1. Dave says

    The blood is on the hands of the right-wing media hate machine, radical Christian wackos and muti-national corporations funding the whole to enrich themselves. Thank you GOP and thank you all you folks who support and defend your vote for the GOP. Policies have consequences as do words.

  2. Sam says

    Would someone on cable news please make this about gun control? Why does a 22 year old have access to a weapon that is not meant for hunting nor meant for defense against a single enemy, but is rather meant for killing, for firing off up to 30 rounds without reloading??? This is not the sort of weapon our founding fathers imagined. If this guy had a pistol or a rifle, yes, he probably would have shot one or two people. Because he had a semiautomatic, that many more people were killed and injured. Semiautomatic weapons should only be in the hands of people who have gone through background checks, psychological evaluations and certifications for positions that require such weapons. This kid should NEVER have had that gun. If anyone has blood on their hands, it is those who are afraid to stand up to the NRA. Right wing rhetoric now sounds tasteless given these events, but what precipitated them was a system that failed to defend citizens, ironically the opposite of why we fight for our freedom to bear arms.

  3. Dastius Krazitauc says

    Sorry, but this clip just made me feel vitriolic toward Barbara Walters. A young Congresswoman shot and six people dead, including a 9 y.o. girl, and Walters has to first say she feels sorry for Sarah Palin? Walters has no perspective beyond protecting her interviewer status with those she finds “fascinating”.

  4. ratbastard says

    Jared Loughner is a paranoid schizophrenic; his politics are, if any, meaningless. That said, friends describe him as:

    A pot-head, with far-left views

    He listed Mein Kampf [and the communist manifesto] as favorite books…and his mother is Jewish.

    He’s an atheist who set up a shrine in his back yard with a fake human skull [presumably] and candles, etc.,

    He railed against authority

    Friends [google the Mother Jones article on him] say he was very arrogant, looked down on people, and believed most people were too stupid to understand his writings.

    Palin [I’m not a Sarah Palin fan in the least] and ‘Right-Wing’ media, etc., had NOTHING to do with guy doing what he did. And I’m not a neo-con or whatever the leftwing name du jour is for right wingers.

    The leftwingers who are screaming about limiting speech and censorship right now are on thin ice. Never mind the fact some leftwingers have themselves outrageously incited political violence both in the past and still today.

  5. StillmarriedinCA says

    Maybe it’s not the fault of Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, Sharron Angle, etc. that this tragedy occurred. But it sure is their own fault that the questions are being asked. If they hadn’t promoted an atmosphere of violence and hate towards their political adversaries, no one would be pointing fingers at them right now.

  6. walter says

    leave baba wawa alone she has long since stopped being newsperson of any import just old lady out for ratings. whoopi was more restrained than i thought she would be . palin can not be defended for her comments or her face book posting. she what she was doing or else she wouldn’t have taken it off. the tea party is well named and should be lead by the mad hatter. long at the list of the tea party candidates palin bachmann odonnel miller and buck all of them prove you don’t need brains to run for office.

  7. ratbastard says

    This attempt by some tools to manipulate this sad incident for political gain is going to BADLY backfire in the coming days and weeks, especially as it becomes clear who Jared Loughner really is, and what his background is. It’s already happening.

  8. secure214 says

    If Sarah Palin runs for President, lets see her put sniper scope graphics on all the heads or locations of her Republican primary opponents. I can’t wait to see their reactions to that!

    Don’t Retreat, just Reload!

    Or will Sarah simply call them “surveyor’s symbols” like her staffers are trying to?

  9. Brad says

    I find Barbara’s comments stupid. She is making excuses for poor Sarah Palin. I don’t feel sorry for Palin at all. The website Palin put up was irresponsible. Whoopie makes an excellent point. You can disagree without becoming dangerous and threatening.

