mind of this GOP Christianist ass wad. It ain’t gonna happen on your watch, Prebby baby.

  8. George says

    i don’t suppose we can put crosshairs on them and say we are going to target them out of office?

    just saying

  9. ant says

    smarter Repubs (think Meghan McCain) know that anti-gay policies like the ones this clown supports are seen by young people as ridiculous and indefensible. so welcome aboard the sinking ship Reince, so happy to have you there.

  10. walter says

    well to the members of lco and goproud your party has once again told you what they thought of you. the head of the repuks will work to keep you from obtaining your rights. how much longer will you hold out that they will change, because it ain’t gonna happen. to all LGBT repuks time to wake up and realize they don’t want you won’t listen to you and wish you were dead.

  11. Wilkby says

    I can’t wait to hear how the Uncle Tom’s Log Cabinettes and the GOPoof apologists will try to rationalize this one away.

  12. Pointed says

    He wants to protect the sanctity of marriage? What a joke – there is no sanctity in marriage. Most marriage is a result of baby-on-the-way and those are doomed from the start. A significant number are from gays hiding who they are and, they too, are doomed. The few marriages that a made of love and filled with fights, abuse and adultery that also are doomed. Ain’t but a few lasting marriages so sanctity there is not. Gay marriages are far more successful when allowed and it would seem that everyone would love to have some successful relationships to improve the sanctity. Gay-haters need to concentrate on fixing their own issues and stay the hell out of ours.

  13. says

    I think we can now officially retire the idiotic myth–one perpetrated by the delusional folks in the LCR’s and GOProud–that the Republican party is becoming more tolerant and/or libertarian on marriage equality and other gay issues. This is the new face of the Republican party, which is the same as the old face (except they’re returning to their white roots), and it’s no accident that Maggie’s NOM snout is in the video.

    He also demonstrates a, not surprisingly, complete lack of knowledge of what civil marriage means. One thing for certain, it is not a “gift from God.”

  14. ricky says

    Ummmm, gosh, uh, so the Republican party is really going to pander to the cheapest seats out there – NOM and Gallagher are not even taken seriously by none but the most stupid – and this guy takes over the failing RNC – which is in serious financial trouble – and thinks the way to instill confidence and reassure Republicans is to be seen with Gallagher — did the Westboro Baptist Church refuse to be on-camera with him? Gallagher?

    Nonetheless, it is somehow refreshing to see Republicans being Republicans – stupid.

  15. Kevin B says

    If marriage is a “gift from God” it shoudn’t need to be protected. Unless God gives shitty gifts.

  16. Talisman says

    Uh…he does realize he’s not been elected to Congress and that he holds no real power? He’s just there to wine and dine and beg for money.

  17. No More Black Face? says

    Business as usual at the Republican Party. Any sensible conservative must be so embarrassed by this nonsense that they should be ready to start some sort of American Conservative Party. If only Colin Powell had the drive to do that and the balls to break away.

    And the Tea Party ain’t the answer!

  18. Paul says

    Thanks Mark, I am glad I am not the only one whose “gaydar” went off when I saw his picture.

  19. says

    Uh, no TACO TACO, they don’t agree with him. They don’t think DOMA is a good idea and the Prez is at least publicly “evolving” in the right direction. A VERY different situation.

  20. says

    “just a reminder–

    the chairman of the dem party and the president agree with him :)”

    Actually, they don’t. :) The president does not support NOM, DOMA, and constitutional amendments to prohibit marriage in states that support equality. Anyone who claims their positions are the same has been inhaling GOProud fairy dust.

  21. Gregoire says

    Any person who still equates the president and the Democratic Party with the Pubes and their ally Maggie Gallagher regarding their stances on gay issues is completely and utterly delusional. And useless in our struggle to achieve equal rights.

  22. Phil says

    Beg to differ with you, TACOTACO. Obama was for same-sex marriage in Illinois, then backed off to support “robust civil unions”, and now says that his views on same-sex marriage are evolving. The RNC and Gallagher use every opportunity they get to oppose even civil unions. And there is nothing in the Democratic Party platform even remotely as hateful and Christianist as the plank to which the new RNC chairman is referring.

