News: Lara Logan, Planetary Census, Lake Monster, HIV Model

Road CBS' Lara Logan stripped, beaten with poles

RoadGay mayor of Redondo Beach to make run for Jane Harman's congressional seat?

Shuttle RoadShuttle mission a go for February 24.

RoadSarah Palin shows off her teabagger pumps.

RoadKathy Griffin to guest star on Glee: "Although a casting breakdown that’s being passed around like a love note in third period suggests that Griffin will be playing a Sarah Palin type, my source tells me that Tammy Jean, theD-Listed liberal’s home-schooling Tea Party candidate character, isn’t really anything like the controversial former Alaskan governor."

RoadGuiding Proud: New group hopes to connect LGBTQ youth with role models.

RoadAtlanta Journal-Constutional shines light on Chick-fil-A's anti-gay ways: “It’s not a Christian company,” said Dan Cathy, Chick-fil-A’s president. “It’s a company that operates on biblical principles. … They really work.”

RoadWATCH: Glee's Cory Monteith plays with Ellen's hidden camera.

RoadNAACP's Julian Bond: Maryland must end marriage discrimination.

Dostovic RoadMale model fix: Emil Dostovic.

RoadBritish gay Muslims seek Islamic weddings: "Sarah and Asra know their marriage is unorthodox, and the idea of a gay nikah would be rejected by the majority of Muslim scholars, but Sarah says it is nobody's business."

RoadThe most detailed 3-D model of the HIV virus to date.

RoadRolling Stone (text) previews six new songs from Born This Way.

RoadNASA census estimates 500 million inhabitable planets in our galaxy: "Kepler science chief William Borucki says scientists took the number of planets they found in the first year of searching a small part of the night sky and then made an estimate on how likely stars are to have planets. They figured one of two stars has planets and one of 200 stars has planets in the habitable zone."

RoadSarah Ferguson snubbed at Royal Wedding, but her daughters are invited.

Monster RoadMysterious creature spotted in English lake

RoadUgandan asylum seeker 'BN' drops lesbian claim: "…now lawyers acting for the woman, who can be identified only as "BN", have submitted a new appeal on her behalf – which no longer hinges on her sexuality. Instead, they say that because she has appeared in newspapers claiming to be gay, she would inevitably be at risk in Uganda whatever her true sexual orientation. The change of tactic comes after a judge examined evidence in the case and concluded that BN was, in fact, heterosexual."

RoadMan sent to hospital after falling down stairs at gay club in Edinburgh, Scotland: "The 40-year-old fell from the pavement outside GHQ nightclub in Picardy Place, Edinburgh. He went down the steps into the basement area, landing outside the entrance to the club. He was taken to Edinburgh Royal Infirmary with serious head injuries after the incident at 1.15am. The man was later transferred to the Western General Hospital where his condition is described as serious."


  1. says

    The story about Brenda Namigadde, the Ugandan woman seeking asylum in the UK, was disappointing and, honestly, made me a bit angry. I appreciate her desire to stay in the UK and must reluctantly agree that, having claimed to be a lesbian, she has made it dangerous to return to Uganda. However, if she is not lesbian, then I believe she should be held accountable, in some way, for her deception. I won’t say she should be deported, because I don’t think her actions deserve death or torture. At the same time, I don’t think she should be rewarded for having deceived everyone who has been trying to help her.

  2. says

    Re: Brenda Namigadde

    1. It’s a Judicial Review where you can only submit new evidence.
    2. The main new evidence is a specific threat to her by David Bahati MP, the author of the ‘Kill the gays’ bill, which came *before any media attention*.

    That’s why the evidence on her sexuality is not being reviewed – it is legally irrelevant to a Judicial Review.

    The Telegraph doesn’t mention any of this because it has an anti-asylum seeker agenda and in its articles has only covered the slanted viewpoint of Home Office lawyers.

  3. Gianpiero says

    Mike Gin is an affable guy, but he’s also a Republican (which the linked article fails to mention). Frankly, it’s not looking like we need any more of those in the House right now…

  4. Gregv says

    Re: the Ugandan refugee:
    I notice that she does not seem to be saying that she’s not gay. The fact is that anyone who is perceived to be gay or who has even spoken in support of gay people is in danger in Uganda. The Kill-the-gays Bill is also the Imprison-the-friends-of-gays Bill, so it’s not so relevant whether someone actually is gay.
    But whether she has been deceptive or not, the Telegraph seems to want to lead the reader into thinking so.
    Also, the judge lacks a sense of logic if he actually believes that the absence of proof that she had been to a particular bar, etc. means that we can conclude she is heterosexual.


  5. bradley says

    The “cause” of the couple in Britain is ridiculous. If you want to get legally married, in front of the law and government, we should all be able to do that.

    Requiring a religion to bless that union by force of law is just plain wrong.

    We should have secular marriage for all, but pushing our religious beliefs on any faith for any reason is wrong. If you find your beliefs incompatible with your faith…find a new one.

  6. Joseph says

    Re. “Ugandan asylum seeker ‘BN’ drops lesbian claim”

    This sensationalist post is highly misleading and draws from one (anti-gay, anti-asylum) news source in the UK. It does not, for example, mention that the woman’s initial asylum claim was rejected because, amongst other things, the judge didn’t like that she didn’t read “gay magazines.” That fact and many others have been widely reported, but not surprising that the Telegraph doesn’t mention it. Also the supposition that claiming you’re gay is some sort of magic ticket for winning asylum in the UK couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact the country rejects 98% of it’s LGBT asylum applicants (see source below), and is yet another reason why any sane lawyer would structure a legal case around the threat the woman faces in Uganda (including a direct threat from a notorious and powerful anti-gay politician), versus “proving” that she’s gay.

    Gay asylum-seekers face ‘institutional homophobia’ from UK Border Agency:

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