1. Kevin says

    What a sad way to start the day. I grew up in Clayton and left as soon as I graduated high school because I never felt that I could live in that environment and be safe as a gay man. While I have returned several times over the years to visit family, it seems my instinct was correct…

  2. EO says

    i wonder where the community religious organizations are and if they are helping to provide temporary food, shelter and support. certainly it wasn’t the influence of religion that contributed to the hate and intolerance against this couple, right?

  3. Robert in SF says

    That’s my hometown as well. I only visit now when I am home from Chistmas, and while the town has grown a lot since the influx of people moving there for work in RTP, it’s still very small town minded.

    I just hope the publicity doesn’t provide any backlash, and that the sheriff’s dept takes it seriously.

    @Kevin (above): What class were you at CHS? I was ’88.

  4. Jim says

    Quick quiz: The arsonists who set this house on fire were a) Republican, b) conservative, c) listeners to talk radio, d) supporters of Sarah Palin, e) watchers of FOX News, f) Christian, g) members of the Tea Party, h) thinks Reagan the greatest president ever, i) Moves lips when reads

  5. RWG says

    How long will it be before they’re burning our houses with us inside? This is a Reign of Terror no different than that perpetrated by the Ku Klux Klan in the 1950s and 60s. The main difference now is, this Reign of Terror is fueled by so-called Christian preachers and pastors who regularly incite their followers to crimes of hatred.

  6. johnny says

    This tells me, sadly, that a hate crime like this can happen anywhere. This was no “bad neighborhood”, these are (at least) half million-dollar homes and fairly new if you look on Googlemaps. If this is what can happen in an expensive neighborhood, then we’re not safe anywhere.

    I hope their insurance pays for the home and contents, hopefully they can rebuild their lives, get the house repaired and then move the hell away from NC. It’s not a gay-friendly state.

    Where were these so-called “neighbors” when all this was happening? I’m tired of hetero lack of action when something is going on, followed by deep hetero sympathy once it’s over. I’ve been the victim of this same lack of action during a crime and it’s mentally debilitating.

  7. AllBeefPatty says

    That’s a rather sweet house. I am sure it’s insured.

    Their insurance is paying for their room. Or at least they should be.

    Will justice be served? Most assuredly not.

    Nothing like old time religion…

  8. Capricorn7NC says

    I am from the area in Nash County, and I agree with the other people from the area that posted that I never felt safe being gay there. I moved away and I only visit on holidays, and they have very small minds there. They read the Bible and get crazy interpretations from it. Jesus didn’t hate anyone, nor did he turn anyone away. I resent those who say this is based in religion, and really not based in stupidity and ignorance. These men did nothing to anyone and they were harassed by people who probably were jealous of them for being blessed regardless of them being gay. I feel for them, but I also feel for the entire community because this will keep people away. It will cause companies to think twice about building there and a lot of them will refuse to do so because of stuff like this. Johnston County has been notorious for hate, the KKK, and crooked law enforcement, so while I hope they actually arrest someone for this, I truly doubt they will ever arrest anyone for what they did to this family.

  9. w.t. door says

    Perhaps an organization that supports gay equality and has GALAs to raise money, and a president with an over bloated salary should come to their aid? I dunno – maybe the HRC?

  10. Jerry says

    Reading these accounts spook the Hell out of me. My partner and I have been on the receiving end of harassment for decades and everyone has turned their heads. I can still recall coming home from dinner at a friend’s house years ago and as I approached the door of our home , I got a very strong whiff of Gasoline. I hesitated, I walked around our home to see if I could find an origin where the smell consetration got stronger. There wasn’t any? Maybe I came home just in time?
    I know the terror they must have felt up to this point with evidence of them being the focus of Hate. You want it to go away but you seem to adapt to living in a hyper-vigilant mood to cover your ass. Our Local Police have made a joke of it and it appears that over the last 27 years , have given a wink and a nod.

