1. Kayla says

    I’m a Christian, and I am often disgusted by some of the horrific things atheists say, but undoubtedly Bill O’reilly is one of the most obnoxious men on television. I don’t understand how anyone can stomach an hour of him on a nightly basis. Furthermore, that atheist isn’t very smart, he couldn’t even explain the rising and falling of the tides. I thought atheism was a sign of greater intelligence, yet that guy couldn’t explain how the gravitational forces of the moon and sun affected the tides.

  2. topher says

    Well, Kayla, you don’t have to be a scientist to be an atheist. You can just be one by realizing that believing in fairies and dwarfs and apollo and zeus is just as ridiculous as believing in virgin births and demi-gods or any of the cration myth BS that some people take as fact.
    So no. This guy has no reason to know how the tides work any more than he needs to know how his computer works when he uses it.

  3. Arjuna says

    Well, Topher, but the guest isn’t simply a run of the mill atheist. He’s the president of an atheist organization and he should know how to explain at least some of the *elementary* features of the natural world to counter such creationist rhetoric.

  4. LiamB says

    Exactly, Topher. Sorry Kayla, but just because one can see the considerable flaws in religious beliefs (huge contradictions and logical fallacies) doesn’t mean that one actually knows anything of scientific explanations.

  5. says


    even the ancients had an inkling about the moon’s influence on the tides

    LOL he is a complete moron

  6. candide says

    Don’t bother the religious magical thinkers with logic. Love the Christian, but hate the Christianity. Praise Jeebus!

  7. Kayla says

    @Topher Well then perhaps atheists should stop saying that people of faith are idiots. But when you constantly imply that being a Christian is an indication of lesser intelligence, I expect you to demonstrate just how much more intelligent you are as a non-believer.

  8. topher says

    Kayla, hon: ‘Atheist’ is not one single collectively minded entity. I don’t expect all atheists to think or behave in a similar fashion any more than I expect gays or chinese or christians to think alike.
    So if you’re the recipient of rude behavior from some atheist, then he/she is just a jerk and u shouldnt pay attention to him, dust your shoulders off and move on.

    It always amazes me when people generalize and demand for all atheists (gays/jews/arabs/africans,etc) to behave in a way that doesn’t hurt our sensitivities in order to be accepted.

    Honey, you’ll disagree with people in your lifetime. There won’t ever be a mutual agreement. Deal with it.

  9. EO says

    well obviously it was Silverman’s perceived lack of intelligence that made FOX put him on in the first place. atheists like Dawkins or Hitchens would wipe the floor with O’Reilly and FOX would never want that.

  10. Dutch says

    Bill’s dumber than a 5th grader. The tides are caused by the Moons gravitational pull as it rotates around the earth. Or is the Farmer’s Almanac a liberal publication.

  11. says

    I saw this segment while channel-surfing last night and thought, wow, did somebody not take a science class in high school? Or earlier even?

  12. Danny says

    I’m sick of the fake dichotomy between science and religion. the world would be in bad shape if the religionists’ view of science were universally accepted. As to the person above–Kayla–who believes that if you don’t believe in her god you must, therefore, be a scientist or have some view of science that supersedes religious belief, that’s just as naive as the scientist who thinks that because evidence of a religious person’s god cannot be empirically demonstrated all religious or faith experience is bogus.

    Scientists learned a long time ago that there’s much more they don’t know than that they do know. Every question answered raises ten that aren’t.

    Neither side make convincing arguments in my estimation. I happen to be a believer, but not because of anything “the bible says” or because of scientific questions that remain unanswered. Only a fool would say that there are questions about the nature of the universe that science will never be able to answer. And only a fool would use the bible as an archeological, geological, biological, chemistry or physics text.

  13. zt says

    is it just me or did billybob say something to the effect of, “if 2% of the population are atheist then what about the other 80%!!??” not only is he a science moron, but a simple math one as well! his show should be on comedy central.

  14. TampaZeke says

    He’s another Bill O’Reilly argument.

    “OK, we can ALL agree that the rooster crowing makes the sun come up in the morning, BUT, WHO, if not GOD, makes the ROOSTER crow? Huh? Djever think’bout THAT?”

  15. says

    And the REAL sad thing is there are a million 70+ year olds sitting at home bouncing up and down and applauding Bill-O as he barks those lies about well-known scientific facts.

  16. pete N sfo says

    I can’t stomach, O’Reilly, at all… so I can’t watch it, but- I’m always struck by how much ‘offense’ kristians take at any kind of effort by Athiests to let people see that they exist.

    Are these Kristians blind to the assault by ‘religious-types’ that Athiests endure on a daily basis.

