1. says

    I thought it was a lot of fun. Yeah, the lead’s voice wasn’t perfect for the song, but these just seem to be some talented peeps out to have fun. I’d definitely listen to more of their stuff like that.

  2. Janet says

    Michael is turning in his grave. PLEASE DO NOT desecrate his legacy with this dreadful rubbish.

  3. CKNJ says

    Funny, you know Michel Jackson probably would have applauded people for making music, not trashing them for their attempts. Yeah, it’s not Michael Jackson, but it’s a HELLUVA lot better than all the armchair critics here are, I am sure!

  4. TyInTenn says

    Love it! A cross of MJ and Manhattan Transfer. They look like they had fun doing it – and you know they had to work hard to put it all together. Cool!

  5. Tyler says

    hang on… when the cute dude who does that bass ostinato does that creepy spoken line at around the 3:31 mark, you can still hear the ostinato going on… so how can it be all recorded at the same time unless he had a twin or a seventh member? the other five members don’t seem to be doing it.

    i still think it’s awesome stuff though! love acapella renditions! :)

  6. Arby says

    Real time? Real time doubles upon itself from 4:01 to 4:12 when the guy in red does two parts at once. It’s okay to edit, and overdub; but don’t make claims that are obviously untrue just to increase your wow-factor. Aside from that, it’s OK. But only just OK.

  7. Tommy says

    Wow! This is awesome! Has to be the best acappella version of Thriller on YouYube!

    By the way, I don’t think they mean real time the way some posters here mean real time. If you watch their other videos, some songs they show the beatboxer and the bass singer in split screen in 2 shots.

    They’re showing you the overdubs explicitly. Just seems to be a difference of opinion in wording. From the video clip itself: “All the background tracks were recorded and filmed together. What you see is what you hear.”

    Still mighty impressive, if you ask me!