  23. mike says

    Wow those are three people that don’t like gays. That guy is an annoying kiss ass, I doubt he has an original thought in his head. His redundancy was really hard to sit through.

  24. dieter says

    ummmm@Mike…it is NOT called “comedy” it is called commity. Two seperate things. although they sound the same. Look it up. learn something.

  25. jamal49 says

    Dear Republican Ass-wipe:

    There is nothing in the U.S. Constitution regarding marriage.

    Your concern is a religious concern. America is a secular country. The discussion should be about civil rights, not religious rights. I do not wish to get married in your church.

  26. Jeff Dunivant says

    All I can say is, good luck getting it reversed! The Republican party needs a platform-one hold out is gay marriage; once it is law; what are they going to do then?

  27. neppy503 says

    It shouldn’t be long before RNC chair Rinse Penis gets arrested, for propositioning a cop in some airport.

  28. Todd says

    That GOProud and the Log Cabin Republicans would even maintain membership in this party is a complete oxymoron. The extreme right wing just took over leadership of your party and you think you’ll have a seat at their table. It might be in the back row or on a smaller chair to show you are not equal (and implied not wanted if they don’t have the balls to say it directly to you). GOP is not about equality and are keeping you around as a facade and will never accept equality. This Trojan horse approach is not working.

  29. Randy says

    The sad thing about Reince Priebus is that he is a probably a closet case, as most of them are. And one more very important thing, marriage is man made, not God made. All of you people who preach the bible do not know half of what you are talking about. Most of you hate Gays and preach against them only to throw suspicion off of yourselves. Get a real life and let people live their own lives. If if doesn’t effect you personnaly, then don’t worry about it and leave it alone. As I always say, “be careful what you say and do, because eventually it will come back and bite you in the ass”. Our leaders would do well to remember that bit of advise.

  30. Joe says

    I wouldn’t want this cheese eater to babysit my children. He’s smarmy looking.

    Agree though that the Dem leadership is no better. They’re all on the wrong side of history.

    If we all live long enough, it will be interesting to hear how these homophobes manage to justify themselves for the history books.

  31. chris says

    Gay republicans???…give me a break!! do you think you can change hearts and minds of delusional desperate people who adhere to hate and fear mongering for a living???

  32. Brad says

    OK, so you disagree with the guy. Why does he have to be gay? Seems you don’t like someone so you call them something “bad” (like gay). I’m so over people saying someone’s gay because of the way they look, talk, etc.

  33. Stephen says

    Where did the “gift from God come from”? Is divorce also a gift from God? By his reasoning it must be

  34. RJ says

    Glad to see he’s living up to his name, which sounds like a Dark Lord of the Sith from “Star Wars.”

  35. Reed B says

    As popularly noted yesterday – “Remove the vowels from ‘Reince Priebus’ and you get ‘RNC PR BS’.”

  36. Quasi-Stellar Object says

    He looks transgender to me. Bet he and “Chaz” Bono will have a lot to discuss.

  37. Quasi-Stellar Object says

    What does Reince Priebus have in common with Ralph Reed, Ted Haggard, Aaron Shock, etc…?


  38. Lts says

    The Eucharist is a gift of God. Where is the Republican-sponsored legislation governing how this sacrament is to be administered by the civil authority? Baptism is a gift from God. Ordination is a gift from God. Reconciliation is a gift from God. Confirmation and Anointing of the Sick are gifts from God. Since when are these sacraments codified into civil law? Since when do they confer automatic privileges, responsibilities and benefits upon the faithful who partake of them? Since when is it government’s job to safeguard their sacramentality? (PS: Does Prince Rebus intend to deny marriage to heterosexual atheists and infidels as well?)

  39. SufferNoFools says

    this self-hating closeted republican should begin sporting a judicial grey wig along with the rest of the GOP that is quickly funneling down into oblivion as the original Wig Party did. Farewell Prince Priebus, into the dustbin of history you and your GOP types go.