  10. nick says

    There was one acquaintance -NO real friends that described him as “liberal”-
    why is it that NO one save the bbc is reportingn that he read Ayn Rand’s works as well- not exactly lefty politics.
    Balance people-

  11. shannon says

    Funny huh….the so called “white righteous people of America” are the main who are going to ruin it by violence and fear and hatred! The same way they created it off the backs of slaves and free labor!

  12. Gregoire says

    The problem is that the left went too far afield with comments about all violent rhetoric.

    I agree with them, but this is SPECIFICALLY about Sarah Palin, somebody who goes farther than all others in her dramatic gun-slinging, violent analogies — in Tweets, in speechs, in campaign literature.

    A piece of that literature targeted Giffords specifically, in crosshairs. Not a general state, with a generic target. Her name was literally on the list.

    While this did not influence Loughner, its coincidental correlation underscores the batshit craziness of Palin’s toxic words in the first place, words that should have been more thoughtfully chosen in the first place.

  13. SteveC says

    With the absurd gun laws in the US, this type of event is inevitable.

    If it was a LOT more difficult to buy guns then this and many other tragedies may have been avoided.

    The constitutional right to bear arms may have once made sense.

    Now it simply irrelevant any facilitates tragedies like this one and Columbine.

  14. ratbastard says

    This OBSESSION some people have with Palin is disturbing. Any sane person can see it’s creepy. And, it makes the people who engage in it [minus the trolls] look like loons. Get new material,people.

  15. Gregoire says

    Right, Ratbastard, because criticizing the MOST PROMINENT Republican by name is just plain creepy.

    Meanwhile, your obsession with Obama is just, as Heidi Klum would say, BIZAAHHH.

  16. jaragon says

    As long as we have these idiot gun laws which allow ANY NUT to walk off the street and buy a weapon this sad act will happen again-and before we start blaming Palin and the right wing nuts for this- how about this young man’s parents- he is 22, living at home, I mean are his parents and family blind- this person was obviously disturbed?!

  17. Sean says

    Barbara Walters needs to get her head out of her ass. It is political vitriol on both sides of the political spectrum lead to consequences like what happened in Tuscon this last Saturday. Sarah Palin, O’Reilly, Hannity, Olberman, and Maddow all need to tone it down.

  18. ratbastard says


    My obsession with Obama? WTF are you referring to, boss? I don’t see the world through the eyes of a professional political operative or tool, like you.


    Palin IS NOT the most prominent Republican. She is used by those on especially the far-left as a prop for their hate, like Goldstein in 1984.

    Speaking of mean spiritedness and hateful political discourse:

    Anger over Halloween display of Palin with noose

    Bernhard defends Palin ‘gang rape’ joke

    David Letterman’s Sarah Palin’s Daughter Jokes issues

  19. R. Pitt says

    I am saddened by all of the facts that surround this tragedy. I am not excusing anyone in this whole mess. But, all of us are falling prey to the right-wing conservatives that now run our country. Why? Because everyone forgot what the 8 years of Bush brought to us. This too will be swept under the rug and forgotten. The gentle lambs will be sent to slaughter again. We forget and we forgive. Just don’t forget and the political process will take care of the rest. The crimes against each other in the country are so awful and this tragedy should remind us of that fact.

  20. vwdavy says

    That bubblehead blonde missed a once in a lifetime soft pitch. She could have shown true GOP values and not stand up for the people who are so guilty of the vitriolic nonsensical mouth poop that is sprayed at a gullible public. There are so many people in our country that think this language is what they should think, and therefore they try to stand up for their media idols/elected officials as though they should recieve recognition from them for doing what they were “told to do”.

    Lemmings, over-fed and chronically under-read, these people.

    I don’t know what to do, except go to my senator’s offices and volunteer for them. At least those two office holders from this state (MN) seem to have a firm grasp of reality, unlike quite a few of our representatives do.

    I’m just sad and disappointed. Didn’t the sixties and seventies, and all the accomplishments then have any meaning? So scared.

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