1. ichabod says

    “CPAC Chair Al Cardenas: GOProud Can Come to CPAC, But They Must Drop Support for All Gay Rights Measures“

    Ha! They pretty much do that already don’t they?

  2. Paul says

    So they are openly recruiting people who hate themselves ? Low self esteem ? come right in. Troubled ? Weak ? Self loathing ? Yes just sign right here. Betray your principles, betray your ideals. Internalized homophobia, depression this way.

  3. Rob says

    @Paul, you’re so on the money with your comments. And, @Ichabob, they indeed already adhere to the “no GLBT civil rights” CPAC principle. It’s a happy, happy, happy day for GOProud even though we don’t know how those other “big tent” CPAC supporters like NOM and AFA feel about this.

  4. Darren says

    Its like inviting those nice NAACP folks over to a KKK barbecue fundraiser… srsly?

    “You can come over, but stop that whole equal rights thing. Hey, and while you’re at it.. get to steppin n fetchin’.”

    The chariman of CPAC isn’t the problem here.. its the conservative gays who put up with this kind of attitude.. Sorry, but you can be conservative all you want, the Conservatives see you as only another faggot needing a good bashing.

  5. Yonkersconquers says

    This is the funniest interview I’ve seen in 2011. They’re steering their own ship right to the iceberg.

    I mean to say. Jesus. How politically stupid can one man be?

  6. David in Houston says

    “It’s got nothing to do with your orientation.” …as long as your orientation is straight. What a preposterously stupid thing to say.

    “But we’ll do our best to be inclusive while at the same time adhering to the principles that Ronald Reagan dreamed about and we’ve been following.”

    I also had no idea that Ronald Reagan hated gay people, and didn’t want them to have civil rights… because he actually never supported that ideal. Especially when you consider that he supported gay teachers when he was governor of California, way back in 1978.

  7. Skooter McGoo says

    So basically if you hate gay people and want them dead then you fall in line with the GOP party of America and they agenda. BTW sir, Reagan only helped the wealthy white folks and threw the rest of the country under the biggest bus of lies he could come up with, “Trickle down economics”. Why not just be truthful and tell people they are being pissed on?

  8. Joel says

    “There are a number of gays in America who don’t advocate gays in the military issue or gay marriage.”

    Really?? If so, they are called losers. So of course they belong in the GOP.

  9. Disgusted American says

    I think its interesting that 10-20yrs from bnow – these tapes of people liek this man, and those like him will be in the catagory of George Wallace.

  10. Todd says

    GOProud are the Benedict Arnolds of rights for equality. They really don’t see the futility in wanting to get into the big tent which just wants to take their money and get them to vote against their own well being. These people are nihilists and should be renamed NOProud.

  11. MammaBear says

    He missed a couple of parenthetical thoughts.

    Should be:

    “…we’ll do our best to (give the false impression of) be(ing) inclusive while at the same time (making sure that we continue to fight tooth and nail against equal rights for gays and) adhering to the principles that (we will keep insisting) Ronald Reagan dreamed about (because he is our God)….”

  12. walter says

    it must really bad when you give up your rights just to be accepted by people who hate you. the name goproud is a misnomer they be be gopashamed embarassed self loathing . if being a conservative means to live without dignity is that life?

  13. says

    Completely absurd, of course. But Chairman Neanderthal accurately sums up the dilemma of GOProud and anti-progressive gay people:

    You’re welcome inside our “big” conservative tent as long as you leave your conscience and human dignity on the ground outside. If, on the other hand, you believe that as a gay human being you are worthy of equal rights, you belong out in the dirt.

    So at least be honest, GOProudless, and stop attempting to perpetuate the idiotic myth that the current conservative movement has any interest in your humanity. And, if you support them, neither do you.

  14. Phil says

    “who don’t advocate gays in the military issue or gay marriage”

    This idiot thinks he’s clever by trying to suggest that DADT repeal is still an open question. The question of “if” we should repeal DADT has been decided, and the country has moved on. Cardenas is only making a jackass of himself. Would GOProud please alert Cardenas to the DADT news flash?

  15. BartB says

    All Al is asking is that GOProud be like all other factions of the modern Republican movement in this country: Do Not Stand For ANY Civil Rights In America.

    Republicans don’t believe in civil rights. Sexual orientation, race, creed, gender. They are the party of “I Got Mine Already and You Can’t Have Any.”

    Abraham Lincoln would vomit at the sickness that permeates the Republican Party today.

  16. SPANKY says

    Congratulations, Alberto! This country was liberal and open-minded enough to take in your family and hundreds of thousands of other Cubans who fled from Castro and his tyranny, and you thank America by advocating that a different group of Americans be treated as second class citizens! It’s one of the oldest stories in history… the dominant group finds willing idiots from one minority to help it slap down another minority. I guess you and Fidel can agree about at least one thing, huh, Alberto? What hot, steaming pieces of mierda (in French, “merde”) you both are.

  17. JDB says

    I feel bad for them. They’re like the kid in high school who wants to sit with all the cool kids at lunch, not realizing that the cool kids are a bunch of shallow, bigoted people who have no concern for the kid other than how he increases their own status and popularity.

  18. Ted says

    This is so typical. The paraphrase does not even come close to matching the quote. This article should be titled, “Andy Towle doesn’t like CPAC and thinks gays should not join GOProud.” Stop trying to pretend this is any type of “news”.

  19. says

    @Ted: Al’s words are his own, whatever headline Andy used. And he made the obvious even clearer: If you are a group that supports equal rights for gay people, you are not welcome in CPAC. If you don’t care about equal rights and your own human dignity, you are welcome to be part of CPAC as an invisible less-than-human being.

    Not really news to us, but it should be news to the handful of GOProud supporters who are still under the delusion that conservatives have any interest in fairness and justice for all.

  20. Real Talk says

    But the truth of the matter is that gay conservatives ARE indeed gays who do still feel being gay is flawed, not equal to being hetrosexual, and they still attach themselves to homophobia fed to them as kids…yet they can’t shake off the c*ck. To keep it real, gay conservatives love c*ck as much as they hate gay rights. They are basically the poster child definition of f-ed up and are a hate mongers dream come true, as gay conservatives really have no identity of their own.

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