1. Bucky says

    Boring. He just looks like any steroid gym rat you can find pretty much anywhere. I barely recognize his face anymore. And the beautiful thing about his chest was that wonderful fur. Which is gone. So sad.

    Please put your shirt back on now. It makes me want to cry.

  2. Hollywood, CA says

    Yes, if they were going for realness, they would have dyed his har BLOND. So, if they kept him brunette, then they should have kept his GORGEOUS and manly hairy chest. Waxed chests are soooo early 90s porn star. Sorry.

  3. PAV3 says

    Guys…has it not occured to you he may be wearing a prosthetic? Actors don’t “bulk up” overnight without assistance. Both he and Hemsworth as Thor are seen much ‘bigger’ than in real life. It is the movies…or are you still blinded by lust…?

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