Gay-Hating Rep. Steve King Wants to Punish Obama for DOMA by Cutting Justice Dept. Budget

GOP Iowa Rep. Steve King, who has led the fight against marriage equality in his home state, wants to punish Obama for deciding that DOMA could not longer be defended in court by cutting funds to the Department of Justice, ABC News reports.

King Said King: “We have the authority to do a few things, and one of them is to control the budget. The resources that they would be using to defend the DOMA law in court are not necessary to appropriate to them. So with open rules on appropriations, that’s an opportunity to bring an amendment that will reduce their budget by an appropriate amount. To continue funding a Justice Department that defies their oath to the Constitution and refuses to enforce the laws of the U.S. is a terrible precedent to tolerate. So the first thing is to send a very strong message by cutting the funding to the Justice Department."”



  1. says

    and all things go to die in the senate

    hell dem senators couldn’t even be bothered to vote on dem house stuff, LOLz these repubs think the senators will even let their crazy see the light of day in the senate?

  2. tc in nyc says

    It would be a nice change of pace if certain elected officials actually knew what they were talking about, this whole meme (blatant lying) about “enforcement” is tiring.

  3. RWG says

    Could it ever occur to Rep. King that perhaps the DoJ position on the unconstitutionality of DOMA may have some merit? Is it possible Rep. King could reconsider his position and concede that the 1996 law may have been passed out of pure animus toward gay and lesbian Americans? That DOMA is in fact, unconstitutional and should be repealed or overturned?

    I didn’t think so. That would require a person with a sense of fairness and justice, and respect for the law and our heritage of liberty. Such virtues are not within Rep. King’s character.

  4. Chip says

    This enforcement meme is exactly how the Republicans manage to make truth out of lies. If they say it enough, and are not constantly corrected, the American public will believe it, regardless of it’s veracity.

    I don’t know how, but we have to expose them as the liars that they are, before it’s too late. Where is journalistic integrity when you need it?

  5. Rowan says

    Chip, that supposed gay news site that Richard Socradies is doing should be doing just that but where are they?

  6. BartB says

    One can only hope that King’s genius idea of cutting the DOJ budget would pick up steam with the rest of the newly elected dimwits and some of the tried and true dimwits (calling Michelle Bachmann, et al). It would be rather joyous to bring that up next election time because a) that’s something that only plays to the marginal idiots in the tea party and pisses off the general public as a waste of time, b) it would die in the Senate, and c) hey you asshat Stevie King, where are all those jobs you’ve been promising everyone, aren’t you supposed to be focused on that and only that????

    Steve King would be scary if he weren’t so genuinely stupid and grossly shallow.

  7. Joe in CT says

    “he has a penis for a nose.”

    Hey, let’s not defame the penis, unless you’re saying it grows bigger with every lie, just like Pinocchio’s nose.

  8. Bob says

    Oh my, Achoo – you’re right! I guess then when he’s called a f**kface, it’s not just a figure of speech!!

  9. Doug Chgo says

    @David E: My theory is that there’s a priest and/or a scoutmaster in his past, rather than a rentboy in his present. I think something terrible happened to him when he was an altar boy and/or a cub scout — that’s the exposure I’d work toward finding.

  10. Bob R says

    Do any of these overpaid wankers in the GOP know anything about government and doing their jobs? The only thing they seem capable of is locking step and saying no. They don’t know the Constitution, about the separation of powers and things they should have learned in a fundamental high school civics class. Do they even know how a bill becomes law?

    In the private business world they’d be fired for utter incompetence. What a grand confederacy of absolute dunces have set up house keeping in DC.

  11. Jim says

    King’s district is likely to be combined with another western Iowa district during the redistricting process. So is 2012 he may have to fight in the primaries first before he can run for reelection. Any Iowans on here need to get mobilized.