1. ravewulf says

    She also looks like a Barbie doll complete with fake over dyed hair, plastic skin, eyes that look like they were drawn with an extra blunt sharpie, and hideous dark red lipstick

  2. Rad says

    Justice, they reached the bottom and began digging. I’ve stopped watching CNN a while back. it is as they pointed out in the piece yesterday, just a forum for the worst trash on the planet… sorry, the SECOND worst forum (FNC comes in first) for any whackjob with an opinion to get on television. No credibility what so ever.

  3. says

    On behalf of the few sane people left in the
    state Of Texas, We apologize.

    Turner has made a career of reinventing morals to fit her own views. An unwed mother,(forgiven, obviously, because she is a rich,white,Christian, republican)peddles her Christian yoga videos and speaks, frequently at Saddleback Church,(yes, Rick Warren)Janine is as loony as they come.

  4. BartB says

    Beyond having a washed up actress as your guest on this subject (shame CNN, shame…just put on clown noses and get it over with) these idiots on the right don’t realize that a strict following of the Constitution won’t allow them to legalize their hatred and bigotry. The fact they were reading it in the House was a joke because the Constitution protects people FROM the government (ie. them.) Tea baggers are truly the dumbest people in the country. And other than whining, they haven’t done anything (other than on the SECOND day in the House throw out the rules to bring up health care for a vote. Yep, all this transparency, order and rules they were griping about the Republicans tossed out on the SECOND DAY when it didn’t fit their agenda. Is anyone surprised?????)

  5. Mark says

    Wow. I loved Northern Exposure. If I were Janine I’d put that glass of Kool Aid down and take off my aluminum foil hat and ignore those voices. Bat Sh@*! crazy.

  6. sp8ce says

    Reading the Constitution on the house floor is a bit like learning your multiplication tables on the first day of a PhD program.

    They should know this already.

  7. sparks says

    I totally LOVE that this ignorant woman is in the media representing the tea party. Surely it gives serious pause to anyone who is even thinking about supporting tea party candidates or causes.

  8. Bobby says

    She just convinced me to never watch another anything with her on it.

    What fuckin’ freak.

    Jerry, I LOVE that. I also do hair and I think from now on that color will be called Jacked-Up Janine. LOL

  9. The_Fixer says

    What makes this woman qualified to comment about anything, in the national media no less?

    She should be embarrassing to the right, as she comes off as being nuts. Or on really good medication. Or maybe both.

    We’re all doomed now.

  10. Homo Genius says

    The sad thing is that I have worked with her before. I knew she was “conservative” but she came off as someone who was very smart and grounded. I mean she is really nice and unpretentious. Its been weird seeing her turn into this Tea Bagging spokesmodel. I was simply dumbfounded when she started showing up in Alaska last fall.

  11. Tagg says

    Oh the irony! Janine was forced to become a dark blonde on GH when she was cast as a Laura look-a-like and she hated it so much that she left the show after a year. Fast forward 25 yrs and she’s now a bleach blonde! Not attractive at all…

  12. steve says

    I think the concept of having everyone understand the Constitution is a great idea.

    To have a bleach-blonde-over-botoxed-former-actress bobblehead lead the charge is perhaps not the right strategy. Then again, brains has never been at the foundation of the Tea Party movement.

  13. Skooter McGoo says

    I know her and thought she was always a nice person, but now I think living in the Bible belt buckle of Southlake Texas has warped her into this creature of the GOP. She really just scares the hell of out me.

  14. Rhonda says

    This woman proves the tea baggers re-define crazy. This woman looks insane and acts bi-polar. I will boycott anything she has ever been in. Enough said!

  15. Rhonda says

    This woman proves the tea baggers re-define crazy. This woman looks insane and acts bi-polar. I will boycott anything she has ever been in. Enough said!

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