1. ravewulf says

    The Oompa-Loompas called, they want their skin tone back.

    Oh, and if you do defend DOMA, you’ll only be making more of a fool of yourself when you lose with pathetic arguments.

  2. Mike says

    A big opportunity for all those bigots who complain about government wasting time on allowing gay marriage when the economy’s more important to turn around and make exactly the same complaint about the Republicans. Or am I expecting too much?

  3. Bob R says

    Well, I’m not surprised. First, it is a whole lot easier to defend DOMA than it is to create jobs or fix the economy. Second, defending DOMA will require a lot less time away from the cocktail lounges and golf courses than actually doing something productive legislatively. Third, it panders to the GOP base and deflects from the GOP’s inability to create jobs or fix the economy.

  4. Mike8787 says

    I’d love a post by Ari about the exact legal process by which Congress is allowed intervene in these cases. It would appear to me that Congress would lack constitutional standing here; they, as Congress, seem to have no concrete and particularized injury in fact.

  5. toddo says

    I agree with Mike8787 — as they’re the legislative branch of government, designed to act independently of and separately from the judicial branch, I’m not sure they have any ability to act on this.

  6. Rob says

    Yes, by all means (without using reduced federal budget funding, of course), please try to defend this homophobic law in federal court. And, oh, by the way, except for perhaps creating some additional work for Congressional staff and lawyers, how would this defense create more of those jobs we’ve been promised by you majority House GOPers???

  7. BartB says

    Boner erh, Bohner, is playing right into Obama’s hands…this is exactly what Obama wants, the House and all their “jobs, jobs, jobs,” wasting time on this, steaming coming out their cartoon ears as they huff and puff and stomp around. Because come election time and the massive private sector job creation hasn’t happen and they’ve been wasting time on those terrible gays, Republicans will see the tides shift back and they will find a huge swath of them with their heads on the chopping block again.

    Nicely played, President Obama, you’ve got your head back in the game of politics. The only way this could play out is the Republicans ignore it which would piss off their evangelical base or fall on their own swords trying to do something about it and in the process take their eye off the ball (like the Democrats did.)

    How dumb can the Republicans be…we are witnessing it.

  8. ravewulf says


    I highly doubt Obama planned it like that, besides the Republicans were already doing an excellent job of killing their own chances before that (especially in Wisconsin)

  9. Fenrox says

    Wow, why don’t they just stop and think. They know it’s un-defendable in today’s courts. They know the law is flimsy, Can’t and Won’t are the same here.

  10. says

    DOMA is literally as anti-American of a law as a law can get. And I’m not talking a fear mongering anti-American law, but one that if upheld basically nullifies our basis of being a country. The Declaration of Independence guarantee “Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” to EVERYONE in the country. You take away those rights without due process, you forfeit our right to our country back to England. Without the Declaration of Independence, we are not a country.

  11. don pickens says

    why does your website have “like scott walker” and other right wing ads on the site all the time? can’t these be weeded out? Isn’t Newsmax a wingnut pub?

  12. Wayne Renardson says

    Did we send you to D.C. to spend our tax dollars on this nonsense? The answer is—hell no. Look Speaker—if you have a problem with some guy marrying another then my advise is —don’t marry a guy yourself. Otherwise, keep your sticky hands off of my money and your fat government nose out of people’s business.

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