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Watch: Tucson Sheriff Says Political 'Vitriol' Undeniably Tied to Giffords Shooting


Pima County Sheriff Clarence Dupnik continues to speak out against the political vitriol and dangerous rhetoric.

Says Dupnik:

"I think that it's irresponsible for s not at some point to address this kind of behavior and try to put a stop to it....When allegedly credible people who get up in front of cameras and microphones and say that they're not true, and try to enflame the public. When miilions of dollars are filtered into this country to buy very vitriolic ads and they don't have to be identified - the countries that they're coming from or they people that are donating them. I think it's time that we take a look at it. Free speech is free speech but it's not without consequences.

Watch interviews with FOX News' Megyn Kelly and Geraldo Rivera, AFTER THE JUMP...

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  1. LOL! There is no "left" movement in american politics, and hasn't been for...ever, really. Propaganda that misrepresents socialism has obliterated the possibility of intelligent discussion about a left wing. In fact, globally, there really isn't a left worth speaking about anymore. It's a pathetic reality that is partly explainable through effective misinformation campaigns, inelegant thinkers, and the elevation of such uncomplicated political thought to the status of virtue, and lauding demagogues who make every penny they have by lying and inflaming the passions of simple people against fictional threats. This is something about which I'm ambivalent...because, to strike up the one spends your money better than you do, which means that people who spend other people's money don't do it as efficiently as others spend their own. But this is clearly not a defense of capitalism as it exists...and couldn't possibly be construed as such by anyone with even a cursory acquaintance with macroeconomic thought.

    Posted by: TANK | Jan 10, 2011 8:04:10 PM

  2. @TJ,

    Those people [and similar others from mainly western Europe and N. America] described in my previous posts created the modern world-wide leftist movement. The Green movement and various green parties are their babies.


    Yes indeed, Boss; the NAZIS were both totalitarian 'Fascist' and economic 'Socialist'. Big government, central control.

    Posted by: ratbastard | Jan 10, 2011 8:15:22 PM

  3. @tank,

    Freepr? I never read freerepublic.

    Who do you think created the Great Society? The New Deal? Affirmative Action? Anti-discrimination laws?

    Posted by: ratbastard | Jan 10, 2011 8:22:09 PM

  4. I suggest you read a book, ratbastard. One that isn't a deliberate attempt to further entrench your radical right wing ideology...a little objectivity might expand your up to this point limited horizons on the subject you are so "certain". You are clearly coming from a position of complete ignorance about the german economy under the third reich. No one of any knowledge would call it socialist. That's the problem, though. Wingnuts know they're right...and almost never are. It's a phenomenon you can set your clock to.

    Posted by: TANK | Jan 10, 2011 8:23:04 PM

  5. Rather, it's an accident when they're right. It wasn't intended, and it doesn't matter to them when they are. Yeah, blue collar slick a hemmin' and a hawin' about affirmative action, that awful great society and new deal....LOL! What's next? A stimulating debate about the evils of reproductive rights for women? So tired and profoundly uninteresting...and completely silly. Like a model UN debate in middle school to get 'em talkin', sharpen their youthful debate skillz. But I don't expect real conversation to occur from people who are the products of a culture that if personified, would amount to a special needs seven year old.

    Posted by: TANK | Jan 10, 2011 8:27:50 PM

  6. And the Green party in the US has SUCH a big presence; and their Darling has a show on TLC, as well as appearing on a major news network as a commentator, right? Think "effect size," RATB.

    @Tank - it's an "atta boy" day for you. Not that my approval means squat, I know.

    Posted by: TJ | Jan 10, 2011 11:15:42 PM

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