1. The Iron Orchard says

    I love JDL…can’t wait to see this!!
    Note to Natalie…this is the kind of scrip you should stick with…not the NSA or Thor crap…yeah I know girl’s gotta eat…but just stay away from anything having to do with Marvel or Ashton.

  2. says

    Obsessed with JGL with long hair and tattoos. Any other time he looks like a little girl to me…even though he just turned 30. Whatever he’s using to keep himself looking so young, he needs to bottle and sell by the gallon to Britney.

    I’m so glad this is finally being released.

  3. TANK says

    Well, let’s hope that “hesher” isn’t a creation of the kid’s imagination to cope with the boohoos. What a predictable, tired trope that would be. Tragic, actually…make it a fourth rate flick.

  4. JGL fan says

    He kinda looks like Jesus. Maybe it’s about The Second Coming, you know — a Christian indie film, a boy and his imaginary friend Jesus.

    If Rainn Wilson’s in it then it’s gonna be creepy for sure.

  5. RaymondKevin says

    @ JGL Fan:

    The Bible describes Jesus as having hair like wool, skin the color of bronze and feet the complexion of clay. If you look at the people that have historically inhabited the region of Jesus’ origin, they tend not to look like Europeans — unless they happen to be from Southern Italy.

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