1. notacr8zyazn8tv says

    “The whole conservative thing is just be yourself, be an individual and just don’t be someone you’re not.”
    Well by that definition I guess he really isn’t conservative since he doesn’t like some people for being themselves. Can you say HYPOCRITE!

  2. Ray says

    As someone who internalized a lot of homophobia in having grown up in the catholic schooling system, it kind of breaks my heart to see this kind of interview. He’s being sincere; I remember thinking like that, but he must be so unhappy with himself and where he’s at in life. If only he could understand the contradictions in his own logic.

  3. Patrick says

    Its such a pleasure to see hypocrisy cones in all shapes, sizes, colors, creeds, and sexualities. If this is the general view of the Conservative gay groups, which seems to be at least an underlying sentiment, then they are no better than school bullies or the “men” who beat, rape and tie gay men to fences, leaving them for dead. Homophobia isn’t limited to straight people and its people like this nutter who propogate the hate, even from within the very group he “represents “.

  4. alex dilucca says

    This kid is dumb to say this on camera, or maybe drunk, but c’mon, how many of us, or people we know, haven’t said something like this, at some point in our lives? It’s immature, but it’s not fair to somehow slander gay-cons with this twink’s insecurities.

  5. patrick nyc says

    “I don’t really like gay people that much. Gay people frustrate me, the stereotypical gay people, it frustrates me…someone who puts on a total act. I understand that some guys are feminine, which is fine. But some guys, at some point, are normal, straight-acting, whatever and the next minute they’re jumping up and down.”

    Is he talking about Tom Cruise on Oprah’s couch?

    Talk about a group of self hating, clueless people.

  6. Rovex says

    Well he is an ass for wanting Palin to run and being in GOProud, but i think we have all seen guys who put on the camp and there are a lot of younger gay guys who think thats how they are supposed to act because of media and peer pressure.

    Some gay men dont like camp men, its not homophobic, its just their taste. Personally i find it somewhat annoying and really boring, if its over the top, and fake.

  7. Tyler says

    Bro doesn’t sound straight. His facebook porfile also shows him donning pastels and abercrombie shirts that are a bit too small.


  8. Brian says

    I guess he wants gay people who do like to jump up and down to not be themselves and stop it. The tragic irony here is that he epitomizes the bitchy and judgmental gay stereotype! Also, Sarah Palin is not a “middle American!” She is from Alaska, the state where they want rape victims to pay for their own rape kits. Lastly, conservatism is not about individuality and being yourself. If it were, GOProud would not have scared off so many of the conservative heavy hitters that normally attend the conference and it would not have attracted you, Mister “I Don’t Like Gay People” Flaming Pants!

  9. says

    You know, when I was young, I used to think that gay people were, on the whole, smarter and more thoughtful than the general populace. But now I realize that some gay people are really, really stupid. And that makes me sad.

  10. woodroad34d says

    What does he think about hyper-masculine men–the male impersonators (both gay and straight)? They also have their costumes and out of the mainstream behaviors, too. BTW, I guess he conveniently forgets that there are also effeminate, fopish straight men as well.

    No wonder this guy is all f*cked up if Sarah Palin reminds him of his mom.

  11. Craig says

    Hey! You missed the part where he says he doesn’t even know that he is gay, he just has sex fantasies about Ronald Reagan and him rolling naked in piles of cash. That’s normal, right? Chirp.

  12. bwana says

    I wish I had a dollar for every time I said to my self or someone else, “Gays like THAT give gays like me a bad name.” As you grow up and as the homophobia dies down within yourself hopefully that phrase slips away quietly. I don’t know too many who haven’t at some point thought the same thing. But for him to say that the conservative movement embraces and encourages diversity and individuality—that’s just plain ignorant. He just wants to be in the Club. I thought the Log Cabin boys were beating their collective heads up against the wall but Goproud members are setting the new standard.

  13. romeo says

    I think he’s trying to make a point about they way some guys act, and carry on, which many of us would agree with. I mean, how many snarky comments hit these boards about “The A-List” ? Too bad he’s so lousy at expressing himself. And, of course, he’s a total snob and acting like what he’s criticizing. LOL I can’t see getting all bent about his comments. Twenty-two is young, but he’s right about at the point where he should be getting a clue.

  14. Dastius Krazitauc says

    “No wonder this guy is all f*cked up if Sarah Palin reminds him of his mom.”

    Excellent point. I wonder if Sharron “Man Up” Angle reminds him of his mom too. Someone has really done a number on him. Sad to see a gay man saying he doesn’t like “gay people” and claiming people should be themselves, all while making a rigid effort to keep those hands of his tethered to gravity. Free them, Matt. They want to flutter and fly!

  15. Tom says

    What do you expect with from a weak-minded child hanging around a convention of identity-confused circus clowns? Just escort him to the ‘Big Top’ already.

  16. steve says

    So like, um, gay people are, like, sooo nelly and stuff, it just totally grosses me out….his ad on Manhunt reads: GWM for GWM, masc straight-acting only.

    What an ignorant, closeted queen.

  17. Bob R says

    When I was in my twenties, fresh out of 4 years in the military and just entering college, I thought very much as Hissey does. He’s only 22, he’s not very worldly and has not experienced much of life’s lessons. Hissey has a lot to learn, and like many of us, if not all of us, we’ve changed tremendously through the years. I think and feel a whole lot differently today, in my sixties, than I did in my early twenties. Hell, even in my late twenties, I had changed my world view. A lot.

    Hopefully, Mr. Hissey will grow as a result of his experiences and life’s lessons as we all, I’m sure, have. He may end up looking back and thinking, “Wow, was I ever naive and shallow.”

    Truthfully, I can remember expressing the same thoughts about my fellow gays as Mr. Hissey, when I was around his age. Mr. Hissey has a lot of life yet to experience and a lot of very hard lessons to learn. I could be wrong, but in 20 years (maybe more, most likely less), I think Mr. Hissey will look at life and see his gay brothers and sisters entirely differently. He may even find himself no longer a conservative, but very much a progressive. Or even, gasp, a socialist. I know I have.

    So, I’m willing to wait and see if Mr. Hissey’s opinions change once he experiences the real world and matures a little. He’s still young and very foolish.

  18. ichabod says

    “Hissey also wants Sarah Palin to run for president in 2012 because she reminds him of his mom.”

    Well, really, what more can one add here?

  19. JesryPo says

    If by TR you mean Teddy Roosevelt, then I hate to break it to you, Queen, but he went to Harvard… Anyway, what has a century of Harvard (or Yale, or Princeton) educated presidents gotten us, Mr. Hissey? Unimagined prosperity, for one. Unprecedented global reach for another. The list goes on.

    Conservatives LOVE to talk about how awful the American government is and always has been (at least since the era of Michelle Bachman’s civil-rights-obsessed Founding Fathers) but also can’t get enough of jingoistically saying that the U.S. is the greatest nation on earth and without fault.

