News: Chris Colfer, Warm Sands, Damien Hirst, The Daily, 50 Cent

Road Police seek boyfriend in grisly NJ murder.

RoadWas NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg in Bermuda when the last snowstorm hit?

Warmsands RoadL.A. Times on the gay sex entrapment sting that inspired the resignation of the Palm Springs Police Chief: "The sting was an egregious case of entrapment, a technique that has been used by law enforcement against gay people for decades…Gays move to Palm Springs to get away from that."

Road50 Cent: the new Suze Orman.

RoadGay rights are human rights: The Advocate looks at the State Department under Hillary Clinton.

RoadKylie Minogue announces U.S. tour dates.

RoadWATCH: Chris Colfer does Jimmy Kimmel.

RoadSteve Jobs and Rupert Murdoch to unveil iPad-only publication The Daily: "The Daily is specific, especially for Murdoch’s media powerhouse News Corp., as it will have no web or print edition – the only way to get it will be on the iPad, where each edition will cost $0.99. Furthermore, Apple is said to have taken great care to deliver a seamless delivery experience for The Daily, and the News Corp. has reportedly hired 100 journalists for the new publication, which shows that both companies are serious about the project."

RoadJames Franco queasy at the sight of blood.

RoadHRC 'action center' in Harvey Milk's old camera shop really just a store.

Thomas RoadTrevor Thomas leaves SLDN, joins Equality Matters as Director of Programs. Said Equality Matters President Richard Socarides: "Trevor’s work on behalf of ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ repeal was crucial in shaping the debate and to its successful outcome. His efforts are well known to the Washington press corps and political community, which came to rely on his emailed Media Updates as the gold-standard for reporters and others wanting up-to-date and reliable information. He is an incredible advocate and forthright spokesperson. We are excited he has agreed to join us and continue his work on behalf of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community at Equality Matters."

RoadEd Westwick joins J Edgar Hoover flick.

RoadNew Zealand's McDonalds lifts wi-fi ban on some gay websites: "Some advertisements are sexually explicit and they do not meet our 'family or child friendly' criteria.''

RoadIan McKellen to return as Gandalf in The Hobbit.

RoadMadonna: The Matthew Rettenmund Collection.

Hirst RoadDamien Hirst uses baby's skull for latest work.

RoadPope Benedict demands that you not name your child Dweezil or Moon Unit

RoadJoan Rivers leaving the red carpet.

RoadRugby player Gareth Thomas begins talking to screenwriter about biopic.

RoadThe death of the traditional video game console?

RoadEnlargement FAIL: "A Quebec man is demanding compensation for a penis enlarger he claims never worked, despite 500 hours of use. The man has gone before a small-claims court, hoping for an award of $762 to recoup the cost of the device as well as moral and punitive damages. He told a newspaper in Granby, Que., that he was initially drawn to the X4 Extender Deluxe Edition by an advertisement that promised results within several months."


  1. TANK says

    That Damien Hirst is so outre and talented–well, the skilled labor who make his conceptual art are, anyway. Really makes ya think…yeah…that conceptual art stuff with that crowd in their self sustaining bubble. JP Morgan had it right–just buy it, don’t even look at it;waste of a perfectly good experience to look. I’m sure Francis Bacon would have nothing but praise to heap upon Hirst if he were alive and well paid to do so…very, very well paid to do so.

  2. TANK says

    Oh Nazi pope…

    sigh…I miss the Borgia. Rodrigo and disGUSTING family ushered in an era of transparency ( and thus predictability) in the papacy that was refreshingly honest, at least. Now nazi pope is reduced to having fits about names…you can’t even find a pulse. You knew where you stood. The same degree of hypocrisy still exists, but isn’t the virtue it once was. Awwww, it’s dying!

  3. mad1026 says

    Who decides the correct names…Ratzi, the Nazi or Bill Donohue? Oh, wait…donohue will be too busy trying to destroy Damien Hirst and not letting a different country or a little thing like an ocean stop him

  4. Paul R says

    The HRC store is one or two stores down from its former location. The new one is on the edge of the Castro’s retail area, and I hope the owner charges HRC exorbitant rent and the store dies a quick death. Plus, who the hell wants HRC memorabilia?

    HRC’s unwillingness to devote a tiny section of the store to a phone line for the Trevor Project (which was even willing to pay some rent, which of course the HRC should have refused, allowing them to use the space for free) speaks volumes about its amoral world view. Not a white, rich, older gay man? Move on.

    I don’t normally see any use in commenting on the pope, but the comment, “Christian names are an indelible sign from the Holy Spirit that help protect family life.” So true! My brother also has a common biblical name, and he and I are shining examples of biblical purity. You could practically see the Holy Spirit emanating from him years ago when he had a nasty drug habit. Fortunately our parents didn’t have the bible in mind when they named us (or my other brothers, who are obviously condemned for having non-biblical names).

  5. Alfredo says

    I miss the Palm Springs of the ’80’s. It was a hot and fun place to be at the time. Went back in the 90’s and it was starting to change. CC Contruction company moved from it’s industrial area location to a stip mall near a Ralph’s supermarket. I probably wouldn’t recognize the place now.

  6. GregV says

    @Alfredo: I think Palm Springs is still beautiful and fun.
    The LA Times comments are frustrating: so many dumb people out there is newspaper-reading-land. They read the first paragraph, draw their own false assumptions and then comment on how the gays got what they deserved. “The gays shouldn’t have been hiring prostitutes in the first place, don’t they know they’ll be treated the same as heterosexuals who do the same thing?” and other such idiotic comments.
    What happened was a classic case of entrapment. Men were coerced into doing something that they would not normally do and that many were initially arguing would not be a good idea in that location.
    I wonder if there would be more uproar if, for example, sexy black female police officers were going to an area frequented by white frat boys during spring break, finding a quiet area to find any lone white, straight frat boy minding his own business and heading to the corner store, then begging (against his balking at the idea) for a peak in his pants and arresting him when he complies, and branding him for life as if he were a danger to society.
    Somehow I think nearly every white straight man in America would know that under certain circumstances it might as well have been him, or the members of any community the police decided to target. The white, straight boys would be absolved of any wrongdoing and the police officers’ career would be over.
    Gay people really do have to be more careful than anyone else.

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