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Channing Tatum: Jamie Bell and I Have 'Been Having Sex for a Few Years Now'


Channing Tatum strips down for a new spread in GQ.

Two more shots, AFTER THE JUMP...

Eagle While the GQ cover story is not up yet, Tatum recently discussed the homoeroticism in his new film, The Eagle, and the master/slave relationship between Tatum and his costar Jamie Bell with The Vulture:

"I think there’s love in any relationship, whether it’s between a man and a woman, an animal and a person. Look, you have a need to be understood, humans gather around each other and they need to help each other through things. Jamie’s character and my character through trial by fire had to figure out how to understand each other. So I guess you could call it a bromance."

Tatum continues on that thread:

How about in real life?
Jamie and I have a bromance. We’ve been having sex for a few years now.

How’s that going?
Going fantastic.

He’s a lot smaller than you. He’s really small.
He’s a goer though.

What’s a goer?
I don’t know. I just made it up.

Two more GQ shots by Nathaniel Goldberg, AFTER THE JUMP...

Also, if you missed Nathaniel Rogers' review of the film, you can read it here.

2_tatum 3_tatum

Check out the full gallery HERE.

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  1. I've liked Channing Tatum ever since he appeared on the cover of Out years ago, way before he became famous.

    Posted by: allan | Feb 15, 2011 10:12:42 AM

  2. The shirtless pics when he's wearing jeans are really HOT!

    Posted by: Matt26 | Feb 15, 2011 10:28:14 AM

  3. Channing buffs up so well.
    I like that in his real life he allows himself to live - get a gut - then back to the hollywood fantasy machine.

    Posted by: reality 101 | Feb 15, 2011 10:48:10 AM

  4. If anyone needs me, I'll be in my bunk...

    Posted by: Jeremy Feist | Feb 15, 2011 10:48:24 AM

  5. Well, that just fueled quite a few fantasy montages for me.

    Posted by: David | Feb 15, 2011 11:24:06 AM

  6. Hmmm.. the thought of Channing giving Jamie a good once over is definately a turn on.
    That first shot is hot but it looks like Lukas Ridgeston.

    Posted by: john | Feb 15, 2011 11:35:21 AM

  7. I hope Jamie helped Tatum get over his scalded weenie.

    Posted by: JONNY NYNY2FLFL | Feb 15, 2011 11:46:14 AM

  8. I like the way Channing Tatum "went there" with the humor of the Bro-Mance. In this overly cautious day where men are so afraid to say anything over the line in regards to homo-eroticism, Channing really cut to the chase! I'm also planning on seeing the movie!

    Posted by: james Brown | Feb 15, 2011 12:14:40 PM

  9. "Go-er" is a Anglicism describing someone who's up for sex.

    Posted by: Graham Anderson | Feb 15, 2011 12:58:22 PM

  10. "He’s a lot smaller than you. He’s really small."
    "He’s a gROWer though."


    Posted by: tacoflavoredkisses | Feb 15, 2011 1:15:39 PM

  11. Part of me wants to see that movie, even if it looks like complete crap... and I think that third picture may just have something to do with it. Channing Tatum's not the best actor, but he sure is something to look at.

    Onto another matter: why hasn't Hollywood discovered Jamie Bell yet? The guys an amazing actor... he needs a real vehicle. I don't think this movie will be the one for him.

    Seriously, that guy could win an Oscar if ever he were cast with a beefy role in a Hollywood film. If not for the fact that most of his films have been British, I think he probably would have. (Hell, he's already won a BAFTA.)

    Posted by: Ryan | Feb 15, 2011 2:29:04 PM

  12. He didn't make it up, he's been watching Monty Python:

    Posted by: Pyre | Feb 15, 2011 4:21:01 PM

  13. Actually Channing is good in "The Eagle" the movie really exploits his beefy jock beauty and he does a real chemistry with Bell. The movie is half action Roman western and dull stretches of the boys resisting the urge to go full Brokeback Mountain.

    Posted by: jaragon | Feb 15, 2011 5:55:19 PM

  14. I saw The Eagle over the weekend, and I'll be getting the DVD when it comes out...the movie is slow at times, and the review linked above is fairly accurate. If only there is a director's cut with lots of cuts scenes that solidify the master-slave bromance...Great piece of filmwork that shows both gents as easy on the eyes in every scene. Jamie's the better actor but they are equally beautiful to watch.

    Posted by: PAV3 | Feb 15, 2011 11:12:12 PM

  15. Does anyone know where the top photo was taken? It looks exactly like a house in Venice beach where we used to live.


    Posted by: Mrs Patrick Campbell | Feb 16, 2011 4:32:53 AM

  16. There are rumors Channing Tatum has a boyfriend.

    Posted by: Closet | Feb 16, 2011 6:00:40 AM

  17. And those rumors aren't exactly false, CLOSET.

    Posted by: M | Feb 16, 2011 1:32:18 PM

  18. lol he's awesome. bromances are great.

    Posted by: mike | Feb 16, 2011 3:13:48 PM

  19. Whoever is happy will make others happy too. He who has courage and faith will never perish in misery.

    Posted by: sexy underwear | Sep 5, 2011 11:26:56 PM

  20. I love Channing he"s doing what makes him happy and not caring about the haters. And oh did I mention he is so HOT! He needs to do gay roles.

    Posted by: Dylan | Jan 31, 2012 1:37:01 AM

  21. Channing : I'll do you anytime!

    Posted by: Patrick | Apr 9, 2012 6:56:39 PM

  22. i like both of the actors and i want to see the movie. should be very good. thanks, walter

    Posted by: walter goza | Apr 11, 2012 8:19:09 PM

  23. jamie bell was much younger when i first saw him in BILLY ELLIOTT. very good person and very professional.thanks, walter

    Posted by: walter goza | Apr 11, 2012 8:22:35 PM

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