    Well, what’s it going to be, boy?

  20. Chitown Kev says

    LOL, now that this has gone viral on at least 2 gay blogs, Miss Hissey won’t get laid anytime soon or…

    …if she does get laid, I hope it’s the meanest dom that she’s ever had (and you know she’s had a few).

    Now I’ll just sit back and enjoy the next 150 comments, LOL

  21. says

    His mother shoots animals from helicopters and gets paid bucket loads of money to make inane, incomprehensible comments on TV? Wow.

    This video could be used to illustrate the word “delusional.” The thing he hates most about gay people is exactly how he reads to straight people, yet he believes (or is trying awfully hard to) that he’s somehow passing for quote-unquote normal, and straight. Silly, and sad. Hopefully he’ll grow out of his self-loathing, but only if he gets away from the GOProud-CPAC sisterhood.

  22. says

    These people are FREAKS and this Matt Hissey cow is so uncomfortable with himself he looks like the BIGGEST freak of them all. What a disgustingly pathetic bunch.

  23. Dawgeral says

    “I hate myself sooo much that I (hair flip)want to tell you all!” Great, Mary, tell us all (snore) about it. Guess what? We hate you even more, sugar.

  24. Zach says

    “I mean, how many snarky comments hit these boards about “The A-List”

    For my part, I have a problem with superficiality and shallow materialism, not with men who are stereotypically thought of as femme. I can’t relate to someone who thinks the end purpose of life is to shop, shop, shop, or gossip with girls about meaningless crap. But guess what – not all femme gay men are like that.

    And as someone already pointed out, it’s not as if things are that better on the other side of the spectrum. Hyper-masculinity is a parody of stereotypical straight male behaviour, and it’s incredibly insulting to straight males, since it assumes they’re all dumbass sociopathic jocks.

    If there is one thing that unites self-obsessed femme and butch gays, it’s their arrogance in assuming everyone else must secretly be exactly like them, and it’s their intolerance that precludes them from acknowledging valued differences.

  25. Chris says

    Irony alert: effeminate gay man criticizes effeminate gay men for being effeminate. I’d still do him, but I’d have to spank him a few times for being a naught, naughty boy.

  26. The_Fixer says

    “Girlfriend smells like lube and regret.”

    Priceless, Milkman.

    Seriously, this guy is gonna regret his A-holishness a few years from now. I see a young Ken Melman here. All we have to do is wait for the leaked pix and Grindr profile in 3…2…1.

  27. sfpromo says

    Hissey needs to go through deprogramming. Maybe he’ll find out he needs to get on his knees and thank those flaming queens who paved the way for him to be able to use the words gay and conservative.

  28. ggreen says

    That entire clip was a parade of bad 1980s hairstyles and purses falling from mouths. Tell the truth folks I’m greedy, hateful and more than likely got my money from family who didn’t earn it either. They either got there first, stole it from some one else or bribed the government to get it but we are not welfare queens we are thieves.

  29. JT says

    Dunno whats more disturbing, his obvious need to try and stay a member of the country club by acting as if all other gays that arent as ‘butch” (chokes) as him are somehow “less than”, of the number of apologists commenting here saying “give him a break”. Its one thing to have be young and have some uneducated opinions as many of us had, its quite another to go to an organization that crystalizes itself around those very biased and hateful ideals. This boy…whom should be shown a playback of hsi talking so he can see what a “Fem” talks like, needs a reality check. He is still a “Fag” as far as Conservatives are concerned.

  30. Tom says

    He like Sarah “WHORE” Palin to run for President cause she reminds him of his mom!!??

  31. Phil says

    Hissey? Will someone please tie his hands to his belt so that they don’t flutter around in the air so wildly?

  32. sugarrhill says

    Imagine the outrage if this kid were of color. I’m sure there wouldn’t be as many coming to his defense. They’d blame it on his culture, upbringing, savage nature, etc. Essentially, stop blaming this kid’s views on his age. He’s a dumbass at any age.

  33. fred says

    I will agree on one point. The bizarre affected behavior I observe when I happen to enter a gay establishment is annoying and depressing. It goes beyond effeminacy and camp into a kind of monolithic acceptance of crass superficiality and vulgar whorishness. Unfortunately, these people have a stranglehold on gay culture and have been allowed to pass down their affectations generation to generation.

  34. Sean says

    WOW….conservative is about being who you are? So you’re a hateful little bigot? That’s great, have a nice day!

  35. anon says

    He sounds like 70% of all the personals I’ve read over the years. I don’t think you can really be bitter at 22, unless you are short, fat or bald.

  36. Sean says

    This boy is so fem…it’s funny how the people who say they are “straight acting” and are “frustrated” are the biggest queens themselves. How this girl held in her laughter I have no idea! But she helped him dig a ditch! His parents must have done a number on him and this is the only way to make Mommy and Daddy happy.

  37. Yeek says

    I think what he’s trying to say isn’t quite as bad as what actually comes out of his mouth, but it’s terribly unfortunate all the same. I remember feeling the same way at his age, when I was so desperate to be Mr. Tough Guy. Ugggh. I got over it, and I hope he does.

    Sure, there are some elements of “stereotypical gayness” that are less than worthless (Diva tantrums, cruel gossip, etc.) and it’s unfortunate to see some people embrace them. On the flip side, this young man may one day find that some femme guys are honorable and kind and just plain awesome people. And some butch guys who could pass for a traditional straight dude are weak, cruel, and a disgrace to humanity.

  38. truthteller says

    This guys is out trying to influence people and make policy towards gay people so he doesn’t get a pass from me.

    He is queeny! That’s why he feels masculinity belongs to heterosexuals only and anyone gay person who is masculine is acting; straight-acting! Do heterosexuals act or are they just being themselves?

    It must be reassuring to him and all the GOPrick members to be surrounded by people who loathe them, since he is obviously full of self-loathing and in an environment he is comfortable in.

    I feel sorry for him but not enough to allow him to harm gay people.

  39. GAYLY says

    I am surprised he even made it in this video. I don’t think he either speaks for the organization or represents their viewpoint. His inclusion is suspect.
    On Matt: His viewpoint may be myopic and even hypocritical. But, I am more alarmed by the hypocritical responses posted here. You advocate for tolerance and then extend none. So in your calling him out a hypocrite, you have become on yourself. That makes you doubly wrong. Try practicing some tolerance and you will be blessed with some in return. Moreover, all you have to do is log on to any gay matching site to find a bevy of gays saying the same onerous crap. Many of them died-in-the-wool liberals. Now, who’s the hypocrite?

  40. TANK says

    Is he trying to be “mr. tough guy”. He’s extremely effeminate. He lisps, for chrissakes. There is nothing “tough” about this swish…and that’s what he is: a total swish. Now there wouldn’t be anything wrong with that if he weren’t a massive hypocrite, condemning nelly “boys” like himself for being effeminate.