    Recently, we have a few windows replaced in our home. The contractor, chosen by the window merchant, was hostile ( nothing new for contractors). However after they left, we discovered a trail of 25 red smudges on our rugs/flooring. We contacted the window seller asking for an explanation of how 25 smudges got on our rugs and he has been very defensive. Kind of has an attitude of how dare the queers address the issue. There is a longer story which gives credence to our belief in vandalism and we suspect this was retaliation for contacting the Police a few years ago concerning the actions of the contractor’s cousin, a neighbor of ours. Who we believe was using Gun Fire to harass and intimidate us. We have batten down the hatches because we are braced for some retaliation for even addressing this current circumstances. We want accountability.

    We hope the Hateful Assholes who were responsible for the arson in the post get the book tossed at them. And I pray that these victims find some Peace of MInd.

    This is a blog I am working on . Not up to date but has some history.

  11. ratbastard says

    These stories always leave a lot of questions unanswered. Graffiti with a marker? The fire occurred while they were not at home? Obviously expensive property and nice neighborhood. Sorry to be cynical, but my first thought is insurance fraud masquerading as a ‘Hate’ crime.

  12. RaleighRob says

    Johnston County is a redneck, teabagger, conservative Christian backwater area that most of us here in Raleigh-Durham try to avoid like the plague. And here you see why.

    I feel sorry for this couple and I certainly hope they can pick up and continue with their lives. Our neighborhood here in Raleigh welcomes you with open arms.

  13. Francis says

    Let us get real with the situation for a minute. Yes, there are hate crimes everywhere. Austin, TX., NYC, San Fran, Minneapolis, Miami. But, let’s be totally honest. Where do they happen the most often? Where can you be safe as an LGBT person and where can’t you? Where have the last several hate crimes happened? Where have the majority of hate crimes year after year happened?

    Conservative and/or southern areas.

    This is a tragic situation, and I feel so much for the victims. Not even being around, although lucky they weren’t in the house at the time, coming home to be in your residence, only having everything you own burned down. To hold THAT much hostility towards someone just for their sexuality is literally insane.

    Hopefully these men get the help they need during this rough time. I know I’m going to try to do my part to help. Hopefully people rally around these men and they don’t lose faith in humanity.

  14. Francis says

    There was a discussion on the thread of the lesbian in Alabama who was attacked, and the police doing nothing and in fact arresting the attacked victim. The discussion was, is it best to actually stay in these conservative backwater areas, and be strong and basically show yourself as just a regular person, live a regular life, and create change that way. And not retreat or be “weak”? Or is it better to just let the ignorance ride and move to a Seattle or Atlanta etc. and generally be able to be open with your sexuality without retribution. Incidents like this definitely raise those questions further.

  15. Realist says

    For all you gays who suck up to hetrosexuals, and relay hetrosexual sayings about us, and love to knock down your fellow gays be it fem gays or activist gays and say “my sexuality doesn’t define me”…stories like this should make you realize, for many others your sexuality DOES define you. That for all the generalizations about gays you make (fed to you by O’rielly ilk) these stories prove there’s just as many, if not FAR more hateful straight folks out there, yet you’d never speak ill of them. You’re too busy kissing up to them, pretending we are all equal, all while belittling other gays to feel better about yourself.

    There’s too many complacent, self hating gays out there who want to convince us all that hetros are good gays are militant…all while we have our houses burned down, our kids killing themselves, and are fired for being gay.

    It’s time for the gay community to let the gays who sleep with the enemy to sleep with the enemy while the rest of us self respecting gays roll up our sleeves and DEMAND equality.

  16. IonMusic says

    Ratbastard is the board troll (i.e MardDC, Tank) from what I gathered, and generally everyone ignores their divisive, anti gay stance. Just so it’s known. I got the memo when they blamed a prominent anti gay hate crime recently on the victim with one of their fabricated conspiracy theories. Zealots can be found everywhere, but zealots are important for reminding us all how rational the rest of us are.

  17. Gregv says

    “The main difference now is, the Reign of Terror is fueled by Christian preachers and pastors…”

    That’s not a difference, RWG; it’s a similarity (though I would put the word “Christian” in quotation marks since I don’t think they have any understanding of what Jesus taught.) Take a look at a list of denominations that supported slavery and later segregation and the often hateful accompanying messages, and then look at a list of those attacking gay people’s rights. The two list are virtually identical.
    Those who supported equality for blacks then are virtually the same list as those who continue to support equality in the case of gay people.
    Even the justifications in both cases sound virtually identical, except for a change of the Bible story or verse cited to try to excuse their own prejudices.

