1. steven elliot says

    nice looking and well educated couple. Yes the social elite as the knuckle draggers would call them. Isnt sidwell where the Obamas are sending their children?

  2. lz7seas says

    This is the first “full” announcement with picture and details. There have been maybe two other wedding announcements but they were very limited in information.

  3. AggieCowboy says

    Good looking couple…wish them the best.

    ….meanwhile, in a dank cave in Topeka, KS, Shirley Phelps-Roper cackles maniacally as she creates yet another cut-and-paste “news” release of a planned protest in Birmingham, AL.

  4. BillyBoy says

    When the folks in Birmingham get good at this, they’ll learn to tell us who is on the left and who is on the right. It’s something not needed on the wedding announcements page til now.

  5. Joe says

    @Alan, even if it only got in because one of their parents is a popular figure it’s still a big deal. Particularly because:

    1. when a public figure, that people respect in some ways, publicly is supportive of gays/their gay children it makes a difference in a public way. it’s not just behind closed doors.

    2. this still got into the paper, no matter the reason – and it means their might be others.

    3. alabama is a state that banned same sex unions and marriage by an 81% margin. This is a big push back.

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