1. Jason says

    Christ on a bike. Why on earth would you want to remove all ads from Times Square? It’s one of only a handful of places in the world where the immensity and volume of the advertising is a chief part of its charm! God, clear some billboards away from the side of I-95 if you really want to de-clutter advertising, but dont take it away from Times Square!

  2. walter says

    this is what makes times square what is . that is going to the iconic camels sign that blewn smoke rings. doesn’t this man have more important things to do?like worry about what size fries we order?remove the signs and times square will be just another city block with hi rises dull and bland.

  3. Chris says

    I suppose you could always photo shop it.
    Doesn’t he have to have some kind of permissions to do something like this?

    Keep the over sized ads. They are iconic of NYC. To remove them would be just unAmerican.

  4. Greg says

    What a stupid Idea. How about doing this on the highways, where signs blight the countryside? Or in residential neighborhoods?

    Times Square is what it is.

  5. DC says

    Desperate attempt to stay relevant. Sorry Morg, despite Super Size Me, people still eat McDonald’s.

  6. Bryan says

    This would be an interesting stunt to shape a debate about the role of advertising in society, if only there were any debate.

    Corporate rights continue to exceed individual rights, and our masters aren’t about to be muzzled.

  7. Bill Cooney says

    Times Square has become so “Disneyized” that the glamour of the Big Apple faces destruction from Mr. Spurlock. Is he then going to attempt the same thing in Los Angeles? To what point?

  8. Paul R says

    If you think the idea makes no sense, try the website. It boasts dozens of “clean” shots of Times Square, all of which still have ads.

  9. Creative1 says

    If you would like to see what Times Sq. would look like without advertising take a look at Moscow’s Red Square in 1968.

    Dark, Dour, Dull….

    Times Square without ads is one of the stupidest ideas ever floated….

  10. says

    Spurlock is a con man with a camera, and this is just a publicity stunt, no doubt to try to make money for himself. Stripping Times Square of the the ads would be like forcing the Victorians in San Francisco to all be painted black, white and shades of grey. What a boring scene that would be.

    I’d rather keep the ads and get rid of Spurlock.