News: Robert Gibbs, Spider-Man, Derek Rawcliffe, Elaine Donnelly

SpideyCostume TLogoSmall Oregon's Beaverton County school district and Seth Stambaugh, the teacher they fired and then reinstated after he revealed to a fourth-grade student that he's gay, have reached a monetary settlement: $75,000.

TLogoSmall Today was White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs' last day on the job. President Obama thanked him by returning a tie he borrowed 7 years ago, and joking, "Gibbs' departure is not the biggest one today."

TLogoSmall James Franco may star as the lead in a live-action remake of Akira.

TLogoSmall Debate over publicizing Grindr profiles at CPAC.

TLogoSmall Now that Spider-Man has joined the Fantastic Four — which is now called "The Future Foundation" — he has some new threads: a white and black costume, as opposed to his red and blue duds. Concerns, comments, questions?

TLogoSmall John Travolta reportedly tried to pick up a handsome waiter in front of his wife, Kelly Preston, who kept her eyes down the entire time.

TLogoSmall Ingmar Guandique was sentenced today to 60 years in prison for the 2002 murder of DC intern Chandra Levy.

TLogoSmall Auditions are being held in Philadelphia for a gay version of Jersey Shore, which is clearly something the world needs.

TLogoSmall Pet Shop Boy' 'West End Girls.' Nuff said.

PetShopBoys TLogoSmall NYPD sirens get new sound.

TLogoSmall Photographer Todd Cole directs Elle Fanning for Rodarte.

TLogoSmall John Hatzistergos, the Attorney General for Australia's New South Wales, supports a law allowing private schools to expel gay students because it "maintain[s] a sometimes delicate balance between protecting individuals from unlawful discrimination while allowing people to practice their own beliefs." Others, including a senior Anglican bishop, call the policy "appalling."

TLogoSmall Derek Rawcliffe, the first Church of England bishop to come out, has died at the age of 89. "I began to love everybody in a new way and to see that in spite of our sins and failings, God loves us," Rawcliffe saidd of coming out in 1995.

TLogoSmall Presbyterian leaders in Central Wisconsin will debate this weekend whether or not gays and lesbians should be allowed to serve as pastors, deacons and other high-ranking officials.

TLogoSmall Utah may soon have an official "state gun," a first for the nation.

TLogoSmall Anti-gay hate crimes in London up 28%?

TLogoSmall Elaine Donnelly, tiresome opponent of DADT's repeal, explains how the army's decision to allow openly gay soldiers will lead to "social change," which to her is a bad thing. I don't know: take a listen to her logic and see if you can figure it all out. Is segregation a positive or a negative?

OprahChange TLogoSmall Andrew Breitbart and gay conservative group GOProud's big CPAC party last night included a variety of slogans, like this one: "Our gays are more macho than their straights." Way to perpetuate gender norms, guys.

TLogoSmall A Spanish-language radionovela called "Bienvenidos a Casa" ("Welcome Home") hopes to tackle homophobia among Spanish-speaking communities.

TLogoSmall Oprah Winfrey told the crew at MSNBC's Morning Joe that she has "no problems" with the Obama administration and wishes people would show the president some "respect."


  1. Luminum says

    @LIAMB: Well, hardly anyone in mainstream America seemed to care when they recast the entire Asian cast of “Avatar: The Last Airbender”, replacing an Asian and two Inuit protagonists with all white kids and the one Asian villain with a person of color. Did you ever see those casting callsfor Airbender? “Caucasian or any other ethnicity.” Like “Any ethnicity” wouldn’t have sufficed? So, unfortunately, I doubt anyone will protest whitewashing one of the best post-modern tails out of Japan, too.

    Re: Spider-man: No big deal. Up until two years ago or so, he was sporting the red and gold costume. It’ll all go back to normal when the gimmick is up…or Johnny Storm is revealed to actually be alive. I give it a year (12 issues and the big reveal and return in the Annual).

  2. Jim says

    Good news on the Seth Stambaugh story. Just a small correction. It isn’t “Beaverton County” but just Beaverton School District. Beaverton is a city in Oregon.

  3. finkles2000 says

    RE: the Grindr vid with Dan Choi and Dan Savage: Wow. Way to invade this dude’s privacy by putting his face up on YouTube for all the world to see. It was his decision to put his pic on Grindr, but it was not his decision to have you video his pic/profile on YouTube. And way to stoop to GOProud’s level by marginalizing and insulting monogamous gays at the end, Dan. I’m sure comments like that will ensure that It Gets Better, eh? This mean-spirited video is an epic fail.

  4. bob b says

    Oprah “wishes people would show the president some “respect.” Yeah, like the respect he showed the 600+ service members he discharged under DADT. I could never vote for him a second time. Too bad Oprah.

  5. Suffern ACE says

    I have some sympathy for GOProud, even though my politics sharply diverge from theirs and the company they want to keep with miserymakers is bizarre. Even if I were a Republican, I would want nothing to do with fools like Ann Coulter or Andrew Breutbart.

    That said, sloganeering about their machismo makes me wonder who is funding these guys and whether or not they actually are serious about the politics they claim to believe in. Are these gay men, or are they just paid to act campy for the cameras. Once it becomes apparent that they are useless as a group to convince people that the conservative movement isn’t run by a bunch of bigots who would just as soon put the sodomy laws back on the books as live next door to a couple of queers, their lack of seriousness will find them kicked to the curb.

    Also: re: Dan Choi and Dan Savage: Better leaders please.

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