  18. ratbastard says


    Who died and made you king? Anybody who questions your beliefs are ‘Trolls’?

    Believe it, cops are certainly investigating an arson for profit angle. and I’m sure the home owners are aware of this.

    Only fools take things like this at face value in this world.

    And that doesn’t mean these gentlemen are guilty of anything, they may be total victims, in which case I wish them well.

  19. mld says

    @redball: there was nothing about them not being home when their house was graffitied or when a car in their driveway had its tires slashed.

    i love how the way the news reporter says they are a ‘homosexual couple’, i wonder if the station also does stories about ‘negros’

  20. mld says

    @ratbastard: your comments always start with a suspicious blame the victim before ever questioning the offense. in civil rights abuses, we should always stand on the side of the community until it is determined otherwise. i learned this from al sharpton and jesse jackson, always protect first until its a certainty its the opposite. its easy enough to drop it if its a hoax or insurance fraud, but if its not, then youre just the @$$hole who cried wolf too many times.

  21. Jonathan says

    Which church denomination did the arsonist attend? Many churches demonize gay people to the point where I’m amazed this doesn’t happen much more often.

  22. Steve Jahnersen says

    Well, if you all want to be honest from a first hand account experience here in the South, let me share my experience with gay people I’ve met. I’ve been living in South Carolina (and Georgia- back & forth) for the past 10 years for both my Masters and work, and having lived in New England my whole life, the culture shock in homophobia has been startling, but more startling in that the most homophobic of ilks is members of the gay community themselves. Acatually, they’d rather you not call them part of the community at all.

    I moved here hoping to inspire change, impact lives, and show that gay rights are human rights and we all deserve that levl of respect. My experiences in outreach has been met with nothing but hostility from gay folks. Conservatism, religion, and homophobia is so heavily ingrained in the South that gay people themselves, especially many parts of the younger generation have had nothing but -anti gay- bolted in their brains…and they’ve bought it. Most gay people are NOT out in the South, those who are will often have the following outlooks:

    1.) Being gay is something I do in the bedroom. I don’t want anyone else to know.

    2.) I don’t want to be part of the gay community. Ick.

    3.) All gay men have sex, do drugs, have STDs.

    4.) Rainbow flags or anything identifying you as gay is …gay. (I’m amazed how many gays themselves use ‘gay’ as a pejorative here)

    5.) Lot’s of resentment toward “liberal gays”

    In other words, gays out here go out of their way to compensate for NOT being an outcast. In these parts of town, being different in any form is considered bad, and gays here more than anyone else are on a mission to prove just how “normal” they are, and don’t see their own complacency for what it is. They’ll gladly go stand in the back of the line, so long as it means not being called out in the line for who they are. They are a product of their surroundings, and sincerely don’t know better. It’s not that they can’t be free thinking, it’s that “gay = bad” is ALL they’ve known, and they buy into it. With these outlooks, change is veryyyyyy slow. You can’t change minds, unless you speak up and be a living testimony, but that visibility and openess is sorely lacking in Conservative leaning parts of the country.

    If you’re offended by this commentary, you DON’T live in the South and have not engaged fellow gays. It’s exhausting.

  23. ratbastard says


    Al Sharpton and Jackson LOL! And you’re accusing me of crying wolf!? Sharpton and Jackson have a FAR from stellar record in this department. In fact, in Sharpton’s case, he encouraged hate and violence where innocent people died. Jackson justs blackmails institutions, companies, governments with the race card…for his, his families, and his cronies financial benefit.

  24. mld says

    @ratbastard: its much better to be on the side of the victim than to be apologizing to them. if its a hoax let them apologize to us. but i will not EVER jump on the blame the victim first train. and if you think sharpton and jackson did nothing as civil rights leaders, ive got a bridge to sell you.

    its clear as a diamond that you have a great deal of animosity for the gay community, if not your own large amount of internalized homoophobia.

    keep on truckin’, or trollin’

  25. ratbastard says


    Are you guilty of flattering yourself? I know personally numerous very ‘Out’ southern born, raised and southern living men, who are not fem BTW, so yeah, they can ‘Pass’. I know many closeted gays here in the northeast who want little to do with the gay ‘Community’, and it usually has little to do with self-hate.