    For many of us, masculinity isn’t an act. I don’t lisp or mince…and it’s not an effort to supress those urges because they don’t exist. I don’t like musicals, pop or lady gaga, or any of that disposable junk culture…I don’t “OMG,” even in a text. Acting is disgusting no matter if it’s “straight acting” or “gay acting”…the last self identified straight acting guy I spoke with sounded like a twelve year old girl…and the last effeminate homosexual I spoke with sounded like a seventy year old chain smoking grandma. It’s ugly out there.

  41. excy says

    So funny, so sad. I can’t wait for Andy Sandberg’s version of this Matt Hissey interview on Saturday Night Live.

  42. bryan says

    OMG!!!! The Gay Media and social groups are going to put a wooping on this queens ass. I went on Facebook and his page is already down..haha

    People he knows will start throwing him under the bus..

    Let the Games Begin…..

  43. GAYLY says

    Whoa! So many mean girl (hateful) and anti-white (racist) comments. This is certainly constructive dialogue (irony).

  44. says

    I find it ironic that he complains about those gays who put on an act, only to then say he prefers straight ACTing gays.

    I’ve always hated this argument because in my opinion, the people who are really pushing acceptance are the ones who you can tell are gay from 40 feet away, not GOProud apologists who try and make concessions thinking that will somehow advance any level of equality.

  45. Francis says

    No, he does say it Gayly. He says that gay people frustrate him, and that “some men act NORMAL AND STRAIGHT ACTING” and then, when they actually do STOP acting, are true to themselves, which is more fem. So, he’s basically saying he does not feel apart of the gay community because of an ignorant view of what gay people are about, which are all flag bearing dress wearing lisping queens. And he thinks that acting straight is how a gay person is SUPPOSED to act. More of the misogynistic men should be men B.S. He’s all kinds of warped mentally.

    And yeah, the fact he’s 22 and is this insane is alarming, but just because the younger generation these days is generally more enlightened, doesn’t mean there aren’t crazies. This kid was ambushed by anti-conservative beliefs at an early age and it’s clearly created him into what we see here. Hopefully when he gets older he realizes the errors of his ways.

  46. Brad says

    If you look, you can find nuts anywhere. There are just as many loonies on the left. Ever read any of the blogs coming out of San Francisco?

  47. says

    He can try to serve up all the “conservative Republican realness” he wants, but he still looks like Nick Swardson (who played Terry the male prostitute on Reno 911).

  48. gbc says

    Umm, I don’t see what’s wrong with this guy. Seriously, why WOULDN’T you want to be like everybody else? If you change yourself to act like someone who’s not like everybody else, then that’s retarded. That is not how you have fun

  49. Dali says

    “since T.R in like, 1913″…ummmm…I’m quite sure Theodore Roosevelt was not President in 1913. I know that and I’m not even American. Republicans are pathetic! Please, my friends, don’t make that mistake again in 2012.

  50. GAYLY says

    @Francis: You might be right. At first, I thought his issue was people in the community frontin’ and not being genuine. Regardless, why does everyone care so much. He is a young, confused, and slightly self-loathing gay man. Shocker! Alert the media. Oops…too late.
    I just take issue with everybody jumping on him with hypocritical superiority. All the while, employing racist, sexist, and often homophobic rhetoric. Many of the responses to his comments have been equally if not more repugnant. AND, extremely pejorative. We whine for acceptance and give none. Then we call someone out for not being accepting. THAT is hypocritical. I don agree with his opinions. I agree that his view is self-loathing. But, I’m not sure about the hypocritical part. In the end, I wish people would cut him some slack. I’m not even sure why he ended up in this video. He sounded drunk and is obviously not a spokesperson and/or representative of the organization. Now, everyone is jumping on this hate Matt Hissy bandwagon when what he really needs (what we all really need) is a healthy dose of acceptance.

  51. Francis says

    GBC, you basically are saying you live your life vicariously through others and being dictated to think and act a certain way. Sometimes, it’s not all about acting a specific way to fit in with people who don’t like you regardless, or fitting in whatsoever. It’s about doing you and being you. Being fake is not fun, GBC. It’s not real, the praises you get from the people you so desperately try to fit in with. Being fake is not a healthy way to live. If you don’t see anything wrong in what he’s saying, I guess you are as brainwashed and fake as he is.

  52. Larry says

    I’d like to go beyond what Matt said and focus on some of the names the other speakers mentioned as the candidates they’d want for the Republican nominee in 2012. Mitch Daniels and especially Mike Pence are so virulently anti-gay (the woman who called Pence “not as friendly” doesn’t know what she’s talking about) that again, I just can’t get how you can support a candidate who out and out promises to withhold or take away your rights. I know the Dems haven’t been much better, but seriously? That, to me, is more troubling than anything.

  53. Francis says

    He’s a hypocrite because he says he thinks straight acting men are normal and basically how a gay person is supposed to act or how gay people act *until* they change and become in his eyes, flaming caricatures. He condemns fem gays or the more flamboyant gays for acting, but then says he praises (and supposedly from his Manhunt, is only attracted to) “straight acting” gay men. He’s accepts acting as long as it fits his convoluted and repressed mentality.

  54. Francis says

    Matt Hissey is anti marriage for same-sex couples, says he feels no part of the gay community, that racial diversity is not real diversity and that America should revolve around small government and fiscal conservatism, with social harmony. You know, the things that most people who wear the conservative label do not represent these days.

  55. Francis says

    Gayly, I agree with much of what you said. I think people care because………well, it’s shocking. It’s shocking to see someone this clueless and unaware of just how hypocritical and self-loathing they are. I’m basically his age, and personally, I had to take a step back after watching the video. I agree that what Matt mostly needs is some love and guidance, not people attacking him. He already feels basically he’s the black sheep of the gay community, he says he feels no connection towards us. I can understand where he’s coming from. Personally, I don’t like and don’t engage in the attacks on him being a conservative, or being a preppy white college kid who seems to be a bit on the fem side himself. No, because that’s not the issue here. And here is where I don’t agree with you. No, you can’t cut him slack here. You cannot cut these types of individuals slack. Yes, you can, you know, not hate them or go out of your way to disassociate with them, but that does NOT mean you ignore the realities of their words, of their actions, and the actions of who they associate with.

    I try never to lump all conservatives as anti-gay, since that isn’t the case. I definitely try not making any “________ is such a lisping queen ha ha ha” comments, as that’s just crass and not helping anything. But, when someone is saying ridiculous things, and especially when those things get out in the public sphere, those people need to be called out on their behavior. Wrong is wrong, and this kid is way, way off base. There are reasons why he feels the way he does but no excuses. Instead of just treating him like a leaper I would instead try to enlighten him and educate him and hopefully break through his repressed mentality. But just throwing your hands up and saying whatever isn’t the answer.

