CBS News’ Lara Logan Sexually Assaulted During Egypt Uprising


How awful:

On Friday, Feb. 11, the day Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak stepped down, CBS chief foreign correspondent Lara Logan was covering the jubilation in Tahrir Square for a "60 Minutes" story when she and her team and their security were surrounded by a dangerous element amidst the celebration. It was a mob of more than 200 people whipped into frenzy.

In the crush of the mob, she was separated from her crew. She was surrounded and suffered a brutal and sustained sexual assault and beating before being saved by a group of women and an estimated 20 Egyptian soldiers. She reconnected with the CBS team, returned to her hotel and returned to the United States on the first flight the next morning. She is currently in the hospital recovering.

There will be no further comment from CBS News and correspondent Logan and her family respectfully request privacy at this time.


  1. Xtab says

    Not that unusual, I’m sad to say. Sexual harassment of women is a very serious problem in Egypt. Overcrowding of cities and economic pressure, macho Islamic culture, is combined with a state and security apparatus which doesn’t protect the people, only itself *against* the people. Because of this the more vulnerable sectors of society such as women become prey.

  2. ravewulf says

    Raped or just groped and stuff? Either way is absolutely horrible, but rape is so much worse. I wish her a speedy recovery both physically and with any emotional trauma this may have caused.

  3. Mark in ATL says

    Probably should’ve worn a burka.

    I mean, what was she expecting? Arab men can’t control themselves around women, and here she is running around with a bare head!


  4. Max says

    Muslims at their best. I’m just surprised anyone came to help her at all. She is lucky. Usually, Muslims brutally rape a woman and then kill her for having sex outside of marriage. Savage beasts.

  5. J Ryan says

    Animals. And P.S. My_Family_are_muslim, I, as I’m sure max above, was not commenting on the whole of the populous. The people that actually did this are at fault, not all Egyptians, or everyone prescribing to that religion. Calm the hell down, and if you find yourself to be the spokesperson for the muslim community and/or all egyptians, maybe you should talk to your brethren who sexually assaulted an American correspondant if you feel so closely to them.

  6. Max says

    My_Family_Are_Muslim, Islam is saturated with violence towards women, Jews, and LGBT people.

    I am proud that you call me “islamicphobic” because it means I stand in opposition to a horrible religion in which many fundamental human rights are violently, brutally, and consistently abused.

    J Ryan is correct. This does not apply to every single Muslim, of course. As the article says, many came to her aid.

  7. atheist_from_hell says

    i have to point out that christianity is as bad as the muslim faith… the ones i have encountered are pretty equal…they both have extremists with a bad case of hate going on against too much of society…

  8. Max says

    Atheist_From_Hell, you are incorrect. There is a BIG difference between the Christian and Muslim treatment of homosexuals.

    Same-sex marriage is performed in the following countries: Argentina, Belgium, Canada, Iceland, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, South Africa, Spain, and Sweden. They are ALL Christian-majority nations.

    Homosexuality is punishable by death in the following countries: Iran, Mauritania, (Northern) Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Sudan, United Arab Emirates, and Yemen. These are ALL Muslim-majority nations.

    If I listed countries with civil unions versus countries which jail homosexuals, we would find the same religious differential.

    While you are correct that “they both have extremists” (as well as allies) you are sadly deluded if you believe that Christianity is “as bad as” Islam.

  9. pete N sfo says


    both the actions of these abusers and the idiocy of some of these posters.

    thank goodness for the women & soldiers that surrounded & rescued her. More than anything, I think it shows how much ignorance exists & how each of us bears a responsibility to respect all people different than us.

    The middle east, Muslims, or any other ilk, hardly hold a monopoly when it comes to violence in general & violence against women specifically.

    Speedy recovery- let your pain become the strength that guides you toward helping others.

  10. ratbastard says

    Pete in SFO:

    Try once not to be PC. We are not all equal. Some places, some cultures, are clearly superior [especially for minorities] than others. At the end of the day, Americans, Canadians, Australians, Brits and Europeans are lucky to live where they live.

  11. ratbastard says

    After hearing about this, I tried to figure out how PC ‘Progressives’ would spin this: Play up the woman [woman mentioned 1st], and soldiers rescuing her from the ‘Men.’ Obviously, it must have been mostly if not all the soldiers who’re responsible for ending the assault. The Egyptian women would obviously also have been assaulted, beaten.

  12. ravewulf says

    @Max (@ratbastard should probably also take note)

    Uganda = Christian Nation

    Fundamentalism in any religion is dangerous. It is not the Muslim religion specifically that is the problem, fundamentalism and conservativism/reactionism are the problems.