    Regional issues: Steve, I was born and raised in NYC and Boston. There is a certain ‘Attitude’ SOME [not all by any stretch] people here have which revolves around lecturing others. I attribute most of this to the influence of the omnipresent often pompous academic community here.

    Southerners, in particular white southerners [ALL white southerners] have been demonized by the left for a very long time. It should hardly be a surprise many white southerners, regardless of their background, etc., have a chip on their shoulder about especially dudes from the north lecturing them.

  26. ratbastard says

    …its clear as a diamond that you have a great deal of animosity for the gay community, if not your own large amount of internalized homoophobia.

    keep on truckin’, or trollin’

    Posted by: mld | Feb 6, 2011 2:20:43 PM



    CLEAR to you. You speak for yourself only.

    I dislike gays [and others] like you. Deal with it, without pulling out the homophobia card, or the race card, or the sexist card, etc., It’s 2011 MLB, not too many fall for that crap anymore.

  27. JoJoCA says

    RatBastard = board troll.

    I’ll never forget his reaction to a brutal picture of a gay man bashed in an anti gay hate crime. Some people automatically want to make the gay guy the bad guy, and you can’t change that hate in their head. They call it being a “realist” yet it’s the polar opposite. It’s always trying to put the blame on the gay, and give the benefit of the doubt to the hetro. For which, said folks are lost causes. Let them be in their own misery.

  28. mld says

    @ratbastard: your punching in too many directions and hitting nothing. if your in this forum, its likely you bored, or angry at something in your life. but to say its us, to say its academic elites, that all whites do this, or all gays do that. your boring, one dimensional and you have no arguments, just complaints; good luck with that chip on your shoulder.

    ill stop feeding the troll now.

    too bad towleroad hasnt yet upgraded to a registered and filtered comment system.

  29. Aigner says

    Ratbastard. I’ve been a poster here for years and your disdain and hostility toward anything gay is glaringly obvious…not to some, but to MANY. You calling a majority “bitches” doesn’t reject the fact that they see a negative trait in you that you can’t objectively see in yourself. You always sound angry, bitter and jaded in your responses. That, however, is not the issue with your posts. The issue with your posts is *ALWAYS* and I mean always playing devil’s advocate and spinning the story to fit your anti gay agenda, and it’s a very skewed pattern which fits into an agenda. The thought of gay progress, gay rights, or gay community evolving is a thought that irks you. In any gay related news story, you always throw out a divisive comment to pin gay people against each other, and have them second guess gay rights.

    You come on this blog not to contribute, or witness gay triumph, but instead celebrate gay defeats. You view gay movement as unnecsary, whether you realize it or not, your comments speak volumes and you are not an ally. Just because one does not go killing or beating gay men does not mean they are a friend. Your comments toward gays and gay causes have proven time and time again that your loyalty sits with the other side. Don’t get defensive when called out on YOUR issues.

  30. Blogosophere says

    Guys! For the umpteenth time. Ratbastard, MarkDC, Tank, and another looney are all one in the same. They get their daily kicks by coming on here and trolling for attention. Disturbed individuals don’t deserve responses. Stop feeding the trolls.

    There’s one on another blog called Daez who has since been called out for his troll activity and he too went on the same “wah, wah, y’all are bitches, so mean, wahh” rant in response to being outted.

  31. TANK says

    We’re all the same? Help! Help! I’m being repressed! Apologize for your vicious calumny before the other jagoff who goes by “tank” shows up to lower the bar yet further with his subliterate ramblings.

    Nah. I’m my own snowflake.

    The south is america’s shame. It’s always been the family’s embarrassing little secret, locked away in an attic where it can’t be seen by others…occasionally breaking free from its chains and wandering out. Then again, stupid doesn’t know geography (or anything else for that matter), yet…there sure seems to be a trend of inbred stupid hate from the south.

