1. The_Fixer says

    I have no use for religion, but still want to reach through my monitor, give him a pat on the back and a hug.

  2. Beef and Fur says

    Really? White stockings, Mary Janes, blue culottes and the Victoria Secret Trip-over-your-titties Bra? That’s a lot going on to accessorize with a leather bound bible. Perhaps a copy of Mad magazine would be a better choice?

  3. Derek Pearce says

    This reminds me of the post Andy put up last year, where that little cutie made his own sign saying “Corduroy skirts are a SIN!” and stood next to that sign-wielding nutbar on his campus.

  4. jot says

    Just beautiful. During my suicidal fundamentalist college days at Alabama, Auburn’s Jesus-soaked campus made even me nervous. I wouldn’t have believed this was possible. Thanks for the video!

  5. Bryan says

    Thus demonstrating that LGBTQ folks can be as superstitious as anyone else… All Hail the Sky God! His mom isn’t called “Mary” for nothing.

  6. jot says

    When in Rome, Bryan. It’s not so easy to choose where you’re born — and for some it can take a lifetime to fully separate the good stuff you were fed from the bullshit you were compelled to swallow along with it. This adorable priestess of hope is doing a damn fine job.