UK Host Jonathan Ross: ‘My Daughter is Gay’

Former BBC host Jonathan Ross revealed his daughter Betty Kitten is a lesbian, in an interview with the UK's Gaydar Radio.

Said RossRoss

"My eldest daughter is gay, so that's a question which I've dealt with on a regular basis already, which is, providing it's a nice woman, I'm thrilled. I've got no problems at all, obviously. I think that's pretty much out there – she talks about it on her Twitter feed. As any dad, really, I love my kids regardless of who they are, what they do, and I would love them if they were in trouble, I would love them if they were going through difficulties. Certainly, their sexuality is a, really none of my business and b; certainly none of my concern. I just want them to be good, happy, stable people and so far, all three of them seem to be that."


  1. Sean R says

    Yep. Agree with Jack, it’s not dad’s role to out daughter, he’s the celeb she is a private citizen.

  2. says

    “I think that’s pretty much out there – she talks about it on her Twitter feed.”
    So…. He’s not ‘outed’ her, he’s just acknowledged her and made supportive noises.

  3. BenB says

    I’m hardly a big Jonathan Ross fan, but more parents should have his attitude. He has outed her in a way, though. I wouldn’t have known he even had a daughter unless he made this statement.

  4. BenB says

    Wait. Just clicked through to the original story. That comment about boys who want Hannah Montana MP3 players is actually rather bigoted. >:-(