    Yes, the assumption given the prevalence of antigay hate crimes (especially in that region) should be that that is what this is. That’s extremely plausible; so much so that to dismiss it would be a mark of incompetence. Yet, that could be wrong…besides, it’s fun to make fun of the south…and very easy, like most of its women from what I’ve heard from straight friends.

  32. Hue-Man says

    Forty years later, maybe Ennis (Brokeback Mtn.) was right. In many parts of America (most?) it’s not safe for two men to live together…What a terrifying thought.

  33. Francis says

    Steve is pretty much totally right about Southern gays, and Ratbastard should be ignored. I too have see the same blaming the victim actions about any and every story of violence against an innocent individual from him and it’s ridiculous and his defense of these actions on this page have amounted to nothing more than random nonsensical personal attacks.

  34. ratbastard says


    My posts are clear, specific, and on-topic; not ‘…punching in too many directions’

    You’re issue, i.e. the chip on your shoulder, is you think all gays should think alike. You can’t deal with those who have the audacity to disagree or question all or even just some of your typical rigid ideological views. Are you a shill or tool? Both? Don’t know. Am I a troll? Absolutely not. My posts are sincere and I’m only mean spirited when I’m attacked.

  35. ratbastard says


    I question most alleged bias or hate crimes because I know statistically many of them are, in fact,fake…especially incidents involving graffiti, vandalism. It’s sadly even pretty common for ‘Assaults’ to have been faked. Human beings do strange things for all kinds of reasons like attracting attention to themselves or a cause. Arson cases like this ALWAYS center on insurance fraud…because it’s a very common motivation. And in case you haven’t noticed, our economy has been totally f’ed up for years, especially residential real estate and mortgage defaults.

  36. Francis says

    The way I see it, unless proven/shown otherwise, there is absolutely no reason to immediately jump into believing something like someone’s house burning down in an arson is fake. Especially when it’s in the form of a suspected anti-gay hate crime, especially given the location and attitudes of this location towards gay folk. There isn’t any reason to believe this is fake. Some people lie and cheat the system, but hate crimes are real. Immediately raising this air of suspicion trivializes these incidents.

  37. Max says

    What is this, everybody gang up on Ratbastard day?

    If someone says something you don’t like, say “I disagree because…” Don’t launch into a full-arsenal flame war.

    Really, kids. Grow up just a little.

  38. Robert in SF says


    Not to sound stalker-ish….Kevin S?

    I wondered who it could have been when I read the comment, and when I saw the name, I thought of you immediately.

    Robert R

  39. ZackNYC says

    @ Ratbastard

    Most gay hate crimes are fake and self inflicted? ….who are you? Reading your comments on this thread it’s clearly obvious your a wing nut zealot, sheepishly following the Beck clan. Do you realize how crazy you sound or do you do it purely for the reaction? Hey dude, I udnerstand not all of us have the luxury to leave the house every day and interact with other human beings and the internet serves as our only communication with the outside world, but try to dial the crazy down a bit. You’re not only NOT making sense, you’re also coming across ignorant, foolish, bigoted and ….funny. Your desire to “go against the grain” at all costs has left you spewing bullsheeeyetttt that is in fact NOT factual and divisive just to be divsive. Bigots always loose, because bigots always lack logic. Always remember that.

  40. T.J says

    O look, nut job Ratbastard turned yet another gay tragedy into one of his anti gay monologues. Effin gays with Daddy issues who can’t accept being gay or other gay men- they are always the biggest eff ups in the world. This one being such a collosal eff up that he once suggested a victim of gay bashing did the bashing to himself for attention. That’s how out there this gem of a poster is, whom I sincerely hope is connecting with us from some insane assylum. Get help buddy. There’s professionals out there willing to help with mental disorders. Seek their services.

    Back to this tragic story, I hope gay people realize that our fight for equality is just starting and it takes each of us making an effort to be open, and out, and visible to create positive changes in future.

  41. Richard Smith says

    3 years ago I moved into my current home in north Everett, WA. It took all of 1 month before I was called a fag in my own front yard. I have repeatedly reported harassment behvior such as car bass noise and cars slamming on the accelerator around the house, particularly during times related to LGBT news events such as the passing of marriage legislation in Iowa. I have reported incidents including being called faggot while going into my home (most recently I was told to go into my home faggot by a visitor of my neighbor while my mother stood on the front porch to witness. We both went to the city council meeting that evening to speak with the city police chief). There should be a support network in place in the LGBT community to hold police and legislators accountable to address these issues before someone loses a home or worse, their lives. I live 30 minutes from Seattle, WA, one of the most liberal cities in a liberal blue state with openly gay legislators and still, this behavior happens. We should do better, as a community, to stop this.