  13. Max says

    Ravewulf, Uganda doesn’t have the death penalty for gays – yet. Even if it did, the actual facts (as opposed to your moral equivalency argument) show that Christianity is FAR better than Islam with respect to LGBT rights.

    Are there outliers and exceptions? Sure.

    You state that conservatism is the problem. How do you explain, then, the brutal treatment of homosexuals in leftist paradises like the (former) Soviet Union, Cuba, and China?

    I absolutely agree with you that “[f]undamentalism in any religion is dangerous,” but Islam poses a unique and separate, very deadly risk that all people – but especially LGBT people – should take seriously.

  14. ratbastard says


    You aren’t seriously comparing ‘Christian’ North America, Australia, Europe with Uganda, are you? Uganda is BACKWARD with or without Christianity.

  15. mcquaidla says

    What I find curious is why we refer to this as a “sexual” assault. Assault is assault, no matter where it occurs on your body. I think the idea of a sexual assault is part and parcel of the patriarchal notion that a woman’s virtue somehow resides in her vagina.

    And a question: How do we know the religious affiliations of the perpetrators? There is a large Christian population in Egypt as well, and assaults on women are common in EVERY culture. Additionally, the countries Max describes as going easier on gays and women aren’t distinguished by their Christianity, they’re distinguished by their Secularity.

    Question for you, Max: Are you, by any chance, a Republican? A Zionist? A member of GOProud?

  16. Xtab says

    There’s also Christian Jamaica and other Caribbean countries, which although don’t have formal death penalties, gays who openly express their sexuality can be killed. Large parts of Christian Africa also have de facto death penalties — not codified (there’s no law you can point to), but frequently exercised by mobs. And a lot of the tolerant majority “Christian” countries Max points to actually have Christian minorities, most people being secular and non-religious.

    There are also comparatively tolerant Muslim communities in Lebanon, Turkey and southeastern Europe.

    Then Max brings up communism, and is correct but in a pretty limited way. The USSR under Lenin decriminalized homosexuality in 1922. It took decades for the capitalist and more conservative Western countries to catch up. East Germany decriminalized homosexuality almost immediately, while it took until the 1970s (I think) for West Germany to do the same. So many gays actually fled to the communist bloc to escape persecution.

    Basically, there’s a lot that goes into homophobia. Islam is indeed part of it. But Max is the kind of person who isn’t thinking seriously about it. He just has an axe to grind against Muslims in particular and for some reason.

  17. Max says

    McQuaidla, I’m an independent. How do we know the religious affiliations? Gee, uh, I don’t know. Let’s take a wild guess. Could have been anyone, I suppose: Buddhists, Zoroastrians, Sea People. Hey, let’s change the topic to GOProud.

    Jumex, the bigots are the Egyptians who relentlessly gang-rape women, jail homosexuals, and attack churches. If that’s whom you side with, so be it. Do you think the rapists are xenophobic for raping a foreign journalist? Lol… no, of course you don’t. All foreign cultures are sacrosanct.

  18. TANK says

    Oh…this is horrible, and I hope she makes a full recovery and gets right back on the saddle.

    “What I find curious is why we refer to this as a “sexual” assault. Assault is assault, no matter where it occurs on your body. I think the idea of a sexual assault is part and parcel of the patriarchal notion that a woman’s virtue somehow resides in her vagina.”

    Are you a sociopath? You don’t understand the difference between being punched in the face or severely beaten…and raped?

  19. shannon says

    SEE!!!!!! THIS is what they think of you white americans! they ~HATE~ you and will openly harm you if they have the chance! Arabs men cannot be any clearer in their intent towards you….YET you insist on every time you see one “HE IS SOOOOO HOT” when they wish YOU dead!!

  20. Xtab says

    @MAX, your problem is that you look at Islam and it explains everything bad about these societies to you. But the problems of homophobia, sexism, racism, etc. are bigger than that. It doesn’t explain why some Muslim countries like the two largest, Indonesia and India, are rather tolerant toward gays.

    It doesn’t look at the fact that nations with great prejudice toward gays tend to be weak, fragile states without much protection afforded its most vulnerable members.

    It doesn’t account for economic and demographic pressures, nor does it account for the existence of corrupt institutions that care only for self-preservation, not enforcing laws in an equitable manner or allowing alternative social spaces (like LGBT spaces) to lobby for reforms. It doesn’t account for the fact that all but one of these so-called Islamic countries that punish gays with death or imprisonment are actually ruled by secular governments, monarchies or military dictatorships, or some combination.

    If you swapped the Egyptian Muslim population out with Christians, or Jews or Hindus, it wouldn’t be any different.

