1. Jonathan says

    Louisiana – worst gonorrhea rates in the nation. They also re-elected David Vitter.

    Now this. My impression of Louisiana was already low but beating someone you don’t even know? Hang the bastard.

  2. Lonnie says

    So, all the LGB people thinking it’s great to join the military… If you want to fight terrorism, don’t join the military. Stay here. No Afghani ever called you a faggot.

  3. Francis says

    I wouldn’t go that far Lonnie, but there is plenty of anti-gay terrorism in this country that all LGBT individuals need to focus on.

    Just another story just like the Canadian gay bashing report early this week. Some redneck become enraged when he discovers that a person in is vicinity is gay. These people have extremely serious insecurities and identity issues, that they take out on gay men, or men perceived as gay. They become savage, unable to think rationally. They see gay men as an attack on their fragile heterosexual identity.

    My heart goes out to Mr. Skaggs for what he’s endured and the undoubtedly long recovery he’s going to have from this incident.

  4. QJ201 says

    Crap like this is why I am heterophobic. I won’t every go into a straight bar or club unless with a group of (straight) friends. I won’t even meet them there, I have to walk in with them.

  5. Mel Smith says

    I hate to feel like this, but it seems like we are being attack by heterosexuals in Africa, Europe, Asia, Australia, the Middle East and right here in the U.S. We are being attacked on all seven continents by them.

  6. Francis says

    It’s true, Mel. As we have gained more acceptance in general and more awareness of our plight, the more “out” we have become, the more we’re being attacked. Same thing has happened with every single minority group, and still continues, but not to the same extent. We are living in a world where gay people are coming out and some straight people are supporting against a fundamental anti-gay structure system. We are considered a threat to anti-gays, in many cases the biggest threat in the world, and in their eyes, it’s attack or be attacked. Very dangerous times. We have to be strong as a community now more than ever.

  7. Paul says

    He’ll see sunlight again but hopefully it’s only from the prison yard. They had better throw the book at this scum using the hate crimes legislation. I hope it was worth beating up someone to do 20+ years in prison (I hope!).

  8. ratbastardh says


    Grow up. Ridiculing Louisiana makes you feel superior? This kind of crap happens everywhere, including Manhattan and S.F.

    And no, I’m not from Louisiana, but every time something like this happens, the first comments posted ridicule the place where it occurred, which again is BS because gay bashings and assaults in general happen everywhere. At least the bar staff held the perp for the police. More than the witnesses hanging outside that club in Houston did when that guy was stabbed and murdered a while back.

    And I think you’re wrong about the Gonorrhea statistic; I believe Alaska has the highest rates and Washington DC is also extremely high. And of course gay men have VERY high rates of STDs.

  9. IonMusic says

    THIS is why we need to NOT be complacent as a community…..THIS is why our fight for equality has just begun…THIS is why we need the concerned effort of every gay person to come out, be out, be open, and be visible to make change, because it’s only through exposure and education that change can be made, not by being in hiding, or for those who are out….being complacent by making statements like “my sexuality doesn’t define me”…well, guess what? for hate mongers out there IT DOES define you, will make you loose your rights, freedoms and even your life. Fight back by being open, honest and educating, not hiding and doing your best to be “passable”
    That will never change minds.

  10. JoJoCA says

    Ratbastard, always one to side with the hetrosexuals. You read this story and see the horrifying picture of a gay man gay bashed in the hands of a hetrosexual and your first initial response is to point out the high STD rates among gay men (actually, quite the oppoiste as more hetrosexuals account for STDs than homosexuals)

    You are a very disturbed individual who I would be willing to bet has been involved in many gay bashings yourself. Your desire to get in bed and cozzy up to the hetero in every single one of these gay bashing stories tells me that you are of a very unhealthy mind and need to examine your internalized homophobia. Remidns me of a very notorious self hating poster on here from DC quite honestly.

    Your last comment spoke volumes given the climate of this thread. And so long as gay folks in our community exist who have no spine, back bone and sense of self, and would rather sell out to feel “wanted” by heteros, we will have a challenging time seeing that equality. You my friend are here to stir the pot due to pure boredom.

  11. Michael C. says

    @ Ratbastardh: Not as high as straight people. Straight people take the cake when it comes to elective STD rates due to their (and your) misguided thinking that STD= gay hence they’re refusal to use proetction, even in random hook ups. My ratio of gay and straight friends are even, and the gay people I know in my life are so much more self aware of staying safe in the bedroom. The straights? I don’t know a single straight person who hasn’t had an std, to varrying degrees. Ever watch Jersey Shore? it’s a very accurate portrayel of the straight lifestyle from the ages of 16-30. Also, don’t forget the statistics of date rape, roofies, and domestic violence of heteros in comparison to gays. Keep drinking the kool aid though. Just makes you a misguided bigot.

    Back to this story. It’s amazing heterosexuals don’t have more sweeping generalizations made about them, nearly as much as gay men have, because if we were to go by the stats, facts and headlines, it’s a factual to state most heteros are bigoted, ignorant, foolish thugs, and luckily for us, one after another their lives are ruined for stories like this. This brave man will eventually walk off his injuries. The hetero hater won’t be able to enjoy freedom ever again in their lives and for that I smile a little. Enjoy prison William Payne. You would have ended up there either way, so better sooner than later. And see that going?….that’s your freedom. Wave buh bye.

  12. Piper says

    The northern part of the state is almost like an annex of Texas. I was born in New Orleans and lived in Louisiana until 2003. The state is not defined by David Vittter (a clown) and statistics (not true) like the one mentioned above. I love Louisiana and all it’s charm and culture. This is just another unfortunate, hateful act.

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