  42. JT says

    I’ve said it before and…. North Carolina is the suckiest state: John Edwards, Mike Nifong, Fat Pam Spaulding, Michael Vick fan clubs, Jesse Helms, the New Black Panthers, Andrew Towle (not from North Carolina but is always sticking his nose in down there) and a lot of vicious self-hating left-wing gays like Andrew Belonsky embracing the very groups that hate him. Can’t think of a single good thing that has come out of N.C.

  43. JT says

    And I love the way you Towlies jump all over Ratbastard for his opinions, yet when others posted about how those girls in Kentucky (who turned out to be innocent) should have their vaginas sliced open with razors (and Manhattan gays posted their myspace pages) you said not one word in criticism….just smiled like gay grinning idiots.

  44. Randy says

    This story and a few of the things posted in the comments is why I made the decision to move out of a little town (approximately 15 miles out of Charlotte) in 1997. I have only been back a few times since then. I have considered moving back to be closer to my family but I am concerned about it. I guess if I had to move back I would choose Charlotte.

  45. RT says

    My husband and I used to live in a small very affluent town outside of Boston, MA and we’ve had our windows smashed by huge rocks, our tires slashed on our and our friends’ cars, the words “faggots must die” spray painted across our garage doors, our home broken into many times and so on. We’ve had alarms, cameras and different lights installed but with no luck. I guess my point is that this sort of hate exists everywhere and the police who are supposed to be there to protect us turn a blind eye to things 95% of the time. I truly feel for these guys and while our home wasn’t burned to the ground, to feel safer we sold our home and decided to move to the city. Our building has 24 hr security, a doorman and private underground parking. Being forced from my home stillets me quite angry everytime I think about it but our safety was my top priority. Seems as though this couple might have to consider doing the same thing.

  46. johnny says

    Seeing these stories and reading some of these comments makes me question whether this type of hate crime is a rural thing, a southern thing, a “poor white” thing, an uneducated thing, a difference thing…?

    Or all of the above in varying degrees with varying physical outcomes, situation-dependent.

    I have to conclude that homophobia is simply endemic in every strata of society to some degree. I’ve run into it in almost every social situation I’ve been in, including work, family, church, on the street and so on. Its going to take time, probably another 50 years or more, and even then we’ll not be totally accepted. Blacks have been “equal” since the 60s and look at all the racism that still happens, 50 years later.

    Humans simply can’t handle other humans that are different. It probably goes to our primitive core and is at some level a tribal thing. With all our societal improvements and technological advancements, we have still not evolved much over thousands of years.

  47. JoJoCA says

    These stories you all are sharing are INSANE. And proof positive we need to be FAR more active as a community to battle homophobia…we all need to put pressue on politicians, get out there and do out reach, COMBAT homophobia and constantly challenge it, join advocacy groups…RUN FOR OFFICE, RUN FOR OFFICE, RUN FOR OFFICE, and generally speaking…be more supportive of fellow gays. The only way to advance a community is to grow in numbers and be PART of a community. There’s too many gays who want to stand alone instead of standing together, and luckily that is changing with more gay people coming around and joining forces to DEMAND equality.

    For anyone reading this, you do NOTTTTTTTTT deserve to be treated any different for being gay and certainly do NOT deserve to be harassed for it! Do not stand for it!

  48. JoJoCA says

    @ Richard Smith:

    Can you please kindly explain what actions you’ve taken against that neighbor? I can tell you, it’s not legal to harass someone and hurl insults at them, especially when they are leaving/entering their own home. It is disturbing the peace as well as harrasment. What actions have you taken and what results have you gotten? I sincerely hope you’re not just sitting back and waiting for that change to occur, as that neighbor needs to have some sense bolted in them, not just for you, but you serving an example for future incidents so they realize it will NOT be tolerated and gays are not as passive as that bigot thinks. Sincerely hope you are being active in challenging said neighbor.