  21. ratbastard says

    I’ve lived and traveled overseas. Most people, contrary to popular belief, do not hate Americans [I think this is an urban big lie started by western bougie ‘Progressives’] but we [humans] are not all alike. Cultures differ, the meaning of words differ, body language meaning differs, etc. But some western ‘Progressives’ refuse to acknowledge this, and it causes a lot of problems.

  22. reality 101 says

    1) Very awful. Assume it was more than groping if there is a full comment blockade.

    2) The comment section is a sad reflection of humanity – those who can only think in black and white are very afraid those of us who can see the grey and the educated middle class are allowing the death of the west. Sad, strange, human.

    3) The comment section is so base and vulgar – it is yet another assault on the vicitm. Andy – you can on occasion turn off comments out of respect.

  23. reality 101 says

    Oh yeah – and this makes the Bill Maher and Elisabeth Hackencrack dust up today that much uglier.

    He should apologize as he had no idea – to the victim. Not the wanna-be victim Hackencrack.

  24. Chris DaChocolatebearcub says

    This is so easily to clarify with all of this madness.
    To see if these folks are the same person just send Andy an email complaining. Remember he can see all IP addresses and find out if TANK, RATBASTARD, and MAX are all the same.

    This post should not be a referendum on Muslims. Just to wish this woman well.


  25. Rowan says

    Interesting…or not, that Andy, you haven’t commented on this thread…

    Free speech indeed.

    Did you know we have education because of Islam fyi? History books are always fun unless they are written by a racist white guy and africa actually looks the same size as Hawaii..

    Lara and family good luck if you are reading this.

  26. Rovex says

    We do NOT have ‘education’ because of Islam. People were being educated LONG before that particular branch of the made up sky fairy worship was invented. Islam may have added its bit, but thats all.

  27. Dean says

    What a dreadful experience for her! And the perpetrators will never be held accountable. But with her tremendous spirit, I think she will figure out how to make something positive from this trauma. At the very least, CBS need to review reporter protocols.

  28. ravewulf says

    My point was that neither religion in and of itself is worse off in the extremes attributed to them. As you agreed, fundamentalism in any religion is bad. There may be more fundamentalist Muslims (at least the outspoken loud ones) right now, but that does not mean the Muslim religion is bad, just the fundamentalism.

    Perhaps I should have been more specific when I singled out conservatism. What I should have said was authoritarianism (which is seen more with (social) conservativism than liberalism). Stalin was authoritarian left, Hitler was authoritarian right. The right vs left didn’t matter because they were both authoritarian.

    As usual, you completely missed the point.
    What specific religion is involved (Muslim, Christian, Hindu, Zeus, flying spaghetti monster, etc) DOES NOT MATTER. ANY fundamentalist religion is a bad thing. I could likewise say that a lot of Islamic countries would be backwards with or without Islam. The specific religion does not matter, the amount and degree of fundamentalism matters.

  29. Euan says

    So the “evil” Muslims assaulted her and who were the epeople that rescued her? Saintly atheists? Saintly Christians? Or saintly Muslims? Or is it that bad people assaulted her and good people rescued her? The religion is immaterial as the perpetrators of sexual assault are not dominated by members of one religion.

    And Lara Logan has now posted an utterly racist account of the event.

  30. KMC says

    I hope Logan takes the time to recover from this horrific act of violence on her.

    But I find it that reporters are total hypocrites, if this was a movie star the reporters would be sneaking into the hospital to get an exclusive story. And yet when it happens to them they want privacy.

  31. ratbastard says


    As usual, you’ve got it wrong.I’ve ALWAYS condemned ALL forms irrational fanaticism; religious, political, whatever.

    And I’m not posting under other names, but don’t always have the same IP address.

  32. ratbastard says

    REPRINT of Dallas Morning News Blog:

    10:35 AM on February 16, 2011
    I was in Beirut last July. A husband/wife couple stepped on to an elevator. She brushed in to my western friend. The Muslim beat his wife for inadvertently touching a filthy infidel. The cops would have arrested and beaten us if we intervened.

    Muslims won’t shake hands with westerners also as a matter of religious uncleanliness. The devout really do hate our guts on several levels.

    Combine that with a culture that is highly (sexually) repressive and you get the above.

    To generalize, from the Sheiks to the 9-11 guys, they seem to show some odd way of holding respect for Arab women (the above beating notwithstanding), but comport themselves far different in America, or its symbol – the promiscuous blonde woman as pole dancer.

    Somehow the manly Arab street gets past the infidel touching thingy when it comes to the pornification of western women.

    This wasn’t just crowd wilding, it was a statement on their culture.

    and it is common.

  33. says

    Why the hatred for Muslims in this thread? That doesn’t help anything. Something like that could have happened here, or anywhere for that matter. On-the-field reporters have a *very* dangerous job.

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