  56. GAYLY says

    @Francis: Are you Matt Hissy? And how do you know he’s not condemning them for “acting straight”? He’s actually condemning them for acting (regardless of in what way). I agree that your interpretation is probably the correct one, but it is still an assumption that you have made and used along with a joke about his (supposed) Manhunt profile to build a case against him – some young (drunk?) shmo who is need of some love and support. Congratulations. You demonstrate exactly the kind of acceptance and tolerance we need in the community and expect others to give us. All this does not make him a hypocrite. It makes you one. It may make him an idiot. But, a hypocrite? No.
    I’ll be leaving Salem now.

  57. DC87 says

    Having met the kid over the last few days (yes I was at CPAC and am an out gay Republican) he is a genuinely good kid, he just has some growing up to do. He’s just a college student, I remember when I was in school (all of 2 years ago) I would have said the exact same thing. I’ve been in a big city for two years, and have grown leaps and bounds in that time in terms of becoming comfortable with my sexuality. I am only saying y’all who have jumped down his throat should really take a look in the mirror.

    There are some pretty nasty comments on here, I guess everyone on here came out at 14 and joined HRC on their 16th bday. For the record, I came out when I was 15th and only started being comfortable with it about three years ago.

    This will most likely be a learning moment for this kid.

  58. GAYLY says

    @David: Yes. That is his opener. Which, I think he later clarifies to mean “frustrated by” gay people. And, yes. I claim that “you” (not you per se but some of the negative detractors) are hypocritical. But, not for disagreeing with him. Or, even, for criticizing him.

  59. gbc says

    @FRANCIS I was being sarcastic, actually. I don’t think it’s a good idea to be like everybody else. I just meant that that would be incredibly boring. I think that everyone should be who they are and be different and that’s much better than being the same person as everyone else

  60. walter says

    you now know what the problem with goproud is they hate themselves. they are gay and don’t want that. this man should find himself a woman and put himself into a closet and have sex in rest rooms.

  61. Danny says

    This would be like the NAACP not liking black people if they are too ghetto.

    The term ‘he’s a mess’ applies here

  62. sparks says

    Oh my, the Hypocrisy is strong with this one, Master Yoda.

    If he wasn’t openly gay he’d definitely have political potential within the Republican party.

  63. Francis says

    Gayly, his exact words were “I don’t really like gay people. Gay people frustrate me. Stereotypical gay people frustrate me. Someone who puts on a total act.”

    THEN he added:

    “But some men at some point are NORMAL, STRAIGHT ACTING and the next minute they are jumping up and down.”

    And why did I bring up his manhunt? Simple. Because he says he’s not about acting and is about keeping it real, and accepting, yet, he only likes straight acting men as a mate? Is being yourself and an individual also mean you condemn people who are more flamboyant? He only thinks straight acting men are normal? Those are his own words. Straight acting gay men=normal men. Let’s not sugarcoat the situation here. He says he feels no part of the “so-called gay community”, per his own words. Because, obviously, he thinks the gay community is made up of men he doesn’t like, more fem, more flamboyant, gay men. Call it for what it is.

    How does Matt know that guys who are more Johnny Weir than Gareth Thomas, are acting? Why is HE making that assumption? Why is he NOT condemning “straight-acting” gay men for acting? Instead, he believes that’s the normal way to act. And he’s attracted to and associates himself only with straight acting gay men, it appears. Classic case of talking out of both sides of the mouth. I’m not making assumptions, he’s said these things. He is a hypocrite, but he’s a hypocrite because he’s self-loathing. I’m not being hypocritical in pointing out his own words.

    Yes, he needs love and support, more than anything else, at this time. Hopefully he learns from this and realizes his mistakes. His being a conservative isn’t the issue. But, let’s stop making excuses left and right for this man’s words. He said what he said, he feels what he feels, and there isn’t any point in trying to change that or deny it.

  64. Francis says

    DC87, I agree that he is just a college kid, and hopefully as he gets older, he becomes more comfortable in his own skin and becomes more enlightened. He may not be a bad kid but he is ignorant and said things that are in no uncertain terms, anti-gay. One can understand what or why he said what he said, but not excuse it. I can understand WHY he would feel the way he does and why he’s seemingly unaware and potentially clueless of maybe why what he has said he is offensive. But, ultimately, he said what he said, which can’t be ignored. Honestly, this kid needs someone to guide him and help him, because self-loathing this severe that goes unchecked usually doesn’t end up positively unless that person has positive reinforcement.

  65. Ben says

    Look…. His comment was semi-coherent and the fact he kept saying “like” made him sound like a dumb teenager…. And he contradicted himself several times… Such as “Just be yourself” following “I like straight ACTING gays”….

    BUT –

    The message underneath his rambling he was trying to get across was NOT homophobia. He basically said he hates queens. Lots of gay men hate queens. Not because they are feminine, but because they are self-absorbed, ditzy, bitchy, bimbos with hideous personalities.

    Not liking certain types of gay people is not homophobia. I don’t hang out with drag queen/girly gays, purely because they tend to have really awful, bitchy, obnoxious personalities, who like to make fun of how people look and only talk about gaga.

    That is all this guy’s message was.

  66. Phil says

    @DC87: Since you say you know Matt from CPAC, you might tell him that healthy debate among gay or straight conservatives and gay or straight liberals about ISSUES is fine. But Matt should have known that he was embarrassing himself by ridiculing gay men that he thinks are too fem, and he should have know this in middle school. I’ll give him a pass on the lisp, but the fluttery hands push his criticism into the realm of the absurd. That’s not being mean. Maybe he is a good kid and well-meaning, as you say, but somebody’s got to tell him.

  67. says

    “There are some pretty nasty comments on here, I guess everyone on here came out at 14 and joined HRC on their 16th bday.”

    Actually I DID come out when I was 14. But it was 1961, so I didn’t get to join the Gay Activists Alliance of New York until 8 years later in 1969, right after something you may have heard of called “Stonewall.”

  68. Bakeley says

    I don’t think it’s inherently anti-gay to dislike effeminate behavior because not all gay men are effeminate. It’s kind of reductive, and anti-individualist, to assume that effeminate=gay. But I do think his feelings are indicative of the kind of judgmentalism that is rife in groups such as his. That to him, effeminate=bad is what troubles me, because I don’t think he’s the only conservative who has that view. His views may even be self-hating, although we can’t know because we don’t know his heart. But I’ve also seen some judgmentalism on Towleroad — a fair number of commenters here seem sure this is a closeted gay man. He isn’t. He’s openly gay — just conservative. Also interviewed last year at the links below:

  69. TANK says

    DE is the mostest importantest gay rights advocate and activist in forever and ever…which explains a lot about our current legal status, dontcha think?

  70. mcNnyc says

    Mirror, Mirror on the wall….

    Missey Hissey herself is so OTT with her frosted hair I feel sorry for her and her bank account.

    Now will someone please buy her a mirror.

