1. Ted B. (Charging Rhino) says

    Considering the violent weather, it’s possible the birds were sucked into a thunderstorm’s severe updraft that carried them high-enough into the atmosphere that they asphyxiated in the thin air…then fell to Earth, dead. Monster tornadoes crossing lakes and rivers have been known to carry fish aloft and send them raining-down to Earth miles away.

  2. Continuum says

    OK — I fully expect right wing Christo-facist bigots to say its God’s warning about gay rights, abortion, or the sheeple not giving enough money.

    The rest of the sane folks will realize that the horrible weather of the last few days may have played a part in their demise.

    And, as far as global climate change, no sireee that can’t possibly be a part of all this horrendous weather.

  3. ratbastard says

    Every time something bad or weird happens in say, I don’t know, NY, California, Massachusetts, tons of people claiming to be ‘Christians’ and usually from the south post smack about how it serves them right and it’s God’s punishment against the evil Godless gay-loving yankees. I could post poo right now about this incident, or the seemingly endless tornadoes, flooded trailer parks, grinding rural poverty, the crappy poorly paying McJobs, the wide-spread lack of health insurance, consistently poor national and international academic standings of most bible belt states, etc.; but I won’t stoop to that level.

  4. Joseph Singer says

    @Max: Before you start casting aspersions against somewhere that you’ve likely never been why do you think it’s funny to be so negative about a place? Don’t be a putz.

  5. princely54 says

    Well, given that its a state that BANNED same-sex marriage, can we find some left wing batshit crazy religious leader to say its God’s retribution for NOT condoning same-sex marriage??

  6. anon says

    The last time this happened, and it wasn’t in AR, the EPA confessed finally that they were testing the effects of pesticides on birds by spraying it into oncoming flocks, so I expect similar this time.

  7. Jason Young says

    I live in Little Rock and Beebe is maybe 30 minutes northeast of here. The temperature was almost 70 degrees that day. Arkansas has always had weird whether like this, especially in the winter due to our location with regards to the jet streams in the upper atmosphere. Our worst tornado event in the state’s history happened in January, so nasty, odd weather this time of year is not unusual here.

    Parts of Arkansas suck, but I don’t think Little Rock is all that bad because every liberal in the small towns in the state move to Little Rock. We have a little haven for ourselves.

    I think the biggest irony is that Beebe’s motto is “Your dream hometown”.

  8. says

    pollution from the fireworks

    what makes anyone think all that smoke and chemical residue for bigger, brighter, and diff colors is healthy in anyway

  9. BC says

    This isn’t a joke. We’ve completely destroyed the marine ecosystem of the Gulf this year, and now we’re moving on to killing the wildlife of the air. This was not a freak accident. We’re completely obliterating the life of this planet, and most of you are more concerned with grudges against the people of Arkansas. Sustaining the life of this planet is SO MUCH MORE IMPORTANT than achieving marriage equality in the south.

  10. justiceontherocks says

    Both of Arkansas senators voted to repeal Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. Then the birds began to die. An obvious message from God. Repent before it’s too late.

  11. BOBBY says

    This same thing happened 3 or 4 years ago in downtown Austin, TX. the streets were closed and people in haz-mat suits gathered the birds. They were all killed by a virus that took their lives in the cold morning air. I still don’t believe their explanation since these birds were all in one four-block location and the only mass of dead birds reported were in that area.

  12. says

    This is indeed a case to every states due to following reasons. Some of it maybe climates change that triggers the habitat of this birds. Rare cases like this have been a problem and more often the agencies like in the government for the protection of wild life are having a hard time looking for reasons why this things happen. The best thing to do is to find solutions to it so that it is not too late before all our wild lives are gone.

  13. says

    I wonder if theyll come back as being hypoxic. I could (with the full force of my non-expertise) a flock getting caught in a massive updraft, pushed too high, and then dying of lack of oxygen.

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