Navy: ‘DADT’ Repeal Implementation Training Must be Complete by June 30

Soldier The gay military group Outserve has just posted an email sent out today by the Navy, which indicates that all training for implementation of 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' repeal prior to certification must be completed by June 30.


Read the full email at Outserve


  1. Rob says

    So, assuming the law’s required certification is given on or about June 30th, does this mean DADT finally disappears on or about September 1st?

  2. says

    WHY is OutServe, who some may remember suggested in November that they’d be fine with “no repeal” vs. holding up the rest of the defense authorization bill, not pointing out that Palm Center director Aaron Belkin said last month that, “The Pentagon could easily repeal the ban TODAY if there was the political will”


    “Any claim that [implementation cannot happen] until AFTER the completion of exhaustive training is inconsistent with DoD history and not based on military necessity. Whatever preparations are ultimately deemed necessary, THE PENTAGON OUGHT TO BE ABLE TO PULL THEM OFF FASTER THAN IT DID THE IMPLEMENTATION OF DADT IN 1994, WHICH TOOK APPROXIMATELY 40 DAYS. Case studies demonstrate that training can take place quickly, even in combat zones, and that policies are generally implemented BEFORE OR CONCURRENT WITH training. The Pentagon’s request for up to a year to train the troops prior to the repeal of DADT is unprecedented. Training is not a prerequisite…to claim otherwise is a vote of no confidence in members of the armed forces, is not supported empirically, and is suspiciously dilatory. Training, like the formal publication of instructions, can occur (and has occurred) ex post facto.” – Palm Center report, December 2010.

    Even IF all the branches finish their “training” by the end of June AND, per Gates’ own prerequisite, ALL the service chiefs have stopped worrying about the ‘mos, AND they don’t come up with some other excuse for delay, adding the 60 days, that would make it eight months since the bill was signed….two months longer than the Military Readiness Enhancement Act Gates murdered would have allowed, four months longer than any of 25 other countries too, and roughly seven months longer than it too to implement DADT in 1994.

    WHY isn’t OutServe protesting that?

    Deconstructing the Navy memo:

    As noted, there are no “REQUIREMENTS for Navy training prior to repeal certification.”…. All “DOD contractors” must be “trained” BEFORE “repeal,” too??? WHY?……..”Computer-based training” will suffice for some so why not FOR ALL???? ………..”AS LEADERS WE MUST FOCUS ON OUR VALUES AND NAVY TRADITIONS AS THE FOUNDATION FOR MAINTAINING THE STRENGTH OF OUR FORCE. CENTRAL TO THAT STRENGTH IS TREATING ALL PEOPLE WITH RESPECTAND DIGNITY REGARDLESS OF SEXUAL ORIENTATION.”??? That was elaborated on by Navy implementation big cheese Admiral Roughead—”do what we have always done: conduct ourselves with the highest level of professionalism and treat our shipmates with respect.”

    Hmmm, I guess they missed what is is vital that WE remember rather than just sitting on our asses trusting that three centuries of abuse of gays will suddenly evaporate. For instance, those homophobic videos by the XO of the 6000-person USS Enterprise and his recent career-ending punishment. Or the years the Navy treated AIDS as a “homosexual problem” not a medical one, creating living nightmares on top of their disease for countless sailors. For example, after testing positive for HIV, Navy corpsman Wayne Bell was handcuffed and taken by Marine Military Police to the brig “for [his] own protection” to await discharge processing. On the way, the MPs beat him up. Or demanding that Navy members with HIV/AIDS be kicked out for being gay without the benefits of ongoing VA hospital access rather than give them medical retirement with that benefit as was their option. Sailor Byron Kinney was so weak during much of his June 1985 separation hearing he had to lie on a bench while military attorneys fought hard and dirty to repress the fact that his Navy doctors were outraged that his confidences to them were being used to railroad him. The board recommended he be given a benefit-less “General” discharge, and his attorneys went to court. Nearly a year and a half later, the Navy finally gave in, saying they would grant him medical retirement. Five days later he died.

    Nor let us forget Allen Schindler stomped to death by a fellow sailor from his ship, and the Navy’s trying to keep from his Mother that it was a hate-crime. And the Navy’s attempt to blame the deaths from the explosion on the USS Iowa on a spurned gay lover. And the countless gay witch-hunts over the years, especially of women in the Navy such as on the USS Norton Sound. But they went after men, too; one ship alone discharging 150 after one witch-hunt…not to mention the tales of gays mysteriously disappearing from ship while at sea. And the fact that, in all the years of the ban, the Navy has discharged more numerically and statistically than any other branch; 1708 alone in 1966….more than all the branches combined in the highest year of discharges under DADT. Or their refusal to let outstanding Annapolis cadet commander Joe Steffan graduate after discovering he was gay a few weeks before; demanding he strip commander stripes from his uniform sleeves even before he was discharged, and demanding his class ring back. Or Timothy McVeigh whom the Navy convinced AOL to give them private information about to prove he was gay. Or Copy Berg who was ordered to scrape the base security sticker from his car bumper in the pouring rain on his last day after being discharged.

    Of course that’s not the “professionalism” and mutual “respect” that Roughead is talking about, BUT they are likely to persist in the absence of even the pretense of including gay and lesbian sailors under the Military Equal Opportunity program. Why isn’t OutServe…and SLDN and HRC et al., protesting THAT?

  3. childress says

    Just FYI, Byron Kinney’s name was Brian… I’m straight. He was a good friend and Navy roommate of mine in 1983. He fought the good fight and deserved the benefits he received.. Shouldn’t have had to use his last year on earth figthing to get them.