  71. Francis says

    Making assumptions about a persons’ entire being solely because they are possible more masculine, a twink, flamboyantly fem, a conservative etc. is as ignorant as this kids’ statements are. Why do people feel such a need to create distinctions? I just don’t understand it. Gay and straight, I absolutely loathe it so much. All of this UNDESERVED sense of entitlement and haughtiness, I don’t like _________ because they are suck and I’m so great. It’s so immature and high school. Also, while it isn’t anti-gay to think effeminate=gay necessarily, Matt’s words basically made that distinction. That he doesn’t fit in (his own words) the gay community because gay community=effeminate lisping flaming queens. He may not be self-loathing, although I think he is to some extent, but more than anything, he has a pretty deluded sense of reality.

  72. Francis says

    This BS with “I’m a jock” “I’m a cheerleader” I’m a masculine gay” “I’m fem” “I only date white muscular guys because that’s all that’s hot” “I’m part of the popular click” “I’m totally goth” “I hate liberals” “Conservatism is a mental disorder” blah blah blah, makes me want to pull my hair out. Why can’t people just say “Hey, I’m ___________ (your name).” Why is there this need to divide and conquer? Where is the togetherness? Why are people so quick to create so many distinctions, instead of just being yourself, and not feeling some need to be something? And fitting that standard of what that being is? And judging people harshly who aren’t like you? It’s so, so childish in every way. I’m only 21 though, I guess I’m naive in thinking things were ever different. But this kid and many of those who are defending him, and some of those attacking him, are just acting so pathetically. We aren’t going anywhere without togetherness.

  73. Phil says

    It’s official. Matt Hissey has gone viral. Almost 4,000 hits on YouTube in one day. I’m almost certain the Comedy Central or SNL will pick up on this. The reasons?

    1. His naturally light brown hair has light blond frosting from here to hell and back.

    2. Not just the lisp. He’s actually affecting a Valley Girl accent, complete with a couple of head bounces.

    3. His hands flutter like birds, or actually like a good female flamenco dancer.

    Maybe he thinks that macho guys, whether gay, bi or straight, find all of this attractive, and he may very well be right. Matt may actually be very shrewd and may have no problem finding some tough guy who wants to nail him into the floor.

  74. TANK says

    I think that a lot of you self-righteous, bitter, pathetic, aging queens that just sit around all day and post meaningless little comments on stupid websites such as this one are really being a bit disingenuous in your criticism of this guy. Yeah, he’s an idiot, but I think that most of you would bang him till the cows came home if you were given the chance… hey, just sayin’.

  75. Clifw says

    I assume that everyone ripping this kid has also deleted “str8 acting for same” from their online profiles?

  76. Plaintom says

    This video clip is like a Rorschach Test. The varied reactions are fascinating. I actually feel sorry for the young Hissey, his 15 minutes of fame are going to be very uncomfortable. I am so glad the foolish and offensive things I said at age 22 are not immortalized on the net.

  77. Danny says

    Watching that video–omfg..what a horrible group of people.

    And Hissey–jeezus…wonder if he thinks his “show-tune-queen” shtick is “straight-acting.”

  78. Phil says

    @Plaintom I’m not sure that the attention he’s getting will be uncomfortable at all. He’s all frosted hair and ingenue facial expressions and way feminine, but he’s consciously pulling it off in what he knows is an attractive way, and he’s got the “pretty” good looks to do it. He knows exactly what he’s doing, and I think he’ll be a smashing success at it. Dumb like a fox.

  79. nyrkr says

    Hard to tell, but seems to me from the clip he is probably pretty soft in the middle needs some serious core work and a low carb diet; that prep school haircut has to go, and learn how to tie a tie properly; will probably have a double chin by the time he is 30 and a really annoying voice. In the “bang, kill, marry” game on Archer, he’s a kill.

  80. Daniel says

    I think Towleroad and most of you are misrepresenting what Matt said. Or at least, you’re putting it in the most unfavorable light possible. Listen to the whole thing. It is not nearly as bad as all of you are making it out to be. I agree he has some polishing to do if he wants to be giving statemnts to the media. I also think he may have some issues to wrap his head around. But the level of vilifying on this blog seems to be a witch hunt against gay conservatives. Which only validates a lot of what they say about the gay left, the gay bloggosphere and the liberal media.

  81. Redebbm says

    I actually feel bad for him, he probably grew up with no sense of community, and with the feeling that “different” is “bad” and now as a result we frustrate him. Unfortunately for him I really could care less about how much I frustrate him, if you can’t deal with most Gay men, your not ready to take on the world. I do have to say he is only 22, he still has A LOT to learn. Don’t be to hard on him simply, Let him learn. He’s only making it harder for himself.

    On GOProud, I can’t stand this group precisely because of Matt. It isn’t about being proud of being LGBT, it’s about being proud of conservatism and the weird 1950s dream they have which doesn’t exist. So that begs the question, why should LGBT join GOProud? what unhappy with Democrats? Who cares, I loathe most Democrats who are no better than their Republican Counterparts, but that is no reason to be apart of a group that clearly only cares about money, low taxes to gain more money, and self denial. No Thank You.

  82. Nicole says

    “The whole conservative thing is just be yourself, be an individual and just don’t be someone you’re not. If someone does or does not accept you, that’s fine but don’t change who you are to look different to others.”

    He just made the argument for personal autonomy. Which is the a basic and pure LIBERAL concept. Not conservative. He clearly has no idea what he is saying and years from now will realize it makes no sense and is only hurting himself. It’s actually quite sad.

  83. shannon says

    1. WHO CARES? he will be caught in a pic with a big stiff one in his mouth soon….look at him….he look “gay”
    2. Flaming nelly queens irritate to the hell out of most people…admit it…

  84. GG says

    Hopefully he’ll end up in a place where he can embrace who he really is. I remember being pretty assimilationist in college and thinking of rainbow flags as distasteful. This is when I was the same age as Hissey. But just three years later I’ve fully embraced all the wonderful facets of gayness that I encounter in my daily San Francisco life. Everything from leather and bears to rainbows and glitter. When I was in college I was surrounded by boring straight people and I felt like I had to fit in with them. Now I’m in a better place that doesn’t put any pressure on me to conform, and as a result I was able to overcome my internalized homophobia. I hope that Hissey is just surrounded by boring conservatives right now, and once he’s in a place that will accept him for who he is, he’ll be able to overcome his internalized homophobia too.

  85. Drew says

    Why is it okay for gay men to bash on fem gays? Why is that tolerated in our community? I’m a fem gay who’s had to live hell on earth for it. I never chose to be feminine, I’m not even aware of it, and I’ve been the way I am since I was a child. I’m a nice guy, definitely can tell I’m gay, but I’m one of the most kind poeple you could ever meet. The hate I’ve experienced from GAYS for my mannerisms has been quite overwhelming. I’ve been brought to tears often by my saddeness due to the reaction I get by gays who from my experiences often call fem gays out like me to feel better about themselves. I don’t get it. Seriously. It’s so unwarranted.