    Religion is used to diminish me as a gay person- every damned day- but if as an Athiest I ever let my annoyance show, I am guilty of an ‘attack’ on Kristianity. Religious ppl are just exhausting.

  17. downtownla says

    The number of non-believers is actually much higher, like 18% (which is where O’Reilly gets his 80%.) Avowed atheists are 2% while 16% are agnostic/unaffiliated, so they are non-believers as well, but just can’t/won’t commit fully. It’s the fastest growing segment in America.

  18. Mark says

    Maybe I cant explain the tidal effect of the moons gravity with hard arithmetic, but……
    If a prick like OReilly can have his own show, there must be a god.

  19. RandyN says

    so Bill O’Reilly is a dumbass…is this still a surprise to people? or for that matter, is this still NEWS?

  20. RJ says

    Im commenting on this because it drives me crazy to hear people throwing slurs and rude comments around. I’m Atheist. I grew up with religion, went to church on Sundays, was the president of the church youth group, etc. When I went through confirmation class I was given the chance to confirm my faith. That was a huge thing for me. I was “able to ask questions”. I realized quickly that the answers were “Because the bible says so”. This didn’t make sense to me. I made the personal choice to believe (not believe) in what I want. Regularly I have religious people come to my door to talk to me about there beliefs, or hand me brochures on the street, turn on the TV and have people forcing their beliefs on me. I realize that I have the upper hand here. I don’t have to waste my time forcing people to believe what I do.

    I don’t understand how so many religious people can tell me that Im going to hell, scream, yell and tell me that my lifestyle is evil. When someone who believes what I do, speaks up they get blasted. I’m taking the high road here. I don’t care if you believe in god…If that keeps you centered, more power to you!!! Believe it then. Im not going to call you names, Im not going to accost you and force you to NOT believe in god. I’m bigger then that. I’m better then that. Believe in what you want..but I find it comical that Religious billboards can go up, but when a contradictory billboard goes up, it’s a travesty. We live in the US to have freedom of (and from) religion. We can ALL share the roadway billboards friends!!!

  21. Dan4444 says

    This is a pretty dumb atheist, and this is a terrible conversation.

    Atheism, Christianity, democracy, love, career. They’re all myths. Some are just more useful than others.

  22. jamal49 says

    Well, carrying that logic onward, there’s no explanation for Satan but Bill O’Reilly.

  23. Matt S says

    I wonder if Bill O. thinks everyone would got taken by Bernie Madoff is a moron. Because he’s essentially saying, if you get scammed, you’re a moron.

    However, he is arguing incorrectly. The atheist guy is essentially saying, hey, it’s obviously a scam to us, it should be to you, too. What are you, an idiot? Bill ought to point that out.

    But then, it appears that neither of these men are the sharpest knives in the drawer.

  24. BobN says

    100% of the American people believe religion is a scam. The problem is that 80% of the American people carve out an exception to that wise assessment in regard to THEIR OWN religion.

  25. Bryan says

    The atheist is as much a con artist as O’Reilly. They’re both equally disgusting unprincipled opportunists and hypocrites.

    “Scam” _is_ insulting, but not nearly as insulting as the lies religions tell, as everyone labeled an “abomination” by the Christofascists can tell.

    One can respect an individual’s right to believe while abhorring the specific believes, and arguing against them. Faith-based systems must be judged by the behavior of their adherents. There are no major world religions with a track record that’s anything less than heinous.

    I’ve met thousands of christianists, none of whom were making any serious effort to live in emulation of Christ. The odds of meeting an actual Christian are on part with those of meeting an albino.

  26. Mark says

    I guess a good response to O-Reilly’s “insult” point would be “So, we shouldn’t expose and prosecute Bernie Madoff because that would be an insult to his victims?”

  27. anon says

    Belief in religion holds steady for about 80% of the general population, up to about IQ of 115, but then starts to drop as IQ increases and atheists become the majority around the 99.5% of the population of IQs of around 140. However, the decline does not continue much beyond that because IQ becomes increasingly non-correlative above about 160 (that is, you get specialists rather than generalists at that point). However, this should make it painfully clear that most belief systems are increasingly untenable when subject to greater and greater scrutiny. The flip-side evidence is the rapid rise of Marxism as IQ rises too, which just about any modern economist will tell you has as many systemic flaws as any unexamined faith. Fortunately, belief in Marxism peaks for those with an IQ of around 130 (98%-ile). Also, the split between materialists with strong math backgrounds (science and engineering) and emotive types (artists, etc) is pronounced.

  28. JDB says

    @anon (6:28pm)

    Would it have killed you to have cited your statistics, or are we to place blind faith in your numbers, source unseen?