News: Razzies, DOMA, New Life, Truvada, Daniel Radcliffe, NASA

Road NYT: Must Presidents defend laws they don't like?

Shadow_discovery RoadPhoto: ISS shadow across Discovery.

RoadGuess who won the 2011 Razzies?

RoadDOMA trickle down: For first time in six-plus-year-history of 'Log Cabin Republican DADT case, the government files brief that does not argue that the military gay ban is Constitutional. "By not arguing merits of the constitutionality of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, the government’s brief, by its silence on these issues, is effectively conceding that Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell was and is unconstitutional."

RoadDan Radcliffe's How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying opens in previews.

RoadNew Life Church security guard who was hailed as a hero after church shooting in 2007 says she was told she was no longer welcome at the church after revealing her sexual orientation.

RoadHIV prevention pill Truvada hits snags: "Three months later, the advance has hit a wall. While study findings show the drug prevents HIV in non-infected, sexually active gay men, doctors say they’re wary about giving healthy people a $12,000-a-year medicine that has side effects that can include nausea and kidney damage, and may not be used as regularly as needed. They also say they’re not often asked to make the drug available for that use. "

RoadMadonna and Lourdes hit the Vanity Fair Oscar bash together.

Warmsands RoadNo evidence of Palm Springs boycott over police sting.

RoadWebsite that blamed the New Zealand earthquake on gay ski week is suspended by host: "Complaint calls and emails have flooded into the site's host over the past few days and despite Bluehost telling those who have expressed disgust that it could not take action without a court order, the site can not currently be viewed."

RoadLithuanian gay group barred from Human Rights meeting in Belarus.

RoadBelmont University recognizes first gay organization: "Bridge Builders, a group dedicated to opening talks on issues important to gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender students, had tried twice before to gain official status on campus, only to be turned down. But when Belmont and openly gay soccer coach Lisa Howe parted ways in December, the controversy that followed pushed the student group's efforts center stage."

Sagat RoadAustralian film fest director fined for screening Bruce LaBruce's LA Zombie.

RoadProperty owner and gays in opposition over fence plans at Australian beach.

RoadWhy Ryan Gosling wasn't at the Oscars.

RoadMale model fix: Carson Parker.

RoadIn newly discovered system, two planets found sharing same orbit: "Buried in the flood of data from the Kepler telescope is a planetary system unlike any seen before. Two of its apparent planets share the same orbit around their star. If the discovery is confirmed, it would bolster a theory that Earth once shared its orbit with a Mars-sized body that later crashed into it, resulting in the moon's formation."

RoadNH House Committee to vote on same-sex marriage bills this week: "The Judiciary Committee meets Tuesday to decide whether to hold onto the bills until early next year or to recommend that the full House act on them by the end of March. The sponsors asked the committee to retain the bills so lawmakers can focus on fiscal issues."


  1. Sean says

    The last paragraph of that NYT piece (the one about the DOJ’s obligations or lack thereof) points out a really politically useful tidbit:

    Back when he was acting Solicitor General, current Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts (a hardcore conservative appointed by George W. Bush) refused to defend an Affirmative Action policy because the Justice Department didn’t think it was unconstitutional–and the Supreme Court upheld it anyway!

    As if we needed proof, here’s a perfect demonstration of the fact that this is a valid move, one that still leaves things up to the courts for a final decision.

  2. says

    Im not surprised about Truvada. I was unfortunate enough (or fortunate, depending on how you look at it) to have to do PEP a couple years ago, and the drug assigned to me was Truvada.

    I was kinda surprised to hear it put forward for PrEP, since the month I was on it was one of the worst of my life, in terms of general physical wellbeing. Constantly fuzzy head, bowels with a mind of their own, intense fatigue – my poz friends assured me it would pass after a while (i wasnt on it long enough to find out).

    The side effects alone seem tailor made to obscure the broader benefit and encourage poor compliance.

  3. says

    RE ODOJ ALLEGEDLY not arguing DADT constitutionality: With great respect for Mr. Woods, WHY would they include a single SENTENCE about the “constitutionality” of DADT in this brief, let alone the following paragraph, if it was their intent to, therein, assert the contrary?

    “Before Congress enacted the Repeal Act and established an orderly process to repeal § 654, all the courts of appeals to have addressed the matter – including this Court – had sustained the constitutionality of § 654 against both substantive due process and First Amendment challenges. As we noted in our stay motion, “the ‘detailed legislative record’ that Congress assembled in enacting § 654 ‘makes plain that Congress concluded, after considered deliberation, that the Act was necessary to preserve the military’s effectiveness as a fighting force, 10 U.S.C. § 654(a)(15), and thus, to ensure national security.’” Gov’t Stay Mtn. 9 (quoting Cook v. Gates, 528 F.3d 42, 60 (1st Cir. 2008)). As our stay motion also noted, this Court sustained the facial constitutionality of the prior, more restrictive version of the policy in Beller, and the validity of that holding was not altered by this Court’s later decision to apply heightened scrutiny to § 654 in Witt, which involved an as-applied challenge. See Gov’t Stay Mtn. 10-11.”

    ENOUGH trying to read between the lines of what Obama, Inc., “means.” They have finally been unequivocal in saying they believe DOMA is unconstitutional [despite shamelessly choosing to continue to enforce it even more broadly than the Circuit judge in the Karen Golinski case said they need do]. Until they at least explicitly say the same re the ban, I’ll have none of this mindreading, thank you.

    Regardless of what they THINK, as gay retired Rear Adm. Al Steinman has noted, it is vital that we attempt to get the unconstitutionality of the ban nailed down by THE COURTS not just the maybe opinion of a temporal DOJ in order to prevent future administrations from reinstituting the ban in some form. And, no, we must NOT forget that the only reason that is necessary is that Obama, Inc., insisted the Military Readiness Enhancement Act which would have created a FEDERAL LAW banning gay discrimination of any kind by the military be gutted.

    This bizarre brief is but further evidence of the pandemic of Multiple Personality Disorder in the Obama Administration.