  86. SteveATL says

    Actually, it IS anti gay tohate on fem gays. There ae a good portion of our gay brothers who are either feminine, or have dominant fem traits. To suggest otherwise, or boldly say gay men who are fem (slightly or not) are a small minority is as DELUDED as this fem hissey kid. They are out there. To be brazen enough to brush off or have disdain for a FACTUAL portion of our population based on how they act is absolutely laced with homophobia. Why sugar coat it? Gay men who go out of their way to voice their disdain toward fem gay men always come with a bagage of issues.

    To those of you who argue, “it’s not the FEM gays…it’s the bitchy, catty, judgmental gays”…..well, then why not say you disapprove of bitchy, catty, judgmental gays? why lump all fem gays in that box when you KNOW fully well there’s just as many of you masculine gays who are complete utter douchebags as there are fem gays who are terrific people. I am masculine as it gets but I see the position other masculine gay men are putting fem gays in and it’s about as ugly, pathetic, and hateful than the biggest hate monger out there, and worse, you other masc gays know exactly what you’re doing when you ostrasize fem gays and in some sick way, you get a cheap thrill from it. It’s your own issues you need to confront, not the issues of any unassuming fem gay living his life.

  87. KC says

    If you’re truly masculine, you wouldn’t fixate on how others act.

    If you’re truly masculine, you wouldn’t comment, compare, or obsess over fey gays.

    If you’re truly masculine, you wouldn’t need to announce it.

    Bottom line is, a great deal of gay men have an unhealthy fixation over masculinity due to their upbringings. Daddy constantly beat it across their heads not to be gay, and now in adulthood they’ve come to terms with being gay, but Daddy’s voice still lingers on, so best they can do is at the very least not come across “gay” and be as passable as possible. It has little to do with what they say and everything to do with a complex. To which they take out on feminine gays to feel validated.

    Ex professional rugby player and firefighter of 15 years who is comfrotable enough in my own skin to allow others just be in theirs.

  88. Brian B. says

    Gay conservatives/Republicans deserve no respect whatsoever. It is bad enough to believe in an ideology of selfishness, bigotry, and ignorance but to apply that in a self-loathing way to your own kind is disgusting.

    If they want some respect and dignity, it starts with themselves.

  89. Real Talk says

    I love how the few defending him write “BUT guys, wait…he’s not saying he hates all guys, JUST THE FEM ONES”………..OH!!!!!!!!!!!! well in THAT case, he’s perfectly rational, eh?

    Why don’t all you “straight acting” homos who are too pussy to be identified as gay do us all a favor and join the ex gay conversion program already? Mislead a woman, skrew your pastor, have children, lie to everyone and be as masculine and straight as you desire.

    anyone defending this creep is one effed up individual with some serious self hating, internalized homophobia. don’t be mad at fem gays for being man enough to be themselves.

  90. phillip says

    1. He’s as much a “flamer” as I’ve seen.
    2. Don’t throw stones dear…your “Valley Girl” speech and flailing hands speak belie all you SAY you oppose. LOOK IN THE MIRROR “HISSEY”

  91. TANK says

    “I think that a lot of you self-righteous, bitter, pathetic, aging queens that just sit around all day and post meaningless little comments on stupid websites such as this one are really being a bit disingenuous in your criticism of this guy. Yeah, he’s an idiot, but I think that most of you would bang him till the cows came home if you were given the chance… hey, just sayin’.”

    Hey you, guy posting under TANK…you’re a total doucher, and I hope you die of aids…LOL! Anyway, you’re gonna die one day, and on that day…it’ll likely be very, very good for everyone who knows you….because you’re a doucher.

  92. Rovex says

    There are some very sensitive queens here. Someone doesnt like fem and they are anti-gay.. In itself its shallow and narrow-minded to assume gay means fem and im not having a go at this misguided Mr Hissey here either, but the queeny over sensitive types on here.

    Its perfectly possible to be just an average acting male (ACTING as in ‘having the actions of’, not as in ‘pretending’ for those that don’t understand English).

    Is it so wrong that a gay man isn’t attracted to flamers and their culture? Above a certain threshold camp annoys me. I don’t like being called ‘she’, which I consider as homophobic as ‘fag’, I don’t like pop culture and I dislike female clothes and men in them. It doesn’t mean I think its inferior, I just don’t like it. It also doesnt mean im ‘hypermasculine’ or ‘pretending’

  93. markpkessinger says

    There are certainly gay people young and old who share Mr. Hissey’s attitude. But I think it is probably more common among younger gay people who have still not come into the full confidence of their adult identity. I suspect this is partly what is going on with the 22 year-old Mr. Hissey. Much as it is with high school students, the issue of what other people think can still, even at 22, be an overriding concern. What they don’t yet realize is that, wittingly or not, they are operating under, and are accepting, the premise that bigotry has a rational basis in the first place, and that if only people on the receiving end would do this or would not do that (i.e., act or behave more like what he thinks is normal), the bigots will stop being bigots because they would then “have no reason to” be such.

    What people like Mr. Hissey don’t understand is that bigotry never requires a rational basis in order to continue. He also may not be aware of some of the cultural history of the gay community in this country prior to the Stonewall riots. In decades prior to the ’69 Stonewall riots, one of the major gay organizations in the country was The Mattachine Society. The Mattachine Society’s objectives were laudable enough: to try to find ways to make life more tolerable for gays and lesbians in the hopes of one day attaining a measure of tolerance in some quarters of society. Mattachine’s philosophy was that if only gay men would “act like normal men” and lesbians would “act like normal women,” then gay people wouldn’t be perceived as such a threat and would eventually find some degree of acceptance. The key word was “assimilation.” Mattachine advised its members to “keep their private lives private,” to blend in with straight society, to avoid calling attention to themselves. Unfortunately, as comforting as that might have seemed in theory, if you happened to be having a drink in a gay bar when the police decided to raid, it really didn’t matter how discreet you had been or how straight acting you seemed. Your name would be published in the newspapers as having been arrested on “morals” charges, following which people often found themselves fired from their jobs, evicted from their homes and shunned by their families. In short, no amount of conforming to anyone’s idea of what constituted “normal” was ever enough to protect people from harassment and persecution.

    Finally, there’s another aspect of our history that our younger brothers and sisters need to understand. The patrons of the Stonewall bar in Greenwich Village on that warm June night in 1969 were not the young, buff, perfectly-coiffed corporate types one might expect to see nowadays in some of the sleeker, more upscale gay bars of today. They were, by and large, gay men who were at the very margins of even gay society. They were predominantly drag queens and hustlers and drug addicts and runaways and the like. These were folks that didn’t have a whole lot else to lose, who finally had enough of the brutal police abuse and repression to which they were routinely subject, and finally braved a stand-off with the police that is now commemorated as they birth of the modern gay rights movement. So, before any young person passes judgment on others who are perhaps more flamboyant or more effeminate or (in the case of lesbians) more masculine than he or she is comfortable with, he should consider the debt of gratitude he owes to people just these, and remember that were it not for the bravery of people just like the ones he now does not “much like,” his little Republican ass wouldn’t enjoy the luxury of openly belonging to a group like GOProud.

