2011 Oscars: List of Winners

Best Picture
"The King's Speech," Iain Canning, Emile Sherman and Gareth Unwin, Producers

Achievement in directing
"The King's Speech," Tom Hooper

Actor in a Leading Role
Colin Firth in "The King's Speech"

Actor in a Supporting Role
Christian Bale in "The Fighter"

Actress in a Leading Role
Natalie Portman in "Black Swan"

Actress in a Supporting Role
Melissa Leo in "The Fighter"

Animated Feature Film
"How to Train Your Dragon" Chris Sanders and Dean DeBlois
"The Illusionist" Sylvain Chomet
"Toy Story 3" Lee Unkrich

Achievement in Art Direction
"Alice in Wonderland"

Achievement in Cinematography
"Inception," Wally Pfister

Costume Design
"Alice in Wonderland," Colleen Atwood

Documentary (Feature)
"Inside Job," Charles Ferguson and Audrey Marrs

Documentary (Short Subject)
"Strangers No More"

Film Editing
"The Social Network"

Foreign Language Film
"In a Better World," Denmark

"The Wolfman," Rick Baker and Dave Elsey

Music (Original Score)
"The Social Network," Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross

Music (Original Song)
"We Belong Together" from "Toy Story 3," Music and Lyric by Randy Newman

Short Film (Animated)
"The Lost Thing," Shaun Tan and Andrew Ruhemann

Short Film (Live Action)
"God of Love," Luke Matheny

Sound Editing
"Inception," Richard King

Sound Mixing
"Inception," Lora Hirschberg, Gary A. Rizzo and Ed Novick

Visual Effects
"Inception," Paul Franklin, Chris Corbould, Andrew Lockley and Peter Bebb

Writing (Adapted Screenplay)
"The Social Network," Screenplay by Aaron Sorkin

Writing (Original Screenplay)
"The King's Speech," Screenplay by David Seidler



  1. KURT QUINTON says


  2. ratbastard says

    I normally don’t watch these shows, but did because of Franco. Was he high? He bombed big time. Hathaway wasn’t much better. VERY boring and I turned it off 1/3 rd through.

    Nice the King’s Speech won though. Watched it last week. Nice little flick.

  3. Rob West says

    I thought it was fine, there were many previous Oscar shows that were longer and boring.
    Franco was Franco, adorable as ever. Some moments where flat, the staging was beautiful.
    I’m glad “The King’s Speech” didn’t sweep the show.

  4. MG says

    Franco should have been more concerned with hosting rather than tweeting live backstage updates. He posted them on facebook as well.

  5. nick says

    Haven’t watched it in years- always boring and a snooze fest but in true Oscar fashion-saw this a.m. that Colin Firth was rewarded – a do over from when he should have won last year for “A Single Man”- the Oscars are always a year late in rewarding fine acting. Bravo Colin!

  6. Rad says

    James Franco SUCKED! Good lord! How horribly bored he looked. At least Anne took the time to, like, pre-read the material so she did not look like she was cold-reading off off a teleprompter! She was delightful, but him… Oy.

  7. John says

    AWFUL! Unfortunately, Franco and Hathaway were way out of their depth! One the most boring Oscar’s I have ever seen!

  8. Brent says

    Every year is the worst one ever and this was no exception. I don’t want to see James Franco’s face again for a very long time.

  9. christopher says


    All Hathaway was missing was pom poms. Franco was high as a satellite but inexplicably sobered up the minute he got in drag. Celine Dion singing I See Dead People was truly bathetic.

    And where was the hook for Kirk Douglas?

  10. james Brown says

    Overall, I enjoyed the Oscars last night, although there were not many surprises along the lines of who would win. Anne Hathaway was bubbly and exuberant, and I thought she did a great job, although I do agree that she seemed like a “teeny-bopper” at times. As much as I like him personally and as an actor, I thought James Franco was a big disappointment. Even his sexy good looks could not make me interested in him for the evening . BRING BACK BILLY CRYSTAL!!! DUH!

  11. ratbastard says

    Colin Firth did a cool movie back in the 80’s [I think late 80’s] with a gay angle called ‘Apartment Zero’. It takes place in Buenos Aires and was directed by Martin Donovan. Well worth watching.

  12. Rowan says

    Car crash is good, so I thought this was GREAT!

    Not a big fan of celebs or the contrived pretentions of Oscar, sooo don’t really care either way because the hail thing is one giant fake bag of crock.

    Franco makes me laugh. What did people expect? Him to be like Hugh Jackman??? If he was, I would’ve stopped liking him because the reason I do is because he is so not Hollyweird.

    Saying that, don’t know why he did this. Its like Christian Bale hosting MTV.

    Again though, I would find that hilarious but I have a crazy sense of humor and thought Ricky Gervais was god during the globes so….

  13. Rock in Sunny FL says

    I think the word “tedious” summed it up quite well.

    Why do the producers of this program think the viewers (or the attendees….they all looked bored as hell) want to see those cutesy filler routines? They can’t all be necessary time-killers between setting up presentations.

    Get on with it already. It’s 24 awards every year. This could have been over in 90 minutes.

