Sarah Palin to Give First Post-Shooting Interview to Sean Hannity, Will Speak at Gun Club Convention


Sarah Palin know where she's safe:

"An executive at Fox News Channel said that Ms. Palin would appear on the program of the conservative host Sean Hannity, and that the interview was scheduled to run through several commercial breaks. The announcement came on Thursday, another day when Ms. Palin was figuring prominently in the discussion surrounding the Tucson shooting rampage, for her video statement about the shootings that she released Wednesday morning to stinging reviews from liberals and even some Republicans.

Ms. Palin is a paid Fox contributor, but she has been laying low on the network in the wake of the shooting. Her agreement to sit for an interview comes as even some Republicans have urged her to put herself out there for questions amid the criticism she is facing."

And she'll also speak in front of a gun club later this month.

Also, watch Palin delete the comments on her Facebook page in real time.

The poster up top is one that has popped up in San Francisco, by street artist Eddie Colla.


  1. Peter says

    As much as I dislike Palin that article you link to about her deleting comments on facebook is false. If you watch the video the person is loading the comment to see the comments written the count goes up as the time in the video goes up. There is no deleting of comments in that video its viewing of all previous comments.

  2. justiceontherocks says

    The former governor of Alaska is a fringe player in politics. her own party is abandoning her as rapidly as they can. She’s not relevant any longer.

    Maybe it’s time to ignore her, which is frankly what she deserves.

  3. walter says

    this woman does not get it. she is going to appear at a gun convention. she is dense. then
    she will give a softball interview with hannity who lob snowballs and the two will laugh at how gullible the american people are. they will each put more money in their pocket and skip off into the night. why doesn’t give an interview to someone who will ask the hard questions

  4. William says

    @Peter – Watch the number under the red arrow which the total number of comments to the speech text. If you watch closely it goes up then down then up then down. When it goes down, that means comments have been deleted by someone. Sister Sarah scrubbing her bad comments off her speech.

  5. Bob R says

    @JEDI: Thank you for the address to Colla’s wbsite. I like the Palin poster. I also like the America flag piece that appears on the website. The words on the flag really hit home.

  6. anotherG says

    HA! That picture is taken right on Essex street, by the steps that lead up to Lansing street! I passed the poster (was it only yesterday?) and wished I had a camera to capture it. It was gone this morning, alas. Such a good poster!

  7. jamal49 says

    @JUSTICEONTHEROCKS: Au contraire. RE: Reince Priebus, new RNC leader and interview with Maggie Gallagher of NOM.

    Mrs. Palin is a guaranteed star for FOX News. They will keep her relevant. She has MILLIONS of followers. She knows what she’s doing and she’ll keep on doing it, regardless of whoever, left or right, objects.

    You are right about one thing: ignore her. While I am more than willing to do so, I only wish the media would agree to ignore her also.

    Imagine a Palin-free news cycle, where there is no mention of her whatsoever (except maybe on FOX News or FBN or CBN). What a woncderful world THAT would be!

    Sadly, it will never happen. When news media is 24-hours a day, internet- and cable-drive, there has to be SOMETHING to report about at 3:00AM.

    Thus, Mrs. Palin continues to display her nauseating lack of couth and class.

  8. says

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