  94. Rovex says

    Things change though. We dont ALL have to be or like those ‘drag queens and hustlers and drug addicts and runaways and the like’ just because they helped our cause in the past. In fact it means because they did what they did, we dont have to be like them now!

    I have no issue with anyone being anything, IF they are being it because that is who they genuinely are, but so much gay culture is fake, put on, shallow, a lie and it does reflect negatively on those who just want to get on with their lives.

  95. markpkessinger says

    ROVEX writes:

    “We dont ALL have to be or like those ‘drag queens and hustlers and drug addicts and runaways and the like’ just because they helped our cause in the past.”

    Of course we don’t. But neither do we all have to conform to anybody’s idea of what “normal” behavior is. “Normal” is not some fixed place on a scale; it is entirely a social construct and nothing more.

  96. Rovex says

    The problem with the gay culture this guys is rejecting is that its a not really 1 culture. Its a combination of all then oppressed sexual cultures. The only part many of us have any connection with is the bit that covers a man being attracted to another man. Nothing else in it really speaks to us. Why would I be interested in pop music? Why would I be interested in women’s fashion, celebrity gossip, drag queens or what lesbians are up to lately? There is nothing wrong with any of it, it just doesnt interest me in the least. It wouldn’t be a problem except that in the media and the minds of the public being gay means the whole package.

  97. markpkessinger says

    You make some very good points, Rovex. I would venture that most gay men find certain aspect of “gay culture” to be of little or no interest, and the media certainly does its part to perpetuate stereotypes. The answer, though, is not to disrespect gay people who happen to take interest in such things, but rather to call out instances of stereotyping when and where we find it. (Indeed, such stereotyping is one reason I was never much of a fan of the show “Will & Grace.”)

  98. Rovex says

    No i agree we dont have to conform to ‘normal’ but if we are that ‘norm’ then the stereotypical gay culture must look pretty awful. Not everyone is trying to fit in, they just do sometimes.

    Let me throw it back at you, we dont all conform to the ‘normal’ of gay culture, but it appears as though we are expected to judging by the comments on here.

  99. markpkessinger says

    I can’t speak for others, but I don’t think I’m expecting anybody to conform one way or the other. But in the case of Matt Hissey, he seems to have gone out of his way to express judgment about other people. I certainly don’t criticism him for acting “normal”; in fact, I don’t even criticize him for believing that he comes across as “normal” even by his own standard. 😉 But his need to pronounce judgment on others says a whole lot more about him than it does about anybody else.

  100. Rovex says

    I agree, but he perceives that gay culture ‘hurts’ his gay movement. Lets face it, most of the attacks used to keep gays as second class citizens revolve around the irresponsible, ‘deviant’ aspect of gay culture which come to the front all the time and is often the projected image because gay people themselves project it. Its used to attack all the gay people who really have no connection to ‘gay culture’.

    Un fortunately he says it really badly. Its not fem guys that are the problem, its just that the fem guys doing all the ‘bad’ things are the popular face, they are the most visible and vocal.

  101. truthteller says

    It actually is worse than what he is saying. His statements are misogynistic, homophobic and full of internalized shame.

    What if he had said? “I don’t like white people that much.” see how he devalues the group of people he belongs to in order to say he is different and not like those abnormal gays.

    He doesn’t need polishing, he needs soul searching and genuine change.

    This is about this man and the idiotic things he said, not the whole conservative movement, therefore, no one is vilifying the conservative movement, nor this man for that matter. He is being taken to task for what he said. Do not forget he is working to make policy that will affect gays everywhere. We do not need gays saying feminine guys are undesirable and only those who ACT straight are normal. That is one of the reason gay guys get bullied.

    And to those who say he’s not being accepted, you need remedial logic. People come in all variants and those, like him, who think you need to imitate heterosexual’s behavior in order to be normal are inciting spiritual violence against gay people. Masculinity has nothing to do with sexuality. That is why there is so much anger reflected on the posts.

  102. TANK says

    Hey, guys, sorry about that last comment. I would never talk to a fellow queen like that if I were in my right mind. It must have been those bad shrooms talking. I know I talk a lot of crap and really go off on some of you stereotypical flaming queens here, but there are a lot of nice people here and sometimes it’s fun to just joke around. I’d never wish anyone dead; there’s enough hate in the world already. I just want to wish everyone here the best. Okay, now I will go back to making bitchy and catty comments! Bwahaahaa!

  103. Jeffrey Dunivant says

    They are confused! I do not understand gay conservatives. That guy that said Sarah Palin reminded him of his mother; is out of his mind!

  104. John says

    Hopefully, at some point he’ll have an epiphany and come out of the closet… some people know who they are at 5 and some at 50… and some never do.

  105. darkmoonman says

    GOProud = bunch of self-hating gay homophobes who want to pretend they’re part of the GOP.

  106. says

    Why do mostly young gay men show their feminine side? We have been PUSHED INTO THE CLOSET FOR SO LONG….How does a young gay man know if another gay man is even gay? I know when I was 18 no one was passing out name tags that said HEY, I’M GAY and I AM LOOKING FOR A LIFE PARTNER. So, YES, we celebrate being the Mamas Boys we are.
    Let’s BAN GOProud from our GAY PRIDE PARADES and watch them ball like baby girls.

  107. finkles2000 says

    Wow, they actually disabled comments for that video. GOProud must have seen how many there were (rightfully) touting them as self-loathing homosexuals and convinced MetroWeekly to disable the comments. Too bad.

  108. Oliver says

    Armand: Agador, you’re gonna have to get yourself a uniform and dress like a butler.
    Agador: No! I’m gonna look like a fag!
    Armand: Maybe, but you’ll look like a fag in a uniform.

  109. says

    Oh, my. Poor guy. The mind warp and self hatred these sorts of people put themselves through… I honestly feel bad for them. Decades of being told you’re immoral by your very own (GOP) ‘friends and family,’ and suddenly some people like this guy believe it. Is he even aware that he’s not all that “straight acting” himself?

  110. Toto says

    To me, what he stated is an attitude that the the logcabins have been promoting forever. “If you don’t fit the proper, refined and yes STRAIGHT ACTING image, you dont fit in here.” They seem to believe the left promotes “deviant” glbt society, the flaming, the drag queens, or just anyone that doesn’t fit the traditional hetero conservative mold. People on this blog constantly state the same bile in regards to Chris Colfer and his character on Glee, and thats just a fictional character. I don’t care how stereotypically gay anyone acts. I don’t care how they look. As long they respect me and see me as an equal worthy of ALL the same rights nothing else matters.