  14. Brian in Texas says

    I’m in my twenties so have only been watching the oscars for the last 10 years or so. This was by far the most lackluster and boring oscars I’ve seen. When I heard they were going with Franco and Hatthaway for hosts I was worried and sadly I was right.

    They need to stick with a comedian or comedic actor, I.e. whoopi/steve martin.

  15. james in toronto says

    Worst. Oscars. Ever. And the bar was pretty low to begin with. The opening montage was the highlight and everything went downhill from there. Why do they insist on putting people like Kirk Douglas on a live show? And that ending! Who thought it would be cute to have a bunch of kids in t-shirts singing “Over The Rainbow”. Judy Garland is surely spinning right now.

    Next year they should consider having Sandra Bullock host. She managed to make her Best Actor presentation a thing of beauty (and I am not normally a fan).

  16. Bob says

    The Bob Hope segment was ironic. I had just thought how great the Oscars were when they were all about actually presenting the awards instead of the cutsey comedy routines between presenters and seeing which presenter could have the longest walk to the microphone after being announced.

    2011 Oscars = boring

  17. MT says

    I actually really liked Anne Hathaway. She made me laugh a bit. James Franco was abysmal. To this day I don’t understand what people see in him. The drag bit was cringeworthy.

    Did anyone else catch that guy from The King’s Speech who thanked his boyfriend??! So cute!

  18. Rob says

    B-O-R-I-N-G. So much for the “young & hip” angle (really?!) with co-hosts Hathaway and Franco (was he sleep-waslking his way through this I-thought-it’d-never-end show?). Whatever happened to having the snappy comedian(s) host this gig? Sorry but I miss the old hosting days of Bob Hope, Johnny Carson and Billy Crystal.

  19. Zlick says

    Yep, pretty dull. I thought Franco was adorable, looking all high and such … and he did have one great ad lib about the F-bomb dropped. But yeah, kinda boring as host.

    Perhaps a bad move to roll out Billy Crystal and Bob Hope for on-the-spot comparison, eh?

    The opening montage was hysterical though, and I guess I can’t fault the show for every single win being predictable and rote.

    But yeah, overall … snore.

    Not even the fashions were terrible enough to enjoy.

  20. Rowan says

    James in Toronto, how quickly we forgive Sandra and her Nazi husband!

    Would they risk that with her dodgy sex pics still lurking about? He ain’t gonna keep quite if she becomes Mz Popular again…

  21. jamesintoronto says

    Rowan, I think they love Sandra precisely because of her crazy ex-husband. They see her as the wronged woman who said goodbye to his sorry ass. She is Hollywood gold right now and can do no wrong… at least until she does Miss Congeniality 3: Armed and Tired.

  22. Joseph says

    For me, the highlight was hottie King’s Speech producer Iain Canning thanking his boyfriend. I’m VERY jealous of the boyfriend!

  23. Ted B. (Charging Rhino) says

    The only truly-creative bit last night was the clever montage from the Best Picture-nominees undercut with George VI’s “War Speech”…

  24. nando6990 says

    Very boring and uneventful. The format to try and grab younger audiences might alienate everyone else and not accomplish the stated goal anyway.

    I used to love the ceremony when it was more of a spectacle rather than just handing out awards.

    This year was the worst. Too bad.

  25. says

    I thought the hosting was okay, not great, but okay. The two of them were very weak at the beginning, but settled in. Anne seemed a little bit more into it than James. All that said, it seemed like much of the budget went into buying Anne Hathaway a gazillion (mostly gorgeous) dresses, and shipping about 150 kids in from NYC to sing (I liked the ending, but that must have cost a small fortune :p).

    I don’t understand why they don’t just get John Stewart again — his hosting was awesome, from what I remember.

    At the very least, the awards seemed to be dished out in a sane way — I think Black Swan and Social Network were a nip better than The King’s Speech, but it wasn’t an outrage or anything that King’s Speech won Best Pic and Best Director. And the Best Actor/Actress and Supporting roles all seemed to go to the right people. So, at the very least, you can’t really complain about that.

  26. jaragon says

    James and Annie were fine- the problem with the Oscar show is they fill it with boring pointless segments (the bit about the fake musicals) dragging out Billy Crystal stopped the show dead- the Oscars should be a celebration of movies and film history.

  27. Kyle Sullivan says

    All I care about is that Trent Reznor got an Oscar. Anne Hathaway tried but James just stood there like he had a stick up his ass. I haven’t seen a movie in a theater all year so don’t know who should or should not have won…but I AM happy for David Seidler. Nice for an old guy to beat up on the younger crowd and do so with such aplomb.

  28. Mat says

    I thought it was pretty middling, definitely liked Anne Hathaway better than James, at least she seemed like she was trying to be entertaining (if occasionally trying too hard). Pretty hit or miss in my opinion: definitely made me laugh out loud a few times, definitely made me cringe often. Kirk Douglas started off as a cringe moment, but he had me laughing by the end. It was the first year in a while that I didn’t feel the need to flip the channels back and forth, so overall I rate it a success.