  49. JT says

    And stop with your fantasies about the “good ol’ boy” homophobic south, gays. You don’t even know who committed this crime yet. If you read back over the homophobic assaults and murders in this very blog you’ll see homophobic hate crimes and murders in NYC. Atlanta and Austen, too, but…. And mostly done by people “of color.”

  50. dbearhug says

    My husband and I live in Raleigh, and have always been a little leary going to Garner and Clayton. You could tell this from the news story when a neighbor had to go on camera wearing a hooded sweatshirt and darkened light to protect her identity, even though she was putatively straight. I suppose we feel lucky to have supportive neighbors who have been around us for the 15 years we’ve been there since building our house.

    The odd thing is that my husband’s family is from a small town on the other side of Raleigh. And, they are all supportive. Mike Nelson, the former mayor of Carrboro and an early member of those elected to public office while they were out of the closet, told me that the quiet revolution is what we are doing. We live our lives simply and openly and converting opinions one at a time.

    The reaction to this crime, if it was truly perpetrated as we all think it was, has raised the spectre that this area is still not as tolerant as we have thought it was. Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill and Cary are fairly safe in our bubble at the bottom of the southern sea. Travel too far outside of that, then things can get weird.


  51. Hollywood, CA says

    @ Frank – “An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. For every gay home that gets burned down in a hate crime, let a church burn.” – Like Dr. Martin Luther King’s church? Or maybe the church Mother Theresa belonged to? Or maybe you should STFU and think before you write something so incindiary.

  52. customartist says

    HERE is how to help them!

    Send this letter demanding Investigations:


    Atty General Eric Holder
    NC SBI / Atty General Roy Cooper
    NC Gov Bev Perdue
    Johnston County Board of Commissioners
    ACLU Jennifer Rudinger

    Hate Crime Laws must be proven to have substance.

    Please step in and investigate the House Fire at 18 Newcastle Ct. in Clayton, NC. It is questionable that Sheriff Steve Bizzell too quickly made the determination, before completing the investigation, that this was Not a Hate Crime.

    With a suspect vehicle still at large, with the investigation uncompleted and less than two days later, with neighbors saying this is a hate-related crime, and with having had multiple incidents clearly motivated by Hate, two reported to Police, telling the residents to “leave”, leading up to Crimes such as what is being investigated as Intended Arson,…

    Then there must be a more carefully considered and Thoroughly Investigated process engaged before hastily dismissing the potential for Hate Crime Determinations, especially in small towns in the South involving Gay Victims by a Sheriff who is the son of a Pentecostal-Holiness preacher, and procedures should, moreover, be Applied Equally among All US Citizens in all cases.

    It does not appear that this has transpired affirmatively in this case.


    Copy Anderson Cooper

  53. JT says

    DBearhug : In Durham they love setting things on fire. Remember, in 2006, black-activist homophobe Victoria Peterson outside the Duke lacrosse house shouting for the New Black Panthers (who’d arrived to threaten the half-Jewish falsely-accused Seligmann) to “Burn it down!” Actually screaming to set a house on fire, not even knowing who was in there. And, then, last year, who gets arrested for setting a house on fire with her own children in it? Crystal Mangum herself. Those are the people you N.C. gays (as well as some Manhattan gays) supported with glee.

  54. JT says

    And I forgot Bishop Eddie Long, while on the subject of the dump called North Carolina. Graduated from the same Durham joke of a school as Crystal Mangum herself.

  55. marcus says

    I don’t want this to be true, but I’m really beginning to think the entire thing was a set-up for good old-fashioned insurance fraud.

    The couple is planning a move to GA. Their house was on the market for over a year before it was taken off about six months ago (unsold).

    Yes, there were reports of harassment, but they were fairy minor incidents that could have easily been faked.

    The couple was “out of town” during the fire but immediately reappeared.

    The one neighbor (?) coming forward to corroborate is refusing to be identified (which conveniently adds to the aura of menace in the neighborhood).

    Again, I hope this is NOT how it happened, because if it is, these guys have done grave damage to the ways some people see gays and hate crimes.

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