  111. Davidian says

    I’m not a Conservative mostly because I don’t feel that capitalism trumps human rights. On many other fiscal platforms, Conservatives have it right. So, it would seem that many of these people are fiscal conservatives who are trying to change the party from the inside out. As much as people on the left want to Demonize them, they are fighting for what they believe in. At some point, though, when the Conservatives, again, try to take back abortion rights, ban gay marriage and force bibles down all of our throats, they will get a wake up call. Matt Hissey seems to be indicative of a lot of gay men. Read through profiles on any given hook up site. It’s the same thing there. The Gay male community has a lot of work to do on self acceptance and the acceptance of others before any one of us starts throwing stones. Politics in America is always about the lesser of two evils. And, right now, when it comes to rights…the Democrats win…and will unless the Conservative party stops legislating with a pen in one hand and the bible in the other. Just my 2 cents.

  112. ratbastard says

    RELAX! He said he has problems with gay stereotypes and some gay people [and most gay organizations] that re-enforce said stereotypes.

    Gay stereotypes:



    loving certain things like old movie actresses, madonna, lady gaga, etc.,


    softspoken, passive, or passive-aggressive

    Or of course true lesbians are butch, short haired, masculine leaning.

    I agree with the dude; I also am irritated with these stereotypes and the fact most gay organizations including gay oriented media perpetuate them.

  113. J says

    guys guys guys!!!!


    I actually like this guy! And I’m gay!

    Why? Because he is honest.If he hates gay,he hates gays.He has the right to hate and say it.This is America here!

    Just to clear things up.I don’t LIKE him,but I like it that he is being honest with what he thinks of us gays.

    After all,I want to know which people I should not support etc.


  114. says

    By what standard is Matt Hissey “straight acting”? LOL

    “The conservative thing is to be who you are” unless of course, who you are is outside of this uptight tool’s narrow definitions. Puh-leez.

  115. Marc says

    Sh*t, my husband and I are more ‘straight’ acting than Matt Hissey. I hope he doesn’t have a hissy-fit over this comment.

    He’s really a confused conservative a*******!

  116. Horrified says

    what a sick twisted mind. he supports the people that would like to see him executed in the streets like a mad dog if not sent off to gas chambers. He’s spewing the same self loathing gibberish Matt Sanchez does.
    Self deluded and self loathing, what a combination.

  117. AltPartyMember says

    Ok for all you people out there wondering… I ACTUALLY KNOW this kid, Matt Hissey. I met him weeks ago at ALT Party in West Chester PA. For anyone here who doesn’t know what that means, Alt Party is West Chesters weekly “gay” night out. Matt Hissey is as GAY as it gets. I was sickened when I saw this. All you have to do is go here!/profile.php?id=100001499349226&sk=photos

    to view photos of him at our weekly meetings. He’s quite popular. I can’t begin to imagine why he would say the things he did. And I never pitied him more when I heard the words come out of his mouth when he said ” don’t change who you are to look different to others”. If anyone ever needed help or counseling it’s Matt. The gay community has been deeply offended and astounded by these recent actions. Get a good look at his pictures during his time with us because he is no longer welcome. He obviously struggles with being gay, some of us do but to renounce the very people who have accepted him and welcomed him is unforgivable. And for the record, I’ve seen him jump up and down on more then one occasion. Get help Matt.

  118. justin says

    Actually I agree with him. Sure some guys are a bit girly, and that’s fine…but too go soon far out of your way to act more woman than a woman is annoying. Those gay guys just annoy me. I worked with a guy I really liked..he was a cool laid back dude, well when I quit I later found out he was gay…and I didnt care..I fact Itnever even crossed my mind he was guy because he wasn’t loudly self advertising it by changing his voice and tighing up his shirt,.he was…cool..I really think that’s why there’s alot of anti-gay people ( I’m not one of them) because of the gays who have to solicit it like a girl scout cookie sell-a-thon. Just act like a guy..and if your more feminin–cool…whatever…but cmon we do know that people tend to try too hard too BE GAY. Its annoying..not a guy being gay..not at all..that’s completely okay and I respect that 100% …but the ones who try to be more Madonna than madonna..the ones whve made this trend to advertise men being completely rupal-like…are ruining it for the gays that act more conservative..I bet if all gays acted just normal and didn’t go soo far out of the way to scream I’m gay look at me singing lady GaGa..than same sex marriage would be legal everywhere…I know people are gonna really hate me for my post..and like I said I like gay people and have no problems with same sex coupkes..I have gay dont call me a big got..I’m just annoyed by the whole lifestyle that was created and forced upon the gay community..I mean do all the gays like how they get perceived? As guys dressed in either womans clothes or assless chaps screaming with a high pitched voice with a lisp talking about bears and twinks? I don’t think soon…I get annoyed by that just like I get annoyd by straight people going soon far out of the way too condem homosexuality. I’m for equality..but the ones who make the gay community look like what I explained…are the ones who have ruined chances of legalizing gay marriage and just being looked at as equal by all straight men.

  119. justin says

    Trying to post a long comment with an Acer iconia is just too much..the spell check on here sucks..and its made me look post is probably too hard to read to hate anyways…I hope my post doesn’t offend anyone….I’m not a racist in anyways…just a guy who gets annoyed by certain things…and I don’t think the guy in the video is a racist either…he just gets annoyed like the rest of doesn’t mean he hates gay people….

  120. says

    It’s sad, to be sure. There are so many young LGBT people that grow up in overwhelmingly conservative areas, communities, cultures, and indeed families. Many rise above the bigotry and prejudice adn fight it. Some, like Matt Hissey and the other white moneyed boys of GOProud, choose to suck up to the enemy out of sheer cowardice.

    His only security comes from telling everyone around him “how much he’s not like those other gays that we all hate” and that is indeed depressing.

    Look at what he’s been reduced to. He’s not a man, he’s a little scared boy hoping that he can save his own ass by joining the bigots in hating “those stereotypical gay people.”

    Hilarious, though….because…well…. come ON Hissyer-fit – if you’re NOT one of the “stereotypical gay guys” then who the heck is?!!?

  121. says

    A 22-year-old college student attending the CPAC conference with the gay conservative group GOProud took time out from the event to tell Metro Weeklyhe doesn’t much care for gay people and that only “straight acting” gay people are normal.
    Matt Hinsey told Metro Weekly’s Ebone Bell: “I don’t really like gay people that much. Gay people frustrate me, the stereotypical gay people, it frustrates me…someone who puts on a total act. I understand that some guys are feminine, which is fine. But some guys, at some point, are normal, straight-acting, whatever and the next minute they’re jumping up and down. It just frustrates me. The whole conservative thing is just be yourself, be an individual and just don’t be someone you’re not. If someone does or does not accept you, that’s fine but don’